How to make doll outfit 8 - Maxi dress

Uploaded by yuniedhc on 08.06.2010

Hello. Today's tutorial we are going to make
a maxi dress like the one Aki is wearing here
For fabric I choose cotton
It better be thin and need to be easy to crease
Trims and ribbon for decoration
velcro for closure
To start, fold the fabric once and measure a 22cm X 22cm square
Fold into thin triangle and measure a circle of radius 22cm
Cut the unwanted parts
Now we have a half circle
Measure 18cm for the skirt length and cut the unwanted parts
Here we have a half donut
For the top, measure a small rectangle of 18cm x 11cm
Sew the small rectangle into a tube
Fold the two ends in like we did in tutorial 2
Gently stretch the elastic and sew to one edge of the top
Sew two more pieces, so it looks like this
Turn it over and you can see we have a fluffy top
Now the skirt, for the hem fold 1cm in and sew a line
You can sew any decorations
make a few small folds around the waist
Sew the top and skirt together
Sew up the dress
Leave about 4cm for the velcro closure
Here the dress is pretty much done
Now the magic touch to get the crease
Twist and keep on twisting it
This is how you get the crease
And for more permanent effect, you can iron it
Or like here, twist and hid it under heavy object
This is it for the maxi dress. It is great for summer
Happy sewing and see you next time