How To Record An Excel Macro - Video Tutorial

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this is Adrian from SpreadSheet Superstar. Today we're going to look at
how to record your first Excel macro
This is appropriate if you're just getting into excel macros and it's also pretty
appropriate if you're just interested in excel macros and you've been doing it
for a while
we're going to halley's active record them how to play them back what they do
so let's just jump right into excel and I'll show you exactly how to record your
first macro
before i get into how to record a macro i want to go over what exactly is a macro
a macro allows you to record actions that you do and Excel them play them back
the advantage to you is that you can record something you do over and over
again and then you can have Excel macros do it for you
so they got some complicated formatting actions you need to perform macros of
the perfect tool for that
now let's actually run a macro
so though in here and i'll do
view macros now this is excel two thousand seven if you have an earlier
version of excel it might be in the menu bars or something but you will see an
icon like this and then you'll see view macros and then when you click on it
you'll see a macro box just like this
and what we do is we select the macro we want pretty easy right now because
there's just the one it's called highlights l underscored ml
and click on run
and what we see is is highlighted the selling yellow is put a red border
around it and it said looked here inside the cell
and this is like i said is is fairly common of what i do in SpreadSheet
SuperStar when i want to highlight is selling at your attention on it unholy
highlighted in yellow and put that red border around it
it's one of those things is really just annoying to do this you got to go in
there and format it duelist i was very nit picky stuff
meshes show you how to do that when we record the macro that's the general idea
that you can
record these complex formatting things
and then play them back at will
so let's take a look at how we actually record a macro
now we're going to see how to record amak ro
reporting backers is actually super easy
we just go back we were here into our macro section
and like i said if you're not in excel two thousand seven or two thousand ten
this may be in a menu box or something like that
but you're going to see the same icons
and then we're just going to go here into record macro
angelos below recording a macro is use relative references
relative references is how excel keeps track of the cells
so a little bit more advanced topic than i can go into in a five minute video i
do have a couple other videos that deal with relative references
so for the purposes of this video
and it's going to show you how to format one cell and not move around at all
so now we might go into record macro
and we get this macro box and this is going to be standard among all versions
of excel after ninety five and its their very standard box
here we have a mac for a name
macro name is starts out as macro eight or however many macros you've written in
that session
and you do you want to change that you don't want to leave it macro eight and
the reason is that once you've written a ton of these things are going to have
macro one for macro five hundred
you're not going no what any these things do
you want to give it the story what i call a story name so tells a story of
what it's going to do an artful call it highlight
single cell
and that's pretty much the story it's going to highlight the single cells that
turn it yellow and make a little a nice little border around it
there is also a shortcut key witness sign it
i'm not going to go into that in this video again is too short of a videotape
go into that but i do you have bother videos that go into how does sign
shortcut keys
and finally store macro and we're not gonna mess with that we're just going to
do this workbook
that as the default and that's the easiest way of
handling that
so if it's not ok
and it now we are in the recording macro mode
and it's going to record everything that we do on the screen
so it's going here and we're going to do format cells
and what we're going to go to fill it yellow
and then we'll put a red border around it we want to fit border and we want to
and we want to be the outline so there you go
so now we put our border around it and
we could we could put text in there but let's not do that
now the most important thing is to stop recording to keep recording it will keep
recording everything that you're doing so switching worksheet still doing all
the stuff so let's stop recording
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