Boys Before Flowers aka Boys Before Flowers: Full Episode 6 (Official & HD with subtitles)

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How did you do this?
Didn't I tell you? Everyday, you'll be able to enjoy things you can't even imagine.
JanDi Baht (weed), you're shocked. Are you that easy to impress?
This was easy?
If you're done being mushy, let's get to the point.
what...The... the point?
What are you doing?
Ddd...don't take your clothes off!
is he up to something?
YOU! Don't take off your clothes! If you do I'll kill you!!
YOU! If you take off your pants, too...I'll really kill you! please don't take them off!
Pervert! I told you not to take them off!
-Come here perv -You want to die? -Scaring people like that!
Goo JoonPyo, don't move. Wait there.
-What's wrong? Don't move! -What is it? What's wrong?
There...there's a snake by your leg.
By your leg...snake!
Ah! I really hate snakes!
Run fast, Goo JoonPyo! Keep running!
-What? -Go on! Run farther! You're doing well!
Madam... the juice you ordered is here.
Put it over there...
Thank you, madam
Wait a second. Yes ma'am. If you have the time, why don't you rub this on for me?
That would be my pleasure, Madam.
The chicken store's owner said if you are not going to order chicken then to put the parasol back. WHAT?!
One whole chicken?! Do you know how much chicken soup you could buy with that? Strike! Strike!
Then how about this...
Hey, Gangsan,
My sweet Gangsan.
What are you doing to him?
Do you want me to put it on for you?
It's ok!
My baby, your skin is just like a baby's skin.
What the heck?
JanDi! JanDi!
Hey, that's enough, come out now!
Stop it now!
JanDi! What's wrong? JanDi! - What is it?
JanDi! Oh, what should I do!?
What? What's going on?
Something is wrong with JanDi.
JanDi, wake up! Wake up!
Are you okay?
Madam President.
Where did JoonPyo go?
From the report from the private plane, he left for New Caledonia at 5.
Why did he go there?
He went for some fresh air and for a weekend trip.
I got it.
Hold on.
Did you check on who else went?
Yes, I did. As usual, he went with F4.
F4. When is he ever going to quit being the leader of that childish group?
You can leave.
Help me! Mom, Dad, Noona, help me!
For someone who is so well off, how come he doesn't know how to swim?
-He was kidnapped when he was 8 years old. -Huh?
When he was young, there was this guy who looked after him instead of his parents. He was a bodyguard and a driver.
So that person was the criminal?
The police were chasing after a car, and it crashed into the water.
No way!
Yeah, JunPyo was in that car.
What happened?
I just gave some extra consideration in preparing something for you guys.
Well, I guess this is for someone else though.
Who cares.
Looks delicious!
Come here.
Why? Let go of me! Ah, it hurts!
This is all for you.
Do you see me as some kind of Godzilla?
It's good for your health, so eat it.
You're always eating some kind of weird bugs. That's why your legs are so weak
Weird bugs?
Anyway, does it make sense for a swimmer to drown?
If all of the sudden you get a Jui(cramp), then it does make sense.
Jui(Rat) or cat, I won't allow you to be weak when you're with me. So stop talking so much, and just eat it, okay?
- How are you? - You're not here with the pretty unni?
Give this to the one you love.
Are you going to eat all of that?
But JoonPyo doesn't like plump girls.
But the pajamas in my luggage will probably be a lot of help.
Right now he is into JanDi, but with his personality, nobody knows what will happen.
What are you saying?
It's easy to steal the heart of a guy after he's been rejected.. you've got a good shot. Good luck!
What in the world are you saying right now?
GaEul, don't you like JoonPyo?
Oh my God Look here, I have my own tastes too you know.
Then why were you so upset that an accident was going to happen between JoonPyo and JanDi?
Unless you like JanDi?
Well there's someone JanDi likes.
Hey, So YiJung, come over here. Hurry.
Show time!
Goo JoonPyo, from now on I'll put you on the player's list.
What is she doing in there?
Hey! I thought you passed out in there. Were you scrubbing yourself or something? What took you so long?
