Modern Warfare 2 meets Metal Gear Solid - part 2

Uploaded by beatdownboogie on 27.07.2010

It was supposed to be a standard mission. Get in, get out, get paid.
Now my men are dead, and I'm all that's left.
ActivistSun is proud to announce our aquisition of Outer Heaven!
Liquid and Makarov are creating a new weapon.
Makarov...Liquid...We are all just pawns....
Then who's holding the pieces
Ghost worked with Infinity War.
He could be a valuable asset to your mission.
Hold position!
Oy! Oy! Snake! ....Damn.
Taking the shot in 3...2...1....
Tango down.
This one's mine.
What the-?
(sigh) ...Idiot.
(codec sound)
Snake here.
Snake, it's Otacon.
What's going onnnnnnn?
Same old, same old.
That cool...hey, do you think Naomi likes me?
(groan) I don't know.
I really like her.
But I don't know if she still has feeling for Vamp.
I mean, she still has pictures of him on her Facebook.
(Ghost) Oy, wrap it up mate!
Uhhh, I better go. I'll call you later.
Yeah, sure you will
Yeah...hang up Otacon.
You hang up first.
I can still hear you breathing--
Can we please get on with it!?
Huh? What?
Come on mate, we're oscar mike ('on the move')!
Nice shot.
(motor sound becomes louder, faster)
Wait....what's that?
Do you hear something?
(motor sound begins to whine)
Oh crap.....RUN!!!
Coming through!
Well, I'm empty.
(guards calling for backup) What do we do now?
I have an idea.
You have got to be kidding.
Come on, get in!
No, no...I'm not falling for that one again.
Look, I don't like it any more than you do...But this is the only way!
Ghost...get in my box!
Honestly, I'd rather be shot. Cheers.
Doh!.... Uh oh....
Sir, Ghost and Solid Snake have infiltrated the compound.
Our security team made contact, but failed to neutralize the threat.
What are your orders sir.
Fire them all!
Where's Modern Gear?'s right behind you.
Show me what you've got, Snake!
That is getting really annoying!
Well, I'm all out of guns. What's next!?
OK...that's a little weird....but...LET'S GO!
(Makarov laughing)
What the--?
You trying to headbutt me? You trying to headbutt a footballer!
Where's Modern Gear?
You're pretty good, Ghost.
Who killed my mates!?
Piss off!
OK. The arming Modern we speak.
What boss!?
The name is...
Bobby Kotick--avich.
Um...that's not normal.
Otacon. The name is Bobby Kotick-avich.
Now I've got a name...and a mission!