Me Grimlock Vlogging About TV, Episode 19: "Huh?Ball" (11/15/2011)

Uploaded by TVCriticGrimlock on 15.11.2011

It time for me Grimlock to list burning questions about some of our current favorite or not-so-favorite
TV shows in new segment here on Me Grimlock Vlogging About TV. Time to play Huh?Ball!
Why Hershel on Walking Dead keeping zombies stored inside his barn?
Why Hershel and every other character on Walking Dead acting so stupid lately? Right now, Hillbilly
Daryl looking like MENSA member compared to everyone else on Walking Dead.
Why Good Wife spending so much time on Grace Florick's weird-ass tutor and her viral videos?
Why Alicia Florick's apartment so easy for Peter's mother to snoop around in after Alicia
explicitly wanted Peter's mother to stay away from her and her kids? Who installed security
system at Alicia's apartment? Same guys who installed security system at CTU Headquarters?
On Homeland, Brody confessed to not being turncoat, but he still not completely off
hook. Did he slip razor blade to terrorist who tortured him?
Who stuck Homeland with such crappy opening titles?
Who inside that rubber suit on American Horror Story?
And if Rubber Man actually baby daddy instead of Dr. Harmon, do that mean Vivien's baby
gonna ooze out of her vagina in rubber suit? Because giving birth to rubber-suited baby
would hurt like motherfucker!
That it for Huh?Ball!
Me Grimlock ending vlog!