Diablo III Auction House - Real money and Gold-based AH (D3)

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Hello, and thank you for watching!
In this video we will show you how to use the Diablo III auction house.
Are you looking for a legendary axe to help you bring down
the never-ending legions of the Burning Hells?
Perhaps you've outgrown that enchanted helmet you picked up on the
field of battle and are looking to trade it in for a little extra gold.
Then, adventurer, the Diablo III auction house is just for you.
Diablo III's auction house provides a safe, fun,
and easy-to-use way to buy and sell loot to other players.
The auction house can only be accessed from the character screen in game.
When playing one of your characters, you will have to leave the game
and then click the corresponding button to access it.
Diablo III offers two types of auction house.
One of them allows you to buy and sell items for in-game gold.
The other lets you use real-world currency to trade equipment
and stackable items like gems or gold.
Be aware that the real-money auction house
is not available to players in all regions.
As hardcore characters are not able to share items with normal characters,
Diablo III features a version of the gold auction house
exclusively for hardcore characters.
Due to the implications of permanent death, hardcore characters
do not have access to the real-money auction house.
Let's take a closer look at the auction houses and their availability:
There are multiple Diablo III auction houses
which are completely independent of each other.
They are separated by game region, transaction method, and currency.
The three game regions for Diablo III are the Americas, Europe, and Asia.
As your items cannot be shared between characters created in different regions,
the auction houses available to you are mainly determined
by the region in which you are currently playing.
You will always have access to your region's gold-based auction house.
However, players in certain countries will not have access to any
real-money auction houses due to specific laws and regulations.
In countries where more than one currency is supported,
players are able to choose between different real-money
auction houses by switching their preferred currency.
An item listed for sale can only be viewed and purchased
by players using the same auction house as the seller.
In the Real-Money Auction House,
purchases can be paid for via your Battle.net Balance
or other associated payment methods, such as credit card or PayPal.
You can only sell items on the Diablo III Real Money Auction House
if at least one of the two existing options
for receiving proceeds is available to you.
The first option is your Battle.net Balance.
This is available in all regions, but it can only be used to receive proceeds
if an authenticator is attached to your Battle.net account.
The second option is a PayPal account,
which must first be linked to your Battle.net account.
This option is only available to players in certain regions.
Linking a PayPal account requires setting up
our Battle.net SMS Protect free service.
This security feature must remain activated if you intend to use
PayPal as a payment method for the auction house.
The reason is that verification codes will be sent to your mobile phone
for auction house transactions to or from a PayPal account.
More information about syncing PayPal with Battle.net
can be found in our FAQ.
A formidable new piece of chest armor recently dropped for our Wizard,
and we would like to sell the old one since she won't need it anymore.
Because we'd like to add a little extra to our Battle.net Balance,
we decide to put the item on the real-money auction house.
We leave the game and open the auction house from the character screen.
In the "Sell" section, we select our Wizard to view her inventory.
After left-clicking on our old cuirass we enter a Starting Price
for the auction, keeping in mind the transaction fee that will be
automatically deducted from the selling price if the item is sold.
We would also like to give potential buyers the opportunity to purchase
the item right away, which is why we enter an optional Buyout Price.
We select Battle.net Balance to receive the auction proceeds
and click on "Create Auction".
Great! The item is up and ready for bidding,
and we have a short cancellation window in case we change our mind.
Active auctions can be viewed via the "Auctions" tab at any time.
All auctions last 36 hours, and we can have up to 10 active auctions
per auction house at any given time.
If no buyer is found and the auction runs out,
we can reclaim our item via the "Completed" tab.
However, we are in luck. Our cuirass has been sold, and the buyout price
minus the transaction fee was sent to our Battle.net Balance.
Our Barbarian has pretty good gear overall,
but we feel the weapon he is currently using is a bit lacking.
Let's see if we can find him something better.
We leave the game and open the auction house interface
from the character screen. By default, the smart search feature
will display recommended items in the "Search" window.
As we are looking for something quite specific, we click on "Equipment".
We prefer a weapon with life regeneration,
since it fits our Barbarian's character build and the way we play.
Let's see... item type "2-Hand"... preferred stats "Life after kill".
Good! A click on "Search" reveals available items
with the selected characteristics.
It seems as if no one is currently selling a weapon that fits
what we're looking for in the gold-based auction house.
But we won't give up so easily.
Let's switch to the real-money auction house.
Applying the same settings and clicking search again
shows us that there is indeed a fitting axe available.
Taking a closer look, we see that the item looks like it'd be
just about perfect for our Barbarianů and is quite a bargain.
After selecting the item and clicking on "Bid," we enter a Maximum Bid
that is considerably higher than the starting price,
to increase our chances of winning the auction.
As other players place bids, the system will automatically
place incremental bids for us, up to our maximum.
To be sure we did everything correctly,
we go to the Auctions tab and check our bids.
Seems like we are currently winning butů oh noů
it's still going to be more than a day before we get our item.
As we're eager to get our hands on this epic piece of equipment,
we are considering a buyout.
This option will not be available for all items, but it seems we are in luck.
The 10 euros we just paid for our shiny new axe
will be deducted directly from our Battle.net Balance.
Let's go to the "Completed" tab
and send our Clamor Ruin directly to the item stash.
Now we can go back into the game, pick up the item, and continue
our perilous journey with renewed vigorů and an awesome new axe.
We hope this video has provided you with some helpful information
on how to use the Diablo III auction house.
If you're looking for more information, head to diablo3.com,
where you'll find a how-to guide and a detailed
FAQ to answer other questions you may have.
Thanks for watching, good luck, and have fun!