Life In a Day with OmniStrife! [FIXED SUBS]

Uploaded by OmniStrife on 19.07.2010

Good morning to you, too.
I'll give you in a second.
Guard the house!
Good. Bye.
- Wash me, asshole! -
After I somehow attached the cam to the Dashboard,
Masking tape!
We'll head out and you'll finally understand why you're wasting your precious time with this clip.
I'll keep it simple; my name is Alex and I'm from Israel and recently I was contacted by Google
Actually YouTube, as it's under Google now, about a big project on their site, on YouTube.
There's a plan to make a documentary, a real one. With a budget, a famous director, [Kevin Macdonald]
the whole documentary will be filmed by the YouTubers themselves.
Meaning, vloggers, funny people, boring people, everyone will be able to film themselves,
and in the end they might appear in this documentary movie.
The directions were as follows: Film a day. Whether you are going to work,
whether you are, I dunno, getting married today, fly abroad, it doesn't matter.
Just film your daily routine. And that's it, that's what I'm doing now
I got up like on any day, and on my way to work.
I work in a computer / software training company, a rather big one.
This car consumes it like it's water! LIKE WATER!
Just don't tell Al Gore, okay?
I said "If the car will be shown on You Tube, I might as well wash it..."
And so we wait to enter the oblivion...
- Do not break I rise by myself! -
Okay, I trust you.
Okay, got back from work, will continue drawing my series for a bit,
and watch some World Cup...
VUVUZELA!! What joy!
in the evening there's a party of a friend, we'll go out, film a bit, it'll be fun.
Alex: Elad, tell us where are we going today?
Elad: We're going to a party of someone who just finished his military service, he's a snitch. [M.P. lol]
Alex: yes.
A: Elad, I have some embarrassing pics of you asleep in a car with your head up...
E: ?!
A: After you had a couple of drinks...
A: Don't flip the cam! you can't flip the monitor at home! Idiot!
E: What do you want?
E: "Holon - Motors"...
A: Elad advertisements are forbidden!
E: I'll film religious people... This is a Synagogue...
A: Turn the music off. This is Lior, He has a camera that's worth 2 kidneys on the black market...
Lior: ....
A: Well, now we're stuck in traffic in Tel-Aviv, notice the average traffic velocity in Tel-Aviv.
We're rolling at 0 mph...
L: Let me, you don't know how to show the real speed of Tel - Aviv.
WOW! Wow It's insane!! everything is flying!
There, now we stop for a bit...
A: Okay it looks like we're stuck for a while...
A: Lior! worship Messi, Lior! Humiliate yourself before Messi!
That's it, the day is over, it was fun. But it's time to sleep.
I'm dying for some sleep.
I'm after a shower, There's proof - different underwear.
They're with flowers...
That's it, I'm exhausted, this was nice. Hoping for no headache tomorrow.
And like almost every day, my day ends where it starts...
And with Pold, [short for Leopold] He's rather old, he's 15.
he was born in 1995. And he is blind.
He got blind a year and a half ago, it was very sad for us at first.
We thought that maybe it was time to put him down, Because he was old, rather ill and now blind.
But after I went online and asked a few vets, they told me he'd be like new after a week or two.
Cats adapt very well to blindness with the help of their remaining sharp senses.
They listen, still jump on furniture, recognize people and it is the truth, after a week he was like new!
Sometimes he hits a wall when he's running or too excited though, but he's perfectly healthy.