Swarnapakshigal - Classic Malyalam Movie - Sukumaran, Sreekumar

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(Sanskrit Hymns)
Which one of you have done this?
They will never be happy in life
Never...they will never be fortunate
What is the matter, Swami?
Who are you cursing?
How could I not curse?
I don't find my tobacco box
Oh...you mean the poison box!
Have you started smoking early in the morning?
Hey...why have you born as a man?
You do not try for a job...
..you have been saying that you will find a job today or tomorrow
Listen you cannot stay here.. without paying the rent
Gopi - What is it?
Another cup of black coffee
Did you see my tobacco box? - Who wants it?
A minister loses his chair... when he wakes up in the morning
..and you are talking about your useless tobacco box
Hunt for it in your nose... must be there
Ravi,...have you seen my tobacco box?
Didn't I tell you once, Swami?
You must have forgotten it somewhere
Go look for it in the kitchen
Leader...any news about the new D.A.?
What are you saying?
Forget about the new one.. we may even loose the old one
Will you disturb me?
Why are you late?
I stopped at the workshop on my way
I had to fix its gear
There are two urgent letters Very urgent
Dakshayani Madam has asked you to type it quickly
Everything is very urgent
You gave me twenty four letter yesterday..
...saying that it is very urgent
Don't I have to type it all alone Mohan Sir?
We have to adjust all of it
Why don't you adjust with Dakshayani Madam?
Mohan, have you started flirting early in the morning?
Just like that
I hope you are fine
Ravi Sir..you haven't given me the file I asked for yesterday
Swami...where were you all this time?
Don't ask me, Bala
Ravi...I am happy that I lost the tobacco box
I purchased a very good thing instead
Where is the attendance register?
It has already been sent
Swami, Dakshayani Madam is calling you
Swami name will be marked in red today
The file has been sent to the Secretary
It hasn't come back yet
That is not possible
Let the file come to me first
Okay..Alright.. I will let you know
So Mister...aren't you interested to work in this office?
I am very much interested
You cannot come into this office whenever you want
I know...but my tobacco box...
I mean..I didn't find it.. when I woke up in the morning
My tobacco box...I got into a bus...
..thinking of buying a new tobacco box
The bus broke down on the way
I then got into an autorickshaw
Unfortunately it collided with a cycle
The autorickshaw driver and the cyclist ended up in a big fight
A man should be punctual
Be it from your ancestral house or from the Government...
...you should respect.........
I will not think before I draw the line
I will never repeat it again
You have reduced a lot, Mohan
What is the matter? Don’t you have proper food?
I eat what I regularly eat
That isn't enough
You should eat good delicacies
You should also have some tonic along with it
Only then will you be healthy
Don't you need strength
I will come later
Here....take this
Here...take it
I don't want it
Please take it
You have to eat it right in front of me
And you? - No
A man should drink
Get him a glass of juice - I will bring it
So...shall I begin?
Cheers to all the good people
Where have you been?
He is my college friend
This is Ravi..he works with me
Why is Ravi having juice?
Don't you drink? - No
Do you want to know about him...
..he doesn't drink, smoke.. doesn't gamble
He has no qualities of a man
But I must say...
..I have enough of all these qualities
How could you be best friends then?
That is a long story
It might sound like a story from the movies
He has no one
A Father of a church brought him up
Educated him....
But that good Father... set him free
I had lost my parents... when we became know to each other
The knowledge that we had no parents...
...must have brought us closer
He can die for me and likewise
That is the relationship between us
It’s better to avoid bad habits like drinking
I hope you do not end up into any trouble
Call Balachandran
Bring me that paper - That isn’t my job
What have you written? Do you have any sense?
You should talk to me respectfully
Shall I address you as Sir?
If you wish to sit on this chair for some more days...
...that would be required
What have you written in this file?
Educated people can read it
The date you mentioned on this is wrong
There is no mistakes in it
Are you sure there is no mistake in it?
Call Swami
Call Swami
...please check the calculation of the increment date
Its right
How could it be right?
Instead of 09/05/80...it is written as 04/05/80
This is 09/05/80
..and not 04/05/80
Because the order date is right
I hope all your doubts are cleared
Would you order me to leave now?
