Spliff The General - The Alphabet Song

Uploaded by SpliffTheGeneral on 08.01.2011

Yeah, you know, I just recently learned the alphabet not too long ago
And I figured it was only right for me to share that with you
I mean, now that I know something this big..
It just wouldn't be right for me to keep it to myself, you know what I mean?
So here it goes, wish me good luck. I'll try my best...
A to my haters man, they tell me I'm an asshole
That's what I B, if you don't like head out the backdoor
'Cause C my words is elegant, I spit calligraphy
In high school they doubted me 'cause I was getting D's
It's kinda E-vil, this menace called jealousy
They praying I get F's instead of for what's best for me
But I ain't sweating, not at all because I'm still a G
I love the H, hate's integral to my recipe
I make songs to articulate what's stressing me
And when I'm down I'm hittin' J's til I could barely breathe
But that's O.K., I mean weed ain't even all that bad
So I'll be hittin' L's until I feel my heart collapse
I'm killin' M, you could say that Shady's in a bag
'Cause when I come, it's the N, find the pun in that
I'll push you like an O, these rappers think they sick as me?
I'm champagne, and you rappers merely sippin' P
My Q is lack of skill, spit and I'ma hit your jaw
I'm killing mainstreamers, give a fuck for who they R
My songs go out to all my niggas and my S-a's
With generic T's, ignoring what the feds say
'Cause U could make it too, all you gotta do is try
Life has low points just like a V, it's what God prescribed
Ups and downs like a W, adjusting
Or magnify our feelings til they feel X-treme
I'm taking over, that's Y they all despising me
Just like a Z-onist because I'm exercising tyranny
Yeah, and that's the ABC's doufus
You don't know it? Sing along, I'll educate you through my music
I hope you guys were able to keep up.. I mean, it took me a long time to learn this but
I finally got the hang of it
So I hope it won't be too hard for you to catch it too
Anyways, next week we'll be learning the numbers from 1 to 10
Stay tuned, and don't forget to bring your notebooks too