Garrus Vakarian - The Dark Knight of Omega

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Garrus: Commander Shepard, Garrus Vakarian
You are the only one who seems to be doing anything about Saren. Let me come with you.
Shepard: You are a turian! Why do you wanna bring him down?
Garrus: I couldn't prove it in my investigation, but i knew what was really going on.
Saren is a traitor to the council and a disgrace to my people.
Saren is a Spectre, most of his activity is classified. I couldn't find anything solid.
But i know he is up to something. Like you human say: I feel it in my gut.
Feros, Noveria, Virmire, Ilos
Saren can't run forever.
Thanks for bringing me on board Commander.
We'll bring Saren to justice.
All empires fall, we can only hope that what we leave behind inspires respect and admiration.
I trained to become a Spectre after the Normandy was destroyed, but... it didn't work out.
Too much politic at the Citadel... Nobody was willing to take risks.
Figured i could do more good on my own.
Omega... Omega was filled with criminals nobody else could touch.
People here needed someone to believe in, someone to stand up to the local thugs.
This is not hard to find criminals here. All i have to do is point my gun and shoot.
I pull the trigger and i live with the consequences. I don't see any other options, i have to do this! I've always hated injustice.
Women: You fight... you fight for us?!
Please, let this end.
My feelings got in the way of my better judgement... its a long story.
Asari: He keeps us... protects us.
Women: Maybe you are different.
You prove that you get things done... and people join up.
I gave them hope!
We weren't mercenaries, we made money by taking down slavers, pirates and gangs that went too far. No civilian casaulties, that was our rule.
Shepard: How did you manage to piss of every major merc organization in the Terminus Systems?
Garrus: It wasn't easy...
I really had to work at it.
It was simple. We hit their shipments, disrupt activities, made them angry, get under their skins. They never stood a chance.
There were twelve of use, including me.
Former military operatives, C-Sec agents, the usual.
Every member of my team had lost somebody to Omega's gangs. We weren't out to get rich, we wanted to make those bastards think twice before murdering someone in the street.
Women: Some have lost faith, they don't believe that rescue will come...
Pilot: You will not escape!
Pilot: Screw you!
Pilot: You like that? There is more where that came from!
Pilot: Uh thats gonna leave a mark!
Shepard: Garrus!
Mordin: Severe trauma. Can't do much here.
Garrus: You humans have a say: An eye for an eye, a life for a life.
Samara: He doesn't have much time!
Garrus: I want to know i did the right thing, just for me.
Zaeed: He is not gonna make it.
Garrus: I got three separate merc bands to work together to take me down... My manager at C-Sec would be impressed.
I...I just... I've seen so many things go wrong. My work at C-Sec, what happened with Sidonis.
I want something to go right... just once... just...
Sorry Shepard... won't be with you at the end.
Its over... i can move on.
Thanks for helping me Shepard...
...for everything.
Commander. Just like old times Shepard!
First Saren and now the Collectors. Remind me *laughs* never to get on your bad side Shepard... I almost feel sorry for the Reapers.
Can it wait for a bit? I'm in the middle of some calibrations.