RL Restaurant

Uploaded by chefbites on 20.05.2010

Hi, I'm Ryan Pitts, I'm the Executive Chef of Ralph Lauren Restaurant in Chicago
and today I'll be preparing my Pan Seared Sea Scallops with Cucumber Tomato Salad.
Now were in the kitchen, lets go ahead and get started.
I'm gonna go ahead and assemble my salad.
This is a very simple salad with diced tomato, diced cucumbers, some chopped green onions,
some scallions, capers, a little fresh dill and salt and pepper.
And were just gonna get that all tossed like that. Really great summer preparation.
We started this dish, actually when I was a Sous Chef here.
So were just dressing this tomato cucumber salad with a little balsamic reduction.
Season the scallops with just a little bit of salt,
because scallops are naturally salty so we don't want to add too much.
Right in the pan, were get that nice sizzle, were gonna get a nice sear on these scallops.
And while the scallops are getting seared, I'm gonna go ahead and plate my salad.
Using a ring mold, I'm just gonna pack the cucumber and tomato mix.
Alright, so now our scallops are getting a nice color on them, were gonna go ahead and flip them.
That's exactly what you're looking for, nice caramelization, a nice golden brown on the scallop.
This is a whip cream with white balsamic vinegar infused into it.
And it's very, it's got this lite tangy creaminess to it that is really going to set off the scallop.
And were going to put this in the ring mold as well, right on top of the salad
and we're just going to gently release the ring mold.
So, our nice golden brown seared sea scallops are ready for the plate.
And there's the finished dish, Pan Seared Sea Scallops with a nice refreshing Cucumber Tomato Salad.