And what about me? - You can go
Wait...pick up that paper
Ravi Sir...can you read this word to me
...is what I think
Are you coming to have tea?
Where is the desk of the Officer?
What is the name?
My name is Ravi
I was asking the name of the Officer
The name of the Officer is Dakshayaniamma
Are you newly appointed here?
Devi - Yes
What does your father do? - He is a retired Major
Which means I do not have to tell you much about discipline
Here...give it to the Superintendent
Go on
Who is she? - Devi
She is a new joinee
This is Balachandran
He works in the Personnel Department - Pleased to meet you
Come...let me arrange a desk for you
Eliamma Madam...
..please make arrangements for her to sit
Come sit
Mohan..have you started working as the peon too?
You don't miss a single oppurtunity Isn't it Mohan?
Look at this - Wait there Eliamma Madam..
...all this can be done later
Do you know wht do you need first?
You must join the Union
There are two Unions here
The rule of our Union is to...
...get our rights by going on strikes
Service should dominate...
..is the rule of the opposition Union
The youth is with us...
..and so Devi too must join us
I have just joined
And so I am asking you to join at the earliest
You must not fall in any trouble
Not today...but tomorrow
Now Eliamma can do her duty
Hadn't you received my letter? - I did
The decision to come here was made in a haste
It’s been a few days since I wanted to see you
I too wished...
...but I had difficulties in getting a leave
How is your work life? - Not bad
And your friends?
Balan and Bhaskar brother have sent you their regards
I too wish to everyone
May be some other day
Queen! It’s a woman
Women come to me
If she is a woman like Dakshayani...
..she will only go to Mohan
Stop gossiping..and play
Gossiping is a sign of a geek Isn't it, Swami?
I am not from this place
Ask him
Can you answer me?
I talk with my hands
Ravi, did you meet the Father? - I did
When did you come? - I have been waiting for you
I have played
What card have you laid?
There it is
What is this?
A photo of the Father
You and Bhaskar brother are invited for lunch...
..at my place day after tomorrow
What is the occasion?
Can't you come without a reason?
I am not inviting anyone else
I only have my sister at home
It wouldn't be possible for her to cook for everyone
It’s time for the lunch
We thought of coming there... after you have served food
I have served food.. you just have to eat
I have no sister like her
Don't be jealous
All sisters are not necessarily like this
Laxmi sister...
Hello Vinu
This is our neighbour's son
what are you carrying Vinu?
It is a birthday gift for sister...mother has sent it
Come Vinu
Why do you both look stunned?
what is the matter?
We revolt
As we have started eating the lunch...
...we will eat more
You could have told us about the birthday
That isn't a very big deal
Bala...remember one thing... Laxmi is not just your sister...
...but she is our sister too
So your Father was a Major in the army!
In that case I need to be scared of you
You are unmarried too
Do you have plans to get married in the near future?
Should the Union know about that too?
Not at all
But I want to know
I wanted o speak to you in privacy
Would that be possible, if I come to your hostel?
You can talk to me here
It’s a secret - In that case I don't want to know
Don't be so stubborn - I am like this
Women are like this initially
Where is the new joinee?
Aren't you Devi?
Must join..immediately
To the Mathru Committee.. the Women Committee
I am its secretary
My name is Padmanabhan - Lord Padmanabhan!
Many call me by that name
Don't you listen to them
You may fall if you listen to them
The people who do not like to go on strike...
...this is the only committee which fulfills their rights..Mathru Committee
Don't miss the chance
She has already joined
Huh!....Joined? - Yes
Cheated! There is still time...
...to back out
You can think of it again
Shall I leave?
How is your accommodation facility, Devi?
Eliamma and I share the same room
You must tell me..if you need any help
I am there to help her for the time being
I know that
But there is a limit to which you can help
I will let you know...if there is any need
How do you like the new girl?
I will make her fall for me
They have no sense...
...and so the opposition Union call us by name
I must ask......would you stop?
You haven't given me yet - What?
Fees...Monthly membership fees
We majorly have women in our Union
And so you shouldn't default on monthly payment
How many times in a month should I pay?
So you have already paid for this month
I didn't remember Sorry
What nonsense have you written?
Isn't this a draft of the letter to D.O.?
