Testimony: Najla Abou Hamzeh - Abadieh, Lebanon (subtitled)

Uploaded by witmena on 22.05.2009

My name is Najla abou hamzeh,
I am 62 years old and mother of 2 kids.
I knew about the women in technology program
and it attracted me a lot
because I work for Women’s cause since 30 years
and I want to increase my knowledge:
for me the more a woman learns the better
In addition, I would like to thank the organizations that offered us such a valuable program:
Women in Technology program, Abadieh scouts center, MEPI, Microsoft and IIE.
For me they offer a valuable opportunity for every woman
it opens her horizons in all fields
societal and financial ones.
Now she can let the whole world know what she thinks and does
she can share her opinions and make her voice count.
Q: Tell us about your experience?
I didn’t know anything about computers
and I had a friend in Sweden who contacted me asking for my help
because they are doing a handcrafts exhibition and they know that abadieh is very rich in this area.
I asked help from my son Houssam Bou Hamzeh
because I did not know anything about internet
and I asked him to take pictures of the handcraft work of many women in abadieh.
I took this very seriously because I am a militant for women’s rights
and I like to improve every woman’s financial situation.
Hence, I was able to shoot a lot of the women’s work
and I sent the pictures to Sweden through the internet.
They were very impressed and requested hard copies of the pictures.
Therefore, we sent them through mail
and this way we were able to sell many of the handcrafts works of the women of abadieh.
After that, I started telling the women to always pursue what they want
and never underestimate themselves or what they are good at even if it is cooking:
they have to tell the world about it and put it on the internet

because it a tool for ameliorating their status be it social or financial.
I thank a lot the Women in Technology program
that offered us this opportunity and allowed us to
improve our skills and ourselves and get involved in the technology field
because nowadays if we do not keep up to date with the new technology,
we will not be able to evolve in this quicly evolving world!