This jerk wants to die! He's so dead!
This isn't your room, it's my room!
Did I say it wasn't?
Then why are you here?
Do you really think I'd show up here for no reason?
Reason? What reason?
- You're losing something important. - Important?
As a woman
As a woman. Could it be ...
Goo JoonPyo, really, what are you doing!
Cheap things look good on you.
You came here to give me this?
What, did you think I was going to do something to you?
I wouldn't mess around with a girl that didn't love me.
Close the door tight, or else lizards will come in.
Even though it's cheap, you better not lose it, or else you're dead!
GaEul, are you awake?
GaEul, are you sleeping? GaEul!
Do you know the meaning of this flower?
Without a doubt, happiness will come.
That is why it's only given to the person you love.
You know about it
From today, at the market.
I came here often with her. She said it was similar to Nice, so she liked it.
Is she doing well? (talking about Min SeoHyun)
I guess she's doing well.
Did something happen?
Why did you tell me to follow her?
That 's because. . .
I found out what a pathetic man I was. All day long in an empty apartment.
There was nothing else to do besides waiting.
But, just being able to be together would've been enough.
Do you know what it feels like to be a burden to the one you love?
A no-good, lousy guy.
What I meant was . . .
You're right. Besides loving a girl out of habit,
I'm a pathetic guy who doesn't know how to do anything else.
Take it.
I can't accept it.
This belongs to SeoHyun unni. Sunbae, you should give it to her personally.
I'll get going. Sunbae, you'll catch a cold if stay out too long too.
I'm cold. I'm so cold that I can't handle it anymore.
Why didn't you tell me where you were going? I was worried!
Am I a kid? I can take walks by myself!
I figured the worst that maybe you fell in the water or got bit by a snake! How could I not be worried?
Goo JoonPyo!
I'm sorry.
You From now onwards, don't go swimming alone.
Don't even take walks alone.
It's hot. Be careful.
Do you want some?
No, it's okay.
Where is it?
- What? The thing I gave you.
Ah, that. I left it in the room. I know you'd give me hell if I lost it while running around like this.
As long as you know, it's fine.
Grab it tightly.
What is that? It doesn't suit you
Is that so?
You like it?
What is it? It belongs to JanDi.
She dropped it last night, pass it along to her for me.
Goo JoonPyo, why didn't you pass!
Am I a kid? I can go out by myself. Why are you acting like this?
Ah, that. I left it in the room. I know you'd give me hell if I lost it while running around like this.
JoonPyo! The ball!
JoonPyo! Are you alright?
I'm fine. I'm fine.
I'm fine
Where did JiHoo go?
That way.
Are you going somewhere?
Fishing. With this boat?
With this white sail and the wind, we can go anywhere.
You wanna go too?
Is that okay?
If you promise that you won't be noisy and scare the fish away.
You let this go.
Just let it go like that?
It's been out of the water for so long would you rather we use it to make sushi?
Bye fish!
You are putting in a lot of effort.
Why do you keep following me?
It will be too much for you. Even though your legs look strong enough.
So, should we continue our conversation from last night?
What conversation?
Is it true that Geum JanDi, likes another guy?
When did I ever say such thing?
Who is it?
Stop saying nonsense and just peddle!
It's probably some low-life. I know a little about women and Geum JanDi's type is attracted to bad boys.
Guys like that like to leech off of strong women like Jandi and suck everything out of them.
Nonsense! That guy might be JanDi's soulmate.
That's why it isn't working out with them.
Do you actually believe in such a thing?
Of course! Definitely! Playboys like you wouldn't understand, but that one person does exist in this universe.
So, have you met yours GaEul? Your soulmate?
Not yet,
but if he appears, I'm not letting him go.
Because if you lose that person, you will eternally regret it.
What are you doing just sitting there? I have been paddling this whole time alone.
Hurry up.
Where are we going?
I have something to show you.
Look down.
Wow, it's a heart!
It's really shaped like a heart.
I decided if I ever found a girl I liked, I'd bring her here.
Do you see it? My heart?
What's the matter?
An emergency regarding JiHoo.