How will I forward this to the Secretary?
It’s because I have no experience
Why do you need experience for such things?
Don't you claim to have graduated in Arts?
You atleast show your capabilities
I was at mistake
How can a sorry help?
Haven't I told you to ask me, if you have any doubts?
You come decked up to work...
...but have nothing in your brains
Go..and type a new draft
Never mind
If you have any doubts...
...show it to me.. before you take it inside
I will help you
Give me the pen
These must be compared
It isn't possible now
Come to me once m done with this work
You want to only help the new comers
What is this Mister?
I heard you have been helping others in this section
I have no papers pending on my table - So?
So..I thought of helping others...rather than sitting idle
Which means you are very kind hearted!
Not because I am kind hearted...
I have heard you saying that...
..we should earn our salaries without doing any work
Mr. Balachandran is on leave today..
..have you taken his place?
Alright...you can go
Thanks for your help, Ravi Sir
Instead I should be thanking you
Devi gave me an oppurtunity to help
Aren't you going for lunch?
Will you buy me lunch?
"Once you go to Quilon you will not need you house"
"Once you go to Cochin, you will forget your wife"
"Once you go to Quilon you will not need you house"
"Once you go to Cochin, you will forget your wife"
"Once you see drinks... you forget everyone else"
"Once you go to Quilon you will not need you house"
"Once you go to Cochin, you will forget your wife"
"To fly on the sky, to live on the earth"
"To fly on the sky, to live on the earth"
"To cry...to laugh...and to be beaten"
"To cry...to laugh...and to be beaten"
"...Alcohol is a good medicine for all"
"...Alcohol is a good medicine for all"
"Once you go to Quilon you will not need you house"
"Once you go to Cochin, you will forget your wife"
"The girl doesn't agree..shows her back, drink, dear Swami"
"The girl doesn't agree..shows her back, drink, dear Swami"
"Get tipsy...get drunk...my dear"
"Once you go to Quilon you will not need you house"
"Once you go to Cochin, you will forget your wife"
"Once you see drinks... you forget everyone else"
Radhika Madam...
...are you busy? - What is the matter?
I want you to type a very small matter
Can it be done after a week?
That isn't enough
I have to give it to the Minister today
Tommorow the Minster will leave....for a tour
Where is it? Let me have a look
I will type it.... but you have to pay me
We can adjust all of that
I missed a chance to coarse the new joinee
But you have to admit one thing...
...she is very beautiful
She walks so gracefully
I cannot type it now
Any of the beautiful girls can type it for you
Who are you? - I have to meet Devi
Where have you come from?
I work with Devi at her office
My name is....Ravi - Sure...I will call her
Why have you been standing here?
I forgot to return your pen
But I haven't forgotten
I very well remember my pen
Why didn't you ask it back?
I could ask you if I had forgotten...
...but what is I had forgotten it deliberately
I thought of returning the pen to you
I know you are not here... just to return the pen
Please do type this
The boyfriend asked his girlfriend...
..when will Devi (Goddess) be pleased with me?
When the devotee completes his penance
The boyfriend corrected...
..he said when the door of the nuptial room closes
You have an unusual smile on your face today
But you have come close to Ravi Sir in no time
That is shocking
What do you think of him, Eliamma?
Will you accept if I say anything negative about him?
Stop joking
I am asking you a serious question
Ravi Sir.. is the best among the young men at our Office
I haven't heard any vices about him
You can trust Ravi Sir
I hope you know.. Ravi Sir has no other relative...
He has told me about it
Then there is nothing else to look for
'Long Live Revolution'
'Long Live Employee Association'
'Long Live D.A. strike'
'Long Live Revolution'
'Long Live Revolution'
I call upon our dear leader, Central Minster...
...K.K. Diwakaran to inaugurate the strike
I congratulate the courageous comrades..
....for the rights of the community of the employees
...who have participated in this strike
When we fight at the battlefield...
...the back stabbers...
We are the back stabbers!
Let us see how they go on a strike
I would like to declare it with....
The authoritative group would...
.....try to suppress the strike that we have begun
Shall I leave? - That is impossible
You can leave once you have lunch with me
I do not want to eat - What else do you want?
