Duweiqa residents fear another deadly rockslide

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Manshiyet Nasser, Cairo 29 September 2012
Duweiqa residents fear another deadly rockslide
Hesham Abdel Aleem, carpenter
We came to live here 25 years ago.
There was no water,
sanitary drainage or anything else.
We managed to get water
and sanitary drainage hookups.
If you look over there, the rooms are
sold for LE5,000 and LE10,000.
The people come from all governorates
to live here.
They buy a room for LE10,000
and then the governorate relocates
the residents to other areas
and that way they get a free apartment.
Hany Abdel Sabour
An old woman was scared when the rocks
started to crack after a plane flew over the area.
The women climbed up and saw the cracks increasing
The people were very scared and they called the police.
Mohamed Eissa
We heard a cracking sound
and we saw the mountain cracking
as you can see.
The women and children started screaming
and got out of their homes.
We were at work
and then came to see what was going on.
We were told that officials and experts came to take a look
and said the situation was not dangerous.
But how come so when they are
building houses up there?
The mountain is breaking and the rocks
are rolling closer to the homes as you see here.
Azza Qassem
They have cut off water for 20 days.
We accept to live such an unbearable life
but we cannot accept to see the rocks
fall on our heads!
Rabea Abdel Fattah
I've been living here for 20 years.
And now the rocks are falling on us.
We went to complain about that
but nobody cares.
We heard the district council head
is on vacation now.
So are they going to leave us to die?
Nagah Hassan
I want to know if the officials who come and go
are waiting for the mountain to fall on us!
Where are the solutions?
Where are the top officials they say
will solve our problem?
Safeyya Aly
We've been living here for 18 years.
We do not get any sleep.
The rocks keep cracking and the sand falls on us.
We cannot eat or drink something clean. We're fed up!