Save Money on Clothes: Shop Your Closet (The Frugalicious Show)

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BITSY: Hi everyone, Bitsy Jennings here from The Frugalicious Show, today I
have a very special guest with me, my friend Tiffiny Dixon from MEO.
Welcome Tiffiny.
TIFFINY: Hi everyone, Hi Bitsy,
BITSY: Hello
TIFFINY: So happy to be here.
BITSY: We're so glad you're here too because you're here to tell us how we
can save money by shopping in our own closets. It's a fabulous idea, so
before you do that tell us a little bit more about your company and what
you do.
TIFFINY: Definitely, MEO's an image improvement consulting firm we empower
women through style. Today we're going to give you a snippet from one of
our workshops called Shop Your Closet. With shop your closet we say allow
yourself to indulge in a trend or two and use items that you already have
in your closet to create different looks. And a popular trend right now is
the little white dress.
BITSY: Ooooh the little white dress, I mean we've all heard of course of
the little black dress the LBD but this is like a little twist, sort of a
summer twist on that right?
TIFFINY: Yes you got it.
TIFFINY: And I did some research for you guys and you don't have to spend a
lot of money on your little white dress.
BITSY: Very Frugalicious.
TIFFINY: I've seen them at Zappos for $36, next we have Asos for $51.72 and
Calvin Klein for $99
BITSY: And even that's not crazy expensive, I mean it's not super high end.
I think a lot of people hear white, little white dress, they maybe get a
little scared their body type might not be able to work for it. Do you have
any tips on what is the most slenderizing little white dress for people to
TIFFINY: Pay attention to the line of the dress, and make sure you find a
dress that A Accentuates your best body parts B Balances areas of concern
and C Camouflages areas that we'd just rather not talk about.
BITSY: I love it, the ABCs of the LWD and it's so easy to remember.
Accentuate, Balance, Camouflage.
TIFFINY: Yes, there's a little white dress out there for everyone. No
matter what shape or size.
BITSY: So what else can we do to accessorize the little white dress.
TIFFINY: So now we're going to talk to you about how you can create three
looks using items that you already have in your closet.
BITSY: Awesome. Alright look number one!
TIFFINY: Well the first look is a work look. So you take a blazer that you
already have, because we all have a suit in our closet. Take a string of
pearls, a nude shoe, and you have your work look.
BITSY: This is a great way to sort of re-accessorize my dresses, I love it.
TIFFINY: Yes, the next look is your date look. We've already done the ABCs
on your little white dress.
BITSY: Accentuate, Balance, Camouflage
TIFFINY: You got it. So we're sure that it looks great on our bodies, so
for your date why not let it stand alone? But not completely alone. What
you want to do is grab a beautiful scarf. There's an example here of a $400
scarf by Pucci.
BITSY: What?
TIFFINY: Yeah no. I have a frugal style tip for you guys. Head to your
neighborhood fabric store, pick a fabric that's vibrant and speaks to you,
buy about a yard or two and have your corner tailor finish the edges and
for as low as $15 you can have a beautiful scarf.
BITSY: I mean that's unbelievable. Plus and you know with that little white
dress it could be just that perfect pop of color. I love that idea and I
love scarves.
TIFFINY: And one more thing you want to add to that little white dress for
a date night is a fabulous cocktail ring.
BITSY: I love it, it's sexy it's classy, perfect for a date. So what's our
last look?
TIFFINY: Your last look is a casual evening out with your ladies. For this
look, grab a white button up shirt from your closet, throw that on over
your white dress, then take one of your skinny belts, belt the white shirt,
and then grab one of your flats. We all have a cute pair of flats right?
BITSY: Yes I love that and when you're out on the town with your
girlfriends you want to look good but you want to be comfortable you might
be dancing and stuff so flats are perfect for that so Tiffiny, you've given
us three amazing looks, all with the new trend the little white dress and I
think everybody has the accessories that you mentioned blazers, pearl
necklace, white button ups, belts, scarves, cocktail rings, flats, shopping
in your closet is such a great money-saving idea so thank you so much for
coming and telling our frugalicious viewers all of your great advice
TIFFINY: My pleasure thank you for having me, and we want to hear from you
guys, what do you think about the little white dress?
BITSY: Leave your comments below, let us know your thoughts, and don't
forget to check out more of Tiffiny's great resources on your website
called That's M-E-O. now we've got a link for you below so
don't worry about that and as always don't forget to go to where we've got more resources on fashion and how
to save money and videos and it's all about fashion on a budget right?
BITSY: So mission accomplished. Thanks for watching guys.
TIFFINY: Thanks guys, see you around!
BITSY: Bye bye!