He's an elite politician. And he might be the next prime minister.
JiHoo seems to have known about this since before he came back from Paris. -I didn't see him this afternoon.
His stuff is still in his room. What should we do?
He's going to be fine. I know him.
Your prince, now I understand why he's changed.
GaEul . . .
what should I do?
What I said before, it's coming true. JiHoo sunbae is going to really hate me.
I hope she marries someone of royalty or someone who may become president.
Like Diana or Audrey Hepburn to be a princess who contributes to world peace, something like that.
She's just a model.
Why does that matter? The president of France divorced so he could marry a model.
Who knows, a French President or a European prince might pick unnie.
How did you get in here?
Have you forgotten who owns this place?
Geum JanDi.
My heart... you understand right?
Don't keep me waiting too long.
Is it true?
It's just a rumor, right? It's just a false report, right??
I'm sorry.
Really ...
I guess you just knew her better than me.
He is a man fit for SeoHyun.
I don't hold a candle to him.
That's not true! There's no way for it to be true!
Please, be happy.
Tell me that you will be.
Because if you are unhappy, then I'll be unhappy as too.
Why couldn't I have fallen for a girl like you?
So, this is how it is?
Goo JoonPyo, don't do this! This . . .
This what? You didn't know about this either? Did you fall for another trap?
I wanted to believe you, I didn't want to regret later on, so I tried my best.
I'm sorry. It's...
I showed you my heart
But... Is this your answer?
It's not like that. It's not...
Now, this time it really is the end.
Geum JanDi, lI don't ever want to see you again.
JoonPyo! Shut up!
If I hear one word from you I'll kill you.
Where did he go? What time did he leave? Ten o'clock? I got it.
What? He really left?
Yeah, by a jet at dawn.
Crazy fool. What is he thinking?
Geum JanDi.
Do you know anything about this?
I'm home!
Jandi, you must be exhausted.
This was your first vacation overseas, and in a private plane across the Pacific Ocean! What kind of blessing was this?
It's been hard on you, my daughter Seeing that you have this much prospects, I can die in peace!
Why do you have to die? It's only the beginning.
If JanDi becomes part of that house she'll have everything. She'll live without regrets.
I have a lot of regrets. Honey . . .
Nuna, does that island really belongs to JoonPyo hyungnim? (*hyungnim = brother-in-law)
Really? It's theirs? There's nothing Shinhwa Group doesn't have! He's a prince!
-Then if Jandi got married what would she become? -A princess. -Princess? *headache*
Please calm down, the prince's mother-in-law.
Will I become the prince's mother-in-law?
Dad, dad, then what would I be?
When you see the historical dramas, the brother of the princess is always causing trouble... Geum GangSan, be careful!
Well, you don't have to worry about any of that.
That household, no, there's no reason for me to have any relation with Goo JoonPyo.
Just wake up from your dream!
That . . . Isn't it pretty?
I bought it at a shack. You're supposed to give this to the person you want to always be with.
Does it mean not to run away?
Don't drink when I'm not around.
If it's snowing, you should go inside somewhere!
I was waiting for you! This is the first time I had to wait for someone in my entire life!
Wow, it's a heart!
Do you see it? My heart?
Sorry I'm sorry, Goo JoonPyo.
I'm sorry.
You don't have to worry about me . . .
It seems you're in trouble too.
You were always in trouble, weren't you?
I'm sorry for what happened at the island.
Why are you apologizing?
If I didn't look for you . . .
I was the one who wanted to do that, and I'm the one who should be apologizing.
I was the one who hurt Goo JoonPyo.
JoonPyo must be looking like this right now.
Of course not.
He's got this dirty look on his face,
and his face is steaming red.
His hair is curly. Curly, curly, curly . . .
I'm sorry.
It's alright.
On behalf of F4, I have an announcement.
From now onwards, Yoon JiHoo is no longer a part of F4.
- What? JoonPyo!
And. In a week's time, Yoon JiHoo and Geum JanDi will be expelled from this school.
Yeah, expelled!
Don't you understand what that means?
You're being kicked out!
