Minimally invasive surgery: faster recovery and smaller incision

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You all set? Ready! Ready.
This was Lauren Singleton seven weeks ago, heading into surgery.
It was one of my options to have a hysterectomy
to recify my situation, so that's
why I'm here. But Lauren's hysterectomy was
done in a way that reduced her incision size, risk of infection and
overall recovery time. Dr. Rose Kung and her team at Sunnybrook
are Canadian leaders in minimally invasive surgeries, known as MIS.
For conditions including fibroids, endometriosis and hysterectomies.
Dr. Kung says MIS, where instruments are guided through
tiny incisions and images are magnified on screens for the surgeons
has been a huge advance for patients. So typically when they
had a big incision, they would take about six weeks off work.
And they would be in pain for a good three weeks.
Whereas when we do the surgery laproscopically
or with the MIS approach, then they may take one to two weeks off work
and the pain medication they take is milder.
While some centres are using robots to do this type of surgery,
studies comparing robots to humans found no added benefit,
only added cost with the robotic approach. We have the highest volume
of surgeons, highly trained surgeons,
and we do the most complicated cases
not just in Toronto but across Canada.
That means hundreds of surgical cases each year, help patients like Lauren
get back to their lives, sooner. I actually teach fitness for a living
so I'm very anxious to get back to work.
Inhale and exhale!! She was
home after one day, and says she didn't expect to feel as good as she did,
as quickly as she did. Now, as hoped, she's back at work.
One of the incisions I couldn't even find because it was so small, so I was very
impressed with how it went and how easy it was to
heal, how quick the healing was. While MIS is more difficult
for those who have scarring from previous procedures, Dr. Kung says
increasing expertise is making this an option for more patients
at all ages. Importantly, she says if you're not sure, get a second opinion,
something Lauren did.
Other people I had seen had just
said, watch and wait, but I really wanted to get on with my life.
And she gave my some viable options so I'm very happy. She changed
my life. With SunnyView, I'm Monica Matys.