Huwad na Pangarap (CPP-NPA purges movie) 1/7

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Devil's Promise
The following presentation is based on actual events of Aries Borromeo's life.
>> Narrator: This is Aries Borromeo, son of the toiling masses.
He faithfully clings on high hopes promising equality,
years of plenty,
and social reform.
>> Passenger: My fare... [ pulls something ]
>> Narrator: But the beautiful promise turns out to be
a deadly nightmare from hell.
>> Aries: Dad... Mom...
>> Gramps: Over here!
>> Aries: Oh, what happened to Mom?
[ Aries to daughter ] Pay your respects to Gramps and Granny.
>> Gramps: Bless you. Bless you too.
>> Grandma: God bless you... [ silently ]
>> Gramps: Ma's very ill again. Just can't get enough of it.
>> Aries: Have you consulted the doctor?
>> Gramps: We don't have money.
I'm thinking of selling our carabao just now to meet your mom's treatment.
>> Grandma: Son... Don't worry... God has mercy...
I'll be well soon...
>> Aries: Here.
I have some bills.
Buy her some medicine.
>> Gramps: In this age, what could these possibly buy?
>> Girl: Grandma, you'll be all right.
You know why?
>> Grandma: No, my darling...
>> Girl: Because starting today, I'll be the one to look after you.
Want hear me sing?
[ Singing ] I had a balloon
ascending into the clouds
I never saw it again
it burst yonder.
What a waste of dime,
gone spent for a balloon.
If expended for snacks instead,
I would have been full.
[ Grandma chuckles ]
>> Gramps: Where's Bing, your wife?
Have she returned?
>> Aries: Not yet,
for seven months.
>> Gramps: Where?
>> Aries: I heard one saw her in Bicol...
>> Gramps: Why? Did she run with another ma...
Did you have sort of a fight?
>> Aries: No, nothing like that.
Nuisances just like the old days.
Difficulty in earning a living,
ridiculing me 'coz she finished studies while I'm not.
>> Gramps: What's she doing in Bicol?
>> Aries: She seems to join the NPA.
>> Gramps: NPA!
>> Girl: Grandpa, what's NPA?
>> Aries: Shhh! It's not nice to meddle in grown-ups' affairs.
>> Girl: Just asking...
>> Aries: Shhh!
>> Bro: Big brother, you're here.
>> Aries: Ummm...
>> Bro: Dad, your hand please.
>> Aries [ to daughter ]: Eat...
>> Gramps: Bless you.
>> Bro: Where's Mom?
>> Gramps: She's inside, very sick.
>> Bro: Again?
I'm going to check her.
>> Gramps: Your brother!
Another pitiful lot.
Up to now still jobless.
You see that brute, he's nothing but bag of air.
Another sickly.
>> Aries: Eh, why have you called on us?
>> Gramps: Because son, the farmers here organized a guild.
>> Aries: Ummm...
>> Gramps: I'm a member.
There's someone who'll speak tonight.
I want you to be there too and listen.
Maybe we could pick something useful, who knows?
>> Speaker: A burning red salute to all of you, comrades!
>> Crowd: Good evening too.
>> Speaker: Our objectives for tonight's meeting
are to discuss our wretched condition;
and to examine the long history of our
bondage to drudgery;
and to discover the revolutionary solution
that will free us, the working class!
And you toiling masses
who made 99% of our society
repressed without mercy
by bureaucratic capitalists,
and greedy landlords.
We, farmers, even right before dawn
are already sunked into the mud
and plowing the field,
and harvesting.
But after harvest,
aren't fodder and a long list of debt
left to us?
Do you agree?
Isn't this our sorry plight?
>> Crowd: Correct!
>> Some men: Affirmative!
>> A man: Yes sir!
>> Speaker: And we plunge deeper into the abyss
of poverty!
We are left to ponder upon how to feed our families
thrice a day.
And if one fell sick, we neither have money to buy medicine
nor send them to the doctor.
We can't afford sending our children to school.
Are you satisfied with all of these?
>> Crowd: No! Of course not!
>> Speaker: Like us, our children will grow old
And they'll die too as drudges of destitution.
Do you want all of these?
To your children?
>> Crowd: Never!
>> Speaker: Ironically, those landlords
who neither shed a drop of sweat
nor soiled their hands
are the ones who feast on
the fruits of our labor.
Am I correct?
>> Crowd: Yes! Yes! You're right!
>> Speaker: And they scheme to deceive us even more
for us to be kept thin, dumb, and happy
with our unfortunate lives.
They assured us to be lucky enough.
They duped us that
the meek shall inherit
the kingdom of heaven after we die.
Tha't all wrong!
Because the roots of poverty
are the three evils of Philippine society.
Bureaucratic capitalism!
That's the truth!
Pardon me, sir, what's feudalism?
Feudalism, comrade, is the condition where vast
hectares of farms and plantations
are possessed only by the elite, few landlords.
And are you even aware that
85% of indigent Filipino farmers
don't own the land they till?
And they're just tenants?
Would you please enlighten us about the meaning of imperialism?
American imperialism, my friend,
is the pillar of semi-feudal society.
It inculcates the colonial mentality
that we Filipinos are mere producers
and exporters of cheap raw materials.
These foreigners force us to import
and we became the dumping site
of excessively costly processed goods or surplusses.
And they're stonewalling our industrialization
that's why we lost our chances for much better jobs.
Bureaucratic capitalism.
These are greedy landlords and
business tycoons of lavish wealth
who connive with
corrupt politicians
who in turn run our bloody government!
>> Gramps: Is the brew taste alright?
>> Speaker: Coffee's never been this good.
>> Gramps: I'm flattered.
>> Speaker: Please accept my gratitude
that you considered us to hold
this educational discussion tonight.
May I share this to you folks,
that our rotten government
will never enact laws
that will save us from poverty
or liberate us from our servitude.
Because our government
is made up of the ruling class - oligarchs