Eat it
I have too many things to talk to Devi - Me too
But a perfect place for that
I will come to the temple in the evening, will you?
Why do you look upset? - Nothing
Tommorow is a holiday
Come let’s talk a little Hop on
Why are you shying away? Sit
Is that Balachandran Sir?
I thought of coming here casually
I thought of checking your new accommodation
New? I have been staying here since the last three years, Sir
Isn't Devi here? - Devi has gone to the temple
Nothing special...I just asked for her casually
Shall I leave?
I have made two offerings
That will take a little time
Why two offerings? - For both of us
Have you reached here too?
You do not go to the temple.. what happened today?
I just felt like
Did you see Devi coming to the temple?
Devi left after offering her prayers
Haven't you finished your prayers? - I have
Come lets go then
I had made two offerings
You can leave
I will come once I am finished with it
Then I will wait...we will go together
I will collect the offering tomorrow
Let’s leave for now
Good...you are strange man!
I looked for you everywhere after collecting the offering
Didn't you see me waving at you, when we left?
I thought you will be back after fooling Balan
Never mind Where is the sacrament?
Had Devi been here?
Here?....no she didn't come this way
I want to tell you something
It’s a secret...Bhaskar brother too shouldn't know about it
It’s a secret between us
Let's take Devi to your lodge someday
There wouldn't be anyone there during the day
Bala...I will not get involved in all this
You don't have to get involved
...just be a helper - Enough
I do not want to hear anything else
why are you getting so offended?
Isn't Bhaskar brother home? - He went out
You got offended when I asked you to bring Devi to the lodge
What is the matter?
Devi isn't that kind of girl - Then what kind of a girl is she?
I can make any girl fall for me - But not Devi
What is Devi!
Is she some Goddess?
Oh...go away!
Let's not talk on this
I will clearly tell you one thing...
..I will take Devi to some lodge within two days
...or you can disrespect me
Do not blabber
It’s impossible for you to do that
I can say this
Who is she?
Is she your wife?
Let her anyone...but you will not get her - Me?
Don't challenge me
You know me very well
If she doesn't comply with me...
..I will drag her - What did you say?
Didn't you understand?
I will forcibly make love to her
What is this guys? Leave each other
They are testing my strength
Look I may lose my control too
What is all this?
I will get married to Devi
Hey...you could have told me before...
That’s sad!
There would have been a fight.. if I knew you were in love with her
Common now shake hands
Embrace each other Common
Ravi...from this very moment.. Devi is my younger sister
I will initiate the wedding between the both of you
I didn't know that you were in love with Ravi
Please forgive...
...if I have said anything to make you uncomfortable
You can think you have found a loving brother
You can go
People say that the Devi (Goddess) here is very powerful
So all my wishes would come true...
...if I catch hold of this Devi right?
Have you decided to hold this Devi tightly?
Not me...but that Devi (Goddess)
I need only this Devi
My Devi's eyes are so powerful
This smile entices me
Won't you smile?
Smile please
"Oh Goddess like"
"Oh Godess like.....on this earth"
"Come into my life...and be the rhythm of my life"
"Be the beat of my life"
"Oh Godess like.....on this earth"
"All the beauties of this world"
"..have filled into my Goddess"
"All the beauties of this world"
"..have filled into my Goddess"
"Its a musical stream"
"Its a musical stream"
"I melted in it"
"Oh Goddess like.....on this earth"
"The sun and the moon have wished to sleep near your feet"
"The sun and the moon have wished to sleep near your feet"
"The saffron colored evenings, befriend you in the morning"
"Oh Goddess like.....on this earth"
"Come into my life...and be the rhythm of my life"
"Be the beat of my life"
Can I kiss on this feet adorned with an anklet?
You are forgetting we are outside
I forget everything.. when my Devi is next to me
Look...they are a good looking couple
We too were a good looking couple earlier
Madam Typist...you have misunderstood me
I just said that Devi Madam is beautiful
Did I say I love her?
I only love her - Don't
I know you very well
You speak to each person as per your convenience
That’s absolutely wrong
You have no idea, what is in my heart
What is in your heart?
This beauty
Will you listen to me... if I say something?
I will listen to anything you say
Go on
You praised Devi...but could you get her to join our Union?