I don't care about you being kicked out but,
because of someone like you, JiHoo is being kicked out of F4! What are you going to do about that?
It was the start of bad things happening the moment someone like you stepped foot in this school.
This is the first time JiHoo and JoonPyo have come across a commoner. They must have felt bad because they are so pure hearted. Take responsibility! A cheap girl like you ripping F4 apart! Take responsibility for everything! .
I'll take that responsibility.
What do you want me to do?
Sunbae, are you in your right mind?!
Aren't you guys the ones who aren't in your right mind?!
Cheap girl? When you guys talk like that it makes it seem like you're the ones who are cheap.
Sunbae! If you keep siding with her, we can't be on your side anymore!
Who asked you to be?
You're going to regret this! Really!
You can quit with that face now.
This time, both of us are in trouble.
Well for me, it's okay to be expelled or kicked out, but for you, sunbae, this can't happen to you.
Even if he's Goo JoonPyo, he can't do that, right?
Yes, he can.
There's ShinHwa Group behind JoonPyo. Did you forget whose school this is?
Don't make that face.
I won't sit back and do nothing while being attacked.
Do you have a plan?
I'll have to make because now I have a reason to fight.
That's right..
I can't take the fact that you are being kicked out of F4 like this.
You're not too bright.
Those things don't matter.
Again, that face.
I'm home.
Come in.
What's all this?
Where were you? There are so many things to do right now!
Hurry in and change!
Why so suddenly?
When one thing goes well, everything goes well. It's all thanks to you, my daughter!
There's a rumor that if people get their uniforms cleaned here, that they're going to meet handsome guys.
What? -Look, Korean Girls' School, HanGang Girls' School, MunHwa Girls' School, they all come from even across HanGang!
We're striking it rich, rich! I've heard about this before but to experience it myself, this is the first time in my life!
Nuna, I heard instead of JoonPyo hyung, you're going out with a different F4 member, Yoon JiHoo.
You! Where did you hear that from?
It's the ShinHwa girls who brought their uniforms first.
Goo JoonPyo or Yoon JiHoo, it doesn't matter. Your admittance into ShinHwa HS is like a dream every day!
Honey, I won't wake up from this dream tomorrow, right? Hold on. *pinches*
Ah, sorry. Honey, I told you everything would work out.
ShinHwa group aren't the only rich ones We are the ShinHwa in the dry cleaning business, we can be rich too!
Rich! Rich! Rich! Rich!
I always took your actions into consideration.
However I would question JoonPyo's, I didn't think I would have to talk to you like this.
It's unlike you not to get straight to the point.
Why did you do it? I just wanted to.
JoonPyo likes JanDi. I knew that.
Yoon JiHoo!
If you had seduced my younger sister and dumped her 3 days later, I wouldn't be this mad.
But, you don't have a younger sister.
This isn't a joke. I'm saying to take a friend's girl is
crossing the line. I feel bad for JoonPyo too, but . . .
But what?!
I can't let him expel her like that.
So what are you going to do?
I will have to do whatever I can.
I'm warning you on this, this time there won't be anyone on your side. Don't be disappointed.
I know how you feel JoonPyo,
but expelling is just too much.
Too much?
It'll be too much when I kill them all.
JiHoo is not in his right mind right now.
You know what SeoHyun was to him. With his personality, he followed her to Paris. An unexpected marriage would definitely make him crazy.
You're right. It's not because he truly liked Geum JanDi. He used her because of SeoHyun.
That's even more unforgivable. You know that?
JoonPyo . . .
You can't take his side anymore.
Say one more thing and you'll be kicked out as well..
JH: Let her go. JP: What will you do if I let her go?
I'll protect her.
You were the friend I watched this movie with 11 times, if you remembered, this wouldn't have happened.
You stupid, how am I suppose to go into the water!
Whether they win or lose, it isn't your business.
GE: But for JanDi YJ: She'll withdraw from school
How are the kids?
Don't you know how glad I am that JunPyo has such friends?
The heir of ShinHwa Group doesn't need friends.
It's not too late.
Just say it once. Say that you like me.
I won't regret.
I'll never regret this!