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SHEENA DIMATTEO: Hey guys, this is Sheena.
This is Just Dance for April 21, 2011.
So much to talk about today.
Let's get dancing.
Last Thursday, America's Best Dance Crew kicked off it's
sixth season with it's second episode with all five crews
that we haven't seen yet dance.
I'm pretty sure that when all those crews woke up on
Thursday morning, they were feeling like P. Diddy.
They all danced to Kesha for their opening number.
It was pretty sick.
Actually, dancing to Kesha, Ke- dollar sign- ha-, as the
principal from Glee likes to call it.
Hee hee.
Good one.
Writers of Glee, liked that one.
Kesha was an Interesting choice, because, you know,
Kesha is Kesha.
Oh my god, let's throw glitter around, and have blonde hair,
and feathers coming out of our earrings, and say cool things
like tick, tock, I drink whiskey, I brush
my teeth with it.
Jag6ed got eliminated.
And they were the one pole-dancing crew and the only
other crew that's all girls.
Their kind of target line was that, we're not strippers,
we're not pole dancers, we're not trying to be sexy, we're
not trying to be crazy.
We're trying to do artistic pole dancing that uses jazz,
contemporary, ballet, technique, and really brings
pole dancing to you.
Well kind of hard to do when your forced to dance to
"Sleazy," by Kesha.
Iconic Boyz.
They're so cute.
These little Jersey boys.
They're 10 years old.
They don't know if they're getting taken seriously
because they're just little kids.
I still love IME.
I still love Request from last week.
Footworkingz are really good.
Don't want to miss them in the group.
So, check out the next episode of America's Best Dance Crew
where all the crews are going to be dancing to
the Black Eyed Peas.
That's right. (SINGING) My humps, my humps, my lovely
lady lumps.
So I've been scoping around the internet like a little sly
fox, trying to find some Glee episodes because there haven't
been any in the past five weeks.
Gleeks everywhere are going on a rampage.
It's crazy.
If you know Gleeks, they're like, aahh!
When is the next Glee episode coming out?
Fox, give it to them.
Gleeks are going crazy!
I feel really bad for them.
It's like, oh my gosh, someone give them their Glee fix.
They finally did.
I hope it was worth the wait.
This Tuesday, we had the episode "Night of Neglect."
And Holly Holliday was back.
Gwyneth Paltrow, she just loves Glee.
She loves coming back with her alliteration first name and
just coming in and saying lines like yikers, and being
so cool and hip.
They have such a big theme going on for next week, they
couldn't even fit it in to 60 minutes.
They had to fit it in to 90 minutes.
The episode is entitled, "Born This Way," where resident
choreographer, Zach Woodlee will be bringing us some Gaga
Maybe one of these.
Perhaps a couple of these, pow pow, throw, turn.
But also, since it's been on hiatus so long, we've been
missing out on some of the main story lines.
What's going to happen between Brittany and Santana, now that
Santana has confessed her love for Brittany.
Love Glee for giving us a little bit racy topics or what
might be considered racy, but that are actually happening in
the real world.
So there's been a lot of Alice in Wonderland buzz lately.
First, of course, the Disney movie, the
Disney animated classic.
And then last year, with the Tim Burton film, the 3D Alice
in Wonderland, which was awesome.
I loved that.
And now Alice in Wonderland is coming in the form of a
Broadway musical.
But it's not the same exact Alice in Wonderland story
we've always had.
It's actually a twist on it.
It's about a woman named Alice, who's kind of a mother
just with her life spiraling out of control.
She goes on this crazy adventure.
The choreographer for this is Marguerite Derricks.
Not only has Margaret Derricks choreographed for Charlie's
Angels, a little Austin Powers, but she's also
choreographed a most famous dance scene from the movie,
Little Miss Sunshine.
Her resume is amazing.
She's got so many choreography credits on her resume.
It is like a scroll that you go like this and it just falls
down to the floor.
MARGUERITE DERRICKS: Greg Boyd and Frank Wildhorn called me
up about three years ago.
And they said, we have a script that we want you to
read for a show that we'd like to take to Broadway.
It was called Wonderland, and it was just really, just such
a great twist on--
it wasn't something that was typical, and I was really
excited about that.
I'm considering this my Broadway debut.
I did a little bit of theater before this, but the thing
about Wonderland that really attracted me to the piece is
that the music is so different.
Every character in the show comes out with a different
style of music.
So for me, that means I get to do a different style of dance.
That was what I wanted to do.
I wanted to really come to New York and show that I just
didn't have one note, that I could do so
many different styles.
SHEENA DIMATTEO: I actually love the Mad Hatter song.
You wouldn't think the Mad Hatter is a woman, but she is
standing hugely, over six feet tall, and she also looks like
she's going to hurt you.
When you watch the reel for this, they just put so much
money and effort in to these amazing
costumes, amazing sets.
The colors are beautiful.
I mean, these costumes are giving you Diva Couture.
They are so creative and so cool.
It's really interesting that she got to be a part of it.
From the floor to the top.
It's definitely a great success.
As soon as I saw the trailer for Water for Elephants, I was
completely captivated.
Just the film making and the cinematography.
It looks like it is going to be such a beautiful movie.
I mean, how can you go wrong with two beautiful people
starring in it?
Reece Witherspoon and Robert Pattinson.
Two of the hottest actors in Hollywood.
Although Reece, cradle robbing.
Just cradle robbing just a tad there with that one.
It's based off the bestselling book, Water for Elephants, and
it follows Reese Witherspoon's character through her life in
the circus and how Robert Pattinson's character comes
in, meets her, and falls in love.
The choreographers for Water for Elephants are Tracy
Phillips and Dominic Carbone, who started dancing together
as kids and would choreograph in the parking lot of their
dance studio in Denver.
They've done amazing for themselves.
They've done Evanescence, My Chemical Romance, and Green
Day choreography, which is all kind of hard core,
alternative, rock band music.
And you wouldn't expect them to be the choreographers for a
period piece with this magical, mystical, circus
choreography, since it's set in the traveling circus.
I know some of my first choreography happened in my
best friend, Brittney Wood's living room, when we were
little girls.
We would just spend hours choreographing routines to
"Can You Feel The Love Tonight." I think our moves
were like, and I'd be like, no, Brittney,
you're messing it up!
Brittney, we're busting out the VHS tapes.
It's coming.
It's coming.
Brittney Wood and Sheena DiMatteo, we're choreographing
"Water for Giraffes."
So every single week, I try and find a new song that is
totally awesome and comes with a great dance video.
This week, I found a really awesome, hot song.
It's called "Bizness." It's by Tune-Yards.
It's their second album, and the album is called Whokill.
I sat down with choreographer Sonia Reiter about her
choreography for the "Bizness" video.
She was really excited be working with Merrill Garbus,
who is the singer in the video.
I really love her movement.
It's kind of contemporary, kind of got a yoga feel to it,
and it's really interesting to watch.
It really goes well with the song.
SONIA REITER: When I was working with the gesture
phrases, I felt like your body is actually being inhabited.
So there were these movements that were like the hands, the
hands grabbing, feeling like, they're yours, but then
they're not yours.
There's sort of something inside of you that's
controlling the way that your body is moving.
And there's a reaction to it.
There's like this reaction of like, ahh!
Get me--
let me go, let me be free of this.

That's all I've got for you today.
I hope you had fun.
Hope you learned something.
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