How can I do that... if she isn't willing to?
She throws too much attitude
We have to teach her a lesson
But only men can do that
Who am I? Am I not a man?
You can only say - No I will prove it to you
Is that enough?
Ravi and Devi are in love
What about us?
Hey....aren't you responsible for the posters?
Bala...that is all Union politics
Spoiling a girl’s life...isn't Union politics
You will be beaten
Bala I am political worker...
..I never get beaten...
....but I get people beaten
Brother...I will go to Vinu's place
Will Bhaskar brother be leaving now? - No
I think they should get married soon
They have got enough publicity
Look...I have just one thing to say...
...if you make tongues wag...
...the girls image would be tarnished
You have no other responsibilities
Its better you start thinking of a family life
Devi too has spoken about marriage to me
How will I talk to her father about it?
Don't you worry about it...
We are here
We must meet her father tomorrow
What do you say Bhaskar brother?
I am giving you a wedding gift in advance
What is this?
This is going to be the most suitable attire for you
You must wear this to our nuptial night
What happened, Bhaskar brother?
Haven't you spoken about everything?
Why is everyone so quiet?
Why aren't you speaking anything?
Will say
We something to speak to your Uncle
What?...Did you call me Uncle?
Who are you? - We will tell you that..but first have a seat
We work with Devi at her Office
My name is Balachandran... he is Mr. Bhaskar, Office Superintendent
But outside he like a brother to all of us
It’s a very serious matter
Not too serious....it’s about Devi's marriage - Devi's marriage?
A man who works with Devi at our Office...
..his name is Ravi
Ravi and Devi are in love
Everyone in the office knows about it...
Isn't it better to get them married in such a situation?
I very well know...who should get married to my daughter
Ravi is a good boy
So what?
Ravi has no relatives.. he is all alone
so there arises no question of a threats from his in-laws
I cannot get my daughter married to an orphan
Balan meant to say... - Shut up
Major Shekhar..decides who will get married to his daughter
Do you understand what I mean... I do not need advices
Uncle...don't you get offended
I can understand if young men get offended
Please listen to me calmly
As Ravi and Devi are emotionally attached to each other...
...isn't it a father's duty to get them married at the earliest?
This wedding cannot take place until I am alive
Are you sure?
Major Shekhar has never made changes to his decisions
Can't you change this decision for the sake of your daughter's future?
Let’s take a sensible decision
I do not ask you to get out...
...as you have come from my daughter's workplace
Are you trying to say that this marriage cannot happen? - Yes
It is impossible
Her marriage was decided earlier
Major Shekhar..you must understand one thing...
Ravi will get married...
..but that will not be decided by you - We will see
Ravi...you should be strong enough to handle any problems
There is no point in being worried
Ravi...I will find a solution for this
Do you have the courage to get married to her at the court?
The people present here would support you
I have the courage, Bala
Devi left
Last night her father took her away
Do you know the reason for such a sudden action?
I do not know
Come here
Is Mr. Shekhar inside? - He left this house
Where have they gone? - I do not know
There is no pint in being depressed and not going to work
Firstly, write to her...
...let’s see what she replies
I am leaving for work
Ravi Sir
I have heard all your stories
This is the best medicine to forget all your sorrows
Don't you know that I do not drink? - I do
But try having a little
Did you drink?
Who served him drinks? - I do not know, Sir
Did anyone else come here? - No one was here
Get out
Bhaskar brother...he is the culprit
Lift your shirt
Give me the bottle
Scoundrel!...you should never ever repeat this
..or I will not let you inside this gate
Don't blame him
I can go drink on my own
What is it Mohan?
Did you hear about Ravi?
What happened to him? - e drinks twenty four hours
Very sad!....he was a very good man
Mohan you should befriend such people
Oh! I will not befriend such people
Aren't you a very good boy? Aren't you?
Why don't you come to my house?
Don't you like it?
What will you give me... if I come to your place?
What do you want?
Shall I tell you? - Yes
Any news of Devi? I send her two letters
No reply for any
Has she written to Ravi Sir?
She hasn't replied to Ravi's letters too
Devi has applied for a leave extension
I have no idea how would things go further
Ravi Sir's condition...
