Introducing the Atheist Community of Tulsa

Uploaded by ACToklahoma on 11.06.2011

>> WILLIAM: We are Tulsa atheists. Your neighbors, your police officers, your phone technicians...
>> KENNY: We are your aunts, your uncles, your accountants...
>> MARY: We're your sisters, we're students...
>> LAMAR: We're your athletes, we're your friends...
>> MARY: We're the people you meet on the street everyday.
>> WILLIAM: We comprise of over 500-some-odd diverse members all around the region.
>> KENNY: Some of us are activists. Some of us just want the social connection.
>> RHONDA: It's big on mine, my list about the Tulsa Atheists is I feel at home. I feel
I'm myself.
>> MARY: It's like having a family...or best friends that you, where you can be yourself.
>> JUSTIN: It gives me, uh, a venue to meet other people that are like-minded.
>> STAN: We have monthly meetings
>> MARY: We even have lots of social events. Sometimes we get together at a local restaurant,
have dinner, drinks, we have, uh, family events.
>> WILLIAM: We partake in volunteerism, activism...
>> KENNY: We do a lot of, uh, charity work. We do, uh, Adopt a Highway, we do, uh, canned
food drives...
>> WILLIAM: Working with the Child Abuse Network and a lot of other great things out there
like Big Brothers and Big Sisters.
>> WILLIAM: I'd say my chief goal out of doing this since I joined just over a year ago has
been to, uh, basically allow people to feel to the comfort of coming out of the closet
and join with like-minded individuals so while they may not be holding the picket line at
a Christian event or while they may not be on the side of the road picking up trash for
a worthy cause, they still contribute to the fact that we are able to fill up a seat and
allow these politicians around to actually see that there are people that don't necessarily
agree with the Christian doctrine that they may legislate.
>> RHONDA: I'm stepping out and saying I'm a freethinker.
>> WILLIAM: I've met so many great people. They've been there for me through thick and
>> MARY: It's so nice to be able to be in a room full of people and be comfortable.
>> STAN: Tulsa atheists does have a website. We do have monthly meetings.
>> MARY: We have a site on, uh, we also have a Facebook page.
>> PAUL: Check us out.
>> MARY: We are the Tulsa atheists.
>> LAMAR: We are the Tulsa atheists.
>> KENNY: We are the Tulsa atheists.
>> JUSTIN: We are your children. We are your parents. We are you.