How to train your dog to crawl!

Uploaded by wwerdnaa on 23.07.2011

How to train your dog to crawl
The first step is to get your dogs attention
Notice how he's looking at me intently
the next step
is to have some tasty treats to motivate your dog
have the treats in small bite size pieces and be prepared to give them to
as you train him
the next step is to get your dog to go down
let's try that again treat and down
now you are going to slowly back-up
and with the treat encourage your dog to crawl forward
try again, treat and crawl
and down
step backwards
offer him a treat and encourage him to crawl forward
after a few times
your dog will definitely get the hang of it
as you do each iteration just back up a couple more steps and your dog will crawl
farther and farther
pretty soon your dog will be an expert and will not want to do nothing but crawl
and crawl
and crawl...
always be sure to motivate him with a treat
and reward him if he does a very good job
pretty soon you'll find that both you and your dog enjoy training
lets try the crawl again