Brother....I cannot see you in this state
We cannot leave Ravi in this such a situation
Only we can help him
How can we save him?
He doesn't obey anyone
Devi could have replied to his letters
she must have got married to her cousin brother...
...like Ravi said
Shall we get him married forcibly to someone else?
Do you think he will agree to get married to someone...
...when he is living thinking of Devi?
Is it you?
All of you are drinking peacefully..
..by running my life
Ravi, please sit - Why should I?
You are responsible for me not getting Devi
Didn't you have plans to bring her to this lodge?
You took a revenge with me.. for your unsuccessful plans
Hey - Bala
You will understand nothing now
Bhaskar brother
I need some money
For what?
Do you want to spend that drinking?
Brother.....why are you punishing me just for the reason that I loved you?
Dou you want to spoil your life...just for the sake of a girl?
Devi wasn't just another girl to me, Bhaskar brother
You said that she could be married
Then why do you want to wait for her?
He was everything to me
I cannot forget her
"Memories...shadows of the past are still in my heart"
"The stories written are hard to be erased or forgotten"
"Memories...shadows of the past are still in my heart"
"The stories written are hard to be erased or forgotten"
"Memories...shadows of the past"
"The breeze touches your cheeks"
"My eyes too are looking for some hands to hold"
"Memories...shadows of the past are still in my heart"
"The stories written are hard to be erased or forgotten"
"Memories...shadows of the past"
"The night lamps in it"
"Your beautiful feet...and your smile I remember"
"How could I forget them?, Lady!"
"Goddess....Memories... shadows of the past"
"The stories written are hard to be erased or forgotten"
"Memories...shadows of the past"
We have to somehow find him
We cannot let him loose
Close to the Transport Carriage...
...he sits in the company of goons and consumes local liquor
How do you know he must be there?
He must be there
In that case we mustn't be too late
Let’s go there
How did you guy come here?
Come Bala...you can drink a little too
I am not here to drink... but take you
Oh...so you are my new guardian!
Are you worthy enough to be that?
We will not let you spoil your life
You don't have to be bothered
Ravi..I will take you
Bhaskar brother
He will again go out...if we take him to the lodge
Without a doubt
I will take him to my house
Laxmi can take care of his treatment
Laxmi will be bothered for no reason, Bala
Why will she be bothered?
He will be alright if he stays under my control for a few days
His hand is a little injured
He must take rest for a few days
He hasn't eaten anything till now
You must make him drink the milk
He is sound asleep
Do not wake him
I will give it to him later
How did all this happen?
Nothing...just a small accident
You must get me something cold to drink
I have brought you coffee
It may get cold Drink
I do not want coffee
What is it?...Didn't he drink coffee?
He refused
Ravi...wake up.. and have a little coffee
Why did you say no to coffee?
Is it to boycott against forcibly bringing you here?
You haven't understood me in so many years
I know all your worries
But I will not let you spoil your life for the same
You must stay here for a few days
I am adamant
What is it, brother?
You must give timely medicine to him
I will come home early
Here is your medicine...have it
I will eat my medicines... I do not need anyone’s help
Laxmi Sister
What is it Vinu?
Has the man who had come yesterday left?
Who is that? - the one who had a broken hand
He is sleeping inside
How did his hands get injured, sister?
He injured it...while playing cricket
You must be lieing
Then you can go and ask him
Have you been injured while playing cricket?
Who said that? - Laxmi sister
You must not touch that
Brother...hadn't I told you that he will not eat?
He gets annoyed on seeing me
He is annoyed with me
He will be fine after a few days
It’s nothing...go to sleep
Its Kozhikode...there must be many Dakshayani there too
You must try
To be honest...I had actually fallen in love with Dakshayani
I hadn't expected a transfer so quick
What can be done? This is my fate
I could say goodbye to that poor Ravi Sir
Do give him my regards
Swami you shouldn't delay
I will go - Alright
Hope you haven't forgotten your tobacco box!
It’s there
There is a wedding alliance for you
it is from a very good family
Family background are not a big deal these days
The boy must take care of the girl
Everyone wouldn't think in the same way
Sunday everyone is going to come to see you...
You must look very presentable
I am not looking for wealth...
