Alejandro & Diego - 035 (English Subs)

Uploaded by AleRP01 on 18.03.2012

Hi, Norita. -Hi.
Alejandro, are these yours? -Where did you find them?
In your room. I was cleaning and I found them, but that's not the most important part. Are they yours?
No, mom. How can you think that I'm going to use something with so many colors? They are...
They're Nora's.
How are you, Nora? -Hi.
Here you go, sweetie, your bracelets.
Oh yeah. -They're very pretty.
You forgot them the other day that we were studying. See how you are? If Yesenia find out you left her present lying around...
She would kill you. -Oh my, you kids.
So everything is resolved? -Absolutely. The company no longer has legal problems.
The patent, and license are up to date. -Leo, come say hi to your father.
I said, come say hi to your father!
We're still paying the consequences for the party you threw for the Mexican.
Yes, dad. I already apologized. It was a stupidity. -Stupidity is for you to hang out with those losers, mister.
Leo, you are at another level. Get away already from that filth or you're going to end up with dirt like a little kid.
I. Am. No. Longer. A child. -You're not? Let's hear it?
Do you know what I read on the internet the other day?
That when a man hits a child.
The child stops being a child.
And the man...
Stops being a man.