GA in 60 Seconds: Find the Best Keywords

Uploaded by googleanalytics on 24.11.2008

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SPEAKER: Imagine you buy two keywords that get lots of clicks, but one
keyword brings buyers and the other brings people who leave right
away. Imagine if you took all the budget and put
it into the valuable keyword.
You could save money while increasing revenue. Here's how to do it, with Google Analytics
in 60 seconds. Find keyword in, where else, the Keywords
Report. This report shows all the paid and non paid
keywords that people use to find your site.
Here, you can see the ten keywords that bring the most traffic.
Now the fun begins. By default, the keywords are sorted from highest
to lowest by how many visits they've brought to your site.
Now, if we could only see which of these high-traffic keywords bring
high-value visits then we'd really know how to spend our budget
because those are important keywords. Well, we can. Let's identify them by choosing
the "compare to site average" visualization, then, segment by "goal
conversion." Now you can see which of the high-traffic
keywords are performing above the site average and budget accordingly
in AdWords. For instance, here's our highest converting
keyword. If you're already buying these keywords you
can raise the CPC and if not you can add them to an Ad Group.
With Google Analytics, you can go beyond click through rate and
understand each keyword's actual value.
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