...but the family background must be good
People need money earned from foreign land and not aristocracy
The boy had the coffee...
..which means he liked the girl
I have asked you not to run
Who was that?
My friend, Ravi
We have been working together
He stays with us since a few days
Bala...I was thinking...
...my hand has recovered..
..I will resume work from tomorrow
In that case...I think I will start staying at the lodge again
Not only that....Laxmi is going to be married soon
You have stayed here for this long...
....you can go after the marriage
Your presence will help me a lot
Catch up with some sleep
Ravi..get dressed quickly We must go to the Press on our way
We will go to work...after making arrangements for invitation card
Is Balan home?
What is the matter, Bhaskar brother?
You must not get worried
What is the matter?
Laxmi's wedding....
...will not take place - What do you mean?
Reason? - That...
WE agreed to give whatever they asked for
The boy had liked Laxmi too
What is the problem?
Problem isn't all of this - What else?
How will I tell... - Please tell me
They have a doubt
They think Laxmi and Ravi are in a relationship
And so they refused for the wedding
Didn't Ravi wanted a big fat wedding for me?
And now...if he knows he the reason for the wedding to be cancelled...
..how would he be able to tolerate that?
For something which isn't true
You should get worried thinking about anything
It’s time for you to go to work
Ravi will be here to have breakfast
You must cheer up
No...I won't be going to work today
It’s easy to doubt anyone
You very well know the relationship between me and Ravi
If they reject me on the doubt that I have a relationship...
..then let them go to hell
I don't want to get married
I hope I am not burden to my brother
You must not Ravi know the reason for the marriage to be canceled
I have heard everything
Don't stop me from leaving
I must leave this house... for the sake of your sister
I have just one request
Atleast you know the truth
Are you trying to escape?
Then you must have done that earlier
This family shouldn't suffer because of me
And so...I have to leave
Do you believe that... if you leave this house..
...I would have chances to get married?
Can't you accept me?
I will get married to your sister...
...on the auspicious date that you decided
Do you agree?
What are you thinking?
I love your nose
Don't you like anything else?
Balan...why have you come alone? Where is Ravi?
I sent them on an honeymoon
They will come back after a couple of days
You have completely changed after the wedding
She was adamant that I must dress like this
Come dear...let’s go
Where did you learn this?
I had to learn dear
A man has to learn to live without a woman too
Where were you all these days?
What is up with you?
I will tell that to you later Is Ravi fine?
Why don't you say anything?
Isn't he here? Has he been transferred?
No...something that shouldn't have happened..has happened
You shouldn't worry
Ravi got married
What are you saying?
Ravi is married to Balan's sister
The man who was shattered, after knowing that he has lost you....
...this relationship helped him to gather himself again
What will I do now, Bhaskar brother?
You made a big mistake by not even replying back to Ravi's letters
Don't you say that
Why don't you agree to the alliance I brought for you?
How could you fix the wedding, without consulting me?
Have I decided all the things in your life...
..by consulting you?
But marriage is a more serious issue Daddy
Do you want to argue?
Is it wrong to get married to a man I got emotionally attached to?
My Ravi...is a man with a heart
You know nothing about Ravi
Why shall I enquire about a man who is an orphan?
I know Ravi... and he knows me
What did you say? - Yes Daddy...
..I cannot forget Ravi till my last breath
And what about the alliance I brought for you?
Forgive me...but that will not work out
I wrote thousand letters to him instead of one
My father didn't let me post any of it
Till he died... - Don't cry
Ravi got married in a very helpless situation
You must not interfere in their life
If you do...Balan's sisters life would be at stake
I know that...I must not be the reason for their life to get ruined
In that case...it’s better that get transferred to your hometown
Don't I have any right...
...to atleast spend my life looking at the man I loved?
In that case...you must not talk to Ravi..
...or start afresh ...when you meet him
No...I will not talk
Can I believe you? - Yes...I make a promise
Do you want what plans we have for the evening?
I will only know when you tell me
I will be early from work today
You must be ready - Ravi
Aren't you ready yet? - I will be there in a moment
Don't have doubts that Devi will create a problem
She promised me that they will not interact or talk to each other
That must be right, but what if he talks to her?
