[110913] 2011 Idol Star Athletics Championship -- Chuseok Special eng sub part 2

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i really want to see girls idols
Dalmatian Yongwon
Kim Kyung Jin
Trax Jungmo
Mighty Mouth Samchu
Infinite L >3
ze:a kwanghee
B1A4 Baro
Brao the last one
now will start 100 M
Man 100 M MC Boom
Trax Jungmo
Kim Kyung Jin why are you here?
me to win
who you wanna win'?
right now i´m one of the worst because of my age
today i will give my all
Hwanhee nice o see u
ne nice to see u to
what are u thinking now?
nothing special i will do my best
next one Infinite L
I know i´m not the best but i will try
many peope want to win you what do you think?
i will make people laugh
b1a4 Baro
I will be 1st
i have a good feling about Samchu
they started
8 lane Baro is 1st
2nd Samchu 3th Trax Jungmo
i will show you a better me
Boyfriend Minwoo
David OH
Infinite Woohyun >3 (my love kekek)
Mblaq Lee Joon
Shinee Minho
SuJu Shindong
Teen top Niel
B1a4 Jin Young
are u nervous
ne i´m shaking
i´ve heard that you wife is here
where is she
aigo our Kwan is here nice to see u
shinee minho
yes first i´m not confident on 100 M
but i will do my best till the end
tell me the truth are you afraid of someone from here ?
yes i am
do you have a rival?
ok i get it thank you
what? becuse the of the sun the interview has to se short
I´m not doing it
why are you wering sunglasses
I don't know what to wait for
first Lee Joon and Minho
3th lane started well
woohyun infinite
5 line Shinee Minho
1st Minho 2nd Infinite Woohyun,3th Niel Mblaq Lee Joon
Teen top Chinji
B1a4 Gon chan
Infinite Hoya >3
ze:A Dongjun
Shinee onew
Mblaq Mir
Suju Sungmin
you won 100M gold medal
you have to be 1st today
thats why today i will do the same
our Onew record is the lowest at the 1st ICS
Dis you practiced for today?
yes i did and also strached my body a lot
who is ur rival?
my rival could me shinee Minho?
oh really?
what about in this match
I think i need to compete with myself
ok your rival is actually next to you
mblaq Mir nice to see u
you were ranked the lowest last time
so viwers it´ll be fun to watch those two
please pay atention to our shinee Onew and Mir will have good records this time
wa they are fast
i hope he is ok
as we expected Dongjun won
2nd Hoya 3th Chunji
wow i finaly broked my record into 15 sec
shinee Key
8eight Lee Hyun
mblaq G.O
ze:a Joon Young
Tenn top C.A.P
as we expected hes doing well 8eight
1st Lee Hyun 2nd C.A.P 3th X-cross
100M woman will start now