Na`Vi's Volvo @ DreamHack Winter 2011

Uploaded by natusvinceretv on Dec 1, 2011

- Here’s our dream car.
It’s parked.
Parking costs smth like 50 UAH per 24 hours.
Hey, what should I do to make a photo?
- Marik still can’t figure out what to do.
- Shit, it doesn’t make photos.
- Press this one.
- It switches off when I press it.
- Did you close it? Did you close the trunk?
- It’s an extremely good car.
Diesel one.
We used half a container to travel to Jonkoping.
So we expect to use one and a half or two containers for the whole trip.
It’s convenient to rent a car in Sweden.
Sergey drives as he’s got his new BMW.
The only bad thing is expensive parking as I’ve said.
There were even more expensive offers.
But we negotiated about 8-9$ per day.
Here’s our staff camera boy!