Welcome to Maryland School for the Deaf Website

Uploaded by msdorioles on 21.12.2010

Hello! I am James Tucker, the Superintendent of Maryland School for the Deaf.
Welcome to our website! We’re thrilled to have you with us.
You can browse throughout or website and you will find a lot of information on our website.
I want to mention a few things about Maryland School for the Deaf. For many years, we have
served deaf and hard of hearing students from all over Maryland.
The school was established back in 1868 and we’re still here today serving students
from babies to high school.
We offer family education program that serves infants and toddlers and we have elementary,
middle school, high school. We have deaf students, hard of hearing students, deaf students with
special needs, deaf students with cochlear implants.
We also offer a comprehensive programs - we have after school programs, athletics,
clubs, drama, yearbook and we have dorms on both campus.
Come and visit us, click on the admissions button and you will find information on how
to set up a tour here and also how to apply for enrollment.
See you soon!