Mr. Freeman, part 61

Uploaded by MrFreeMan0 on 16.08.2012

There was a man who was constantly suffering
He was too hot, then too cold. He had too much, then too little
he wanted to scream from joy, then wanted to hide in the corner from angst.
The stress was making his heart grow callous, his body deteriorate, and his thoughts freeze in his head.
And when he stopped changing at all, Death came and took him away.
- Well, did you like living? Death asked.
- Yes and no. Life has sun and pleasure and love...
but also cold and disappointment and pain. But more than that I couldn’t find any meaning in it at all.
Death smirked
- When you left for the world of the living there was meaning, but you lost it there.
Well, I’ll give you some advice on how to fix this.
Talk to the Three Teachers and they’ll help you remember it all.
After these words Death turned into a moth and darkness fell.
The darkness was still and dense like a rock.
It is so scary and cold!
I’ll never be able to find anyone in this sticky darkness…
It was the first teacher – the Black God.
He dwelled deep down and was darkness incarnate.
He said that Man’s soul constantly radiates both happiness and suffering
and so Man is really the prime cause of everything.
But only when balance reigns in Man’s soul does freedom rule his empire.
Freedom. Freedom! FREEDOM!
I’ve been waiting for you…
It was the second teacher – the White God.
He dwelled high above and was light incarnate.
He taught Man that eternity is in the present and that the future and the past are only different forms of human memory.
But only when Man doesn’t live in the past and doesn’t run away into the future...
...can freedom rule his empire.
Freedom. Freedom!! FREEDOM!
- Why aren’t you looking for the third teacher?
- I’ve been waiting for you. I want to tell you about the Black and White Gods.
They were talking about the same things and yet about different things.
- So what were they talking about?
- They were talking about me!
Μόνο εγώ επιλέγω μεταξύ μαύρου και λευκού. I am the one who chooses between black and white. I choose between good and evil, between action and inaction.
The world and I are united, and we both fill each other up.
When I bring beauty into this world it becomes magnificent. When I bring destruction, it becomes pitiless.
That’s the whole meaning. Now I remember!
- Well, you found the third teacher. said Death.
- your own Self.
And now, go and tell the people about it.
The Black God speaks of the earth and those living upon it and inside of it.
The White God speaks of the sky and those living overhead.
The Black God helps us to be closer to our roots.
The White God calls for us to get on the road.
The Black God doesn’t let us forget. The White God opens up the future.
The Black God is inside you. The White God is around you.
The Black God is Self.
The White God is Self.
The whole world is rocking, but in balance
There is no rest anywhere or in anything. Rest gets destroyed by time.
Rest gets destroyed by the outside world
Rest is unstable.
One who knows how to keep balance ... on the left, now on the right, now above, now below, now inside, now outside... able to be over the world. This very Man is able to be the emperor of the Black God and the White God.
Joy always turns into grief.
Tears always turn into laughter.
Tender things become rough over time.
Friendship turns into love.
Love into habit. Habit into hatred. Hatred into solace. Solace into curiosity. Curiosity into friendship.
The Black God turns into the White God. The White God turns into the Black God.
When the Black God comes out into the light he becomes gray like everything else around.
When the White God descends into the darkness, he becomes gray like everything else around.
When the Black God looks at the White God and the White God looks at the Black God...
...everything takes on color.
When the Black God and the White God become one, the Self emerges.
Consciousness is the White God. The body is the Black God.
The Self is the Black God and the White God
The Self is who remembers what has passed and thinks about what will happen.
The Self is neither in the past nor the future.
The Self is right now. The whole world is the eternal now.
The Self is the center of this world.
The Self is the center of its own reality.