Slave girl market - Auction scene (Indomptable Angélique)

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Sold for 8,000 sequins!
A couple of whites, starting at 8,000.
- No problem? - No, she's tame now.
- A big crowd. - Yes, a good sale.
There's the Grand Turk's envoy.
Riom Mizra, minister of the Kingdom of Cherkessia.
His Excellency Mezzo Morte, buyer for the King of Meknes.
What a triumph for whoever buys her for his master!
Here's the high auctioneer!
- Where is your marvel? - We're adorning her.
- Will you show me? - With pleasure.
Excellent exemplar! This time you have caught a rare piece!
Magnificent teeth.
And this hair like a silk.
Pin her hair up, that her neck may be seen. We must be able to sell charms.
- I have a deal for you. - Really? What?
- You want at least 20,000 for me? - Yes.
Let me talk to the Knights of Malta. I'll persuade them to pay more for me.
You'll be better off.
30,000. I'll give you one minute.
I have just a minute, I'm the Marquise de Plessis-Bellięre. ¨ 28 00:02:28,000 --> 00:02:30,500 Your order is rich, and so am I.
Pay 30,000 sequins for me and I'll pay you back.
It's impossible for us to do that. You could be whipped for speaking to us.
Buy me and I swear on my soul that I'll give your order double what you pay for me!
Will you do that?
Madame, do you know how much Escrainville hopes to make?
Have no fear, Madame. I shall bid up to 40,000.
- You have my word. - Thank you!!
Auction continues!
We shall now move on to a real rarity, a pearl from the Kingdom of France, belonging to Monsieur d'Escrainville.
She's a white woman, young, blonde, with blue-green eyes.
And perfect teeth!
You see her face?
You will now see that her body is no less magnificent.
And now the rarest, the most beautiful of all.
The bidding begins at 10,000 sequins!
- 12,000. - 13,000.
- 16,000. - 17,000.
- 20,000. - 22,000.
How much for these?
32,000 sequins.
- 33,000. - 35,000.
- 39,000. - 42,000.
And you wanted to kill her!
50,000 sequins! Going once! 50,000 sequins! Going twice!
I give 55,000!
- 60,000. - The price of 10,000 horsemen?
I give 62,000!
64,000! Going once! 65,000! Going twice!
250,000 going once! Going twice! and going three times!
Sold for 250,000!
Silence! Silence!
That man is unknown here! Let him show proof he can pay! Do you have such a sum on you?
I have 500,000 sequins here, if you want to count it.
Yes, agree!
- You promised me! - I'm sorry, but an auction is an auction.
Do not think that this answer is enough for me.