The Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs

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We often talk of diplomacy in terms of high level meetings with high level officials,
but I think the real value of our programs is that it connects individual people.
The Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs really has a strong mission,
which is to promote mutual understanding.
We do this through a series of educational, cultural and private sector exchanges.
Simply put, we send Americans abroad and bring citizens from other countries to the United States.
Through our exchange programs we engage emerging leaders,
young people, teachers, artists and athletes.
The Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs really offers a pretty wide variety
of academic exchanges for U.S. students, scholars, teacher, professionals.
We do the same thing for foreign audiences looking to come study and to teach,
as well as conduct research here in the United States at U.S. universities.
The arts have a way of transcending barriers.
A lot of our participants tell us that no matter what country they came from, what their ethnic background is,
what language they speak, by coming together as artists and exploring artistic expression,
those barriers just slip away.
Sports opens doors. It's a language that everyone knows: to hand a baseball to a youth or to kick a soccer ball to a coach.
Work and study based exchange programs can include anything from research scholars to high school students
to university students to camp counselors to au pairs.
It's a broad range of opportunities for people to come and experience the United States and its people.
The Youth Programs Division provides opportunities for young Americans and young people from other countries
to get to know one another, to learn about each others values and cultures,
so that we understand each other better and can work together better in the future.
Our outreach programs encourage the exchange of ideas that are essential
to bridging differences and building global relationships.