We know about their relationship, right?
Anyways, let's see how Ravi behaves hereafter
But you must do one thing...
...you must ignore things for now
I am ready
Don't complain that I wasn't ready
What are you thinking?
Aren't we going for a movie?
Laxmi...I am in no mood for a movie
I have a severe headache
What happened?
Are you feverish?
You have no fever
Shall I bring you medicine for headache? - No..it will go on its own
I shouldn’t have got decked up!
Has the headache gone?
Shall I get you something to drink? - No
You must not sleep empty stomach
You should switch off the light and go to sleep
If this continues...
..I will the most unhappy man
There is no peace in my family because of you
But I have done nothing wrong
You staying back....is your biggest mistake
Tell me...what shall I do now?
For God sakes...you must ask for a transfer...
..and go back to your hometown
If you stay back...
...you may end up spoiling my sisters life
Where is Ravi?
He stopped on the way
Why were you late?
Did you drink? - Who are you to ask?
Yes I am drunk
Come...the food is served - Bring it here
Why can't you come there and eat? - In that case , I don't want it
You have changed a lot... I have been noticing it since a few days
Why don't you tell me..what is the reason!
Why should I tell you? - You must tell me...I want to know
Will you be walking with a long face all your life?
I will do things as I please
That is not going to help
Go do your work - I don't want to
Mr. Ravi....Devi is inside
She says she is least interested in meeting you
Excuse me!
Now that Devi isn't interested in meeting you...
...you must not come to meet her again
Today, I will not let you escape
For God sakes, leave me - No
I have to speak to you openly
Else we both will not this place alive
You cannot shatter my heart anymore
I will live here...
...just thinking about my Ravi
What happened is past!
We cannot unite anymore
I have a request....
...you must get married to someone else
Ravi...you can ask anything else to me...
..but marriage...
...is something I will never comply to in this birth
For my sake - Don't say anything...
...I will never be an obstacle in your life - Devi
Only you have a place in my heart
My wife is very innocent... I love her too
But...you still reside in some corner of my heart
I cannot forget you in this life, Ravi
Do you believe that I can forget you?
No one can forget anyone - Laxmi
I now understand everything - I...
I beg to you...
...that you must not take away my husband from me
Laxmi, Devi is only... - I know...
...isn't she your lover? - I was...
...but not anymore
Don't you misunderstand me
Would you have tolerated this.. if you were in my shoes?
Laxmi....I never wished to come into your life
Devi wasn't ready to talk to me
I had... - Why are you hiding things from me?
I must be a burden for you
Why did you get married to me...
..if you couldn't separate from your lover?
You have... - Don't you advice me
You must not forget that.. you too are a woman
Laxmi...you must not utter another word
You are right... I am a burden now
Both of you can live peacefully
I will not bother you - Laxmi listen to me
I do not want to hear anything
"You play the Veena sitting on the Lotus flower"
"Oh Goddess of Moogambika, have mercy"
"You play the Veena sitting on the Lotus flower"
"Oh Goddess of Moogambika, have mercy"
"My poor heart yearns to be at your feet"
"My poor heart yearns to be at your feet"
"Fill the world with mercy"
"You play the Veena sitting on the Lotus flower"
"Oh Goddess of Moogambika, have mercy"
"A flower filled path.. also has horns which hurt"
"A flower filled path.. also has horns which hurt"
"Your heart must melt seeing my plight...have mercy"
"You play the Veena sitting on the Lotus flower"
"Oh Goddess of Moogambika, have mercy"
What have you decided?
I have to know that right away
I too do not know...what should I decide?
You have to decide
I cannot see my sister in pain anymore
There is no one to understand my pains
If you do not ask for transfer from this place...
...I would have to think of something
I have to talk to you
I was being very patient all these days
It’s impossible to continue like this
My sister is more important to me for now
What did I do to your sister? - Do I have to tell you that?
You should interfere between a husband and a wife
You cannot behave absurdly anymore
Are you threatening me? - If that is required
You will do nothing - Mind your tongue
Else...what will you do? - Brother
You must not interfere in matters...
...between me and my husband
What is it, Bhaskar brother?
I have hurt you unknowingly
Please forgive me
Don't you say that
You will always be my everything