Alexander Rybak in Så ska det låta, 19.04.2010 (Eng&Rus subs)

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Welcome to SVT and this evening's "Sa ska det lata"
Putte have brought one of our most popular schlager stars, Shirley Clamp,
and the comedian with the thousand faces, Robert Gustafsson
While Stefan competes together with a Norwegian duo,
one of Norway's hottest singers and musical artists, Maria Haukaas Storeng,
and the winner of Eurovision Song Contest 2009 Alexander Rybak.
And right in the middle of this Nordic battle,
as useally, our dear host Peter Settman.
Yes, wow, thank you, what a good start of this match we have in front of us.
I don't know if you share my view, but this have been hovering in the air since 1905 when the union was disolved
and maybe we are at the time when we can come together again, become one people,
one nation and that we get to share all the oil money, that would be fantastic, I think.
Well, music have a tendency to build bridges, I really want to welcome you warmely to ”Sa ska det lata”.
Alexander, you got the violin with you, it pleases me.
AR: Yes!
PS: And don't you just have it as a mascot? AR: No, I'm going to play.
PS: Good, great, you see we have had guests here that have brought their own grand piano and not done anything with it, thats why I asked.
Maria, Maria, you have taken part five times in the Norwegian ”Sa ska det lata” - ”Beat for beat”
MH: ”Beat for beat” or ”Tone for tone”
PS: ”Tone for tone”, and saying this you know exactly how this works.
Then you are very welcomed and I can say to our veterans, Robert Gustafsson and Schirley Clamp, should we be friendly towards this state visit?
-No, no, there are no such plans
PS: Let's see where this goes. You are warmly welcome everybody at home and here in studio one.
I think we start with the intro. We are going to play the intros and when you think you know what it is I want you to stand up and just sing.
Are you ready? Here is intro number one.
PS: Good, very good. Of course it was ”Browneyed girl” with Morrison original and there is the first point of this evening, well done, good.
Ok, are you ready? Now intro number two comes!
SC: I have read on the radio today [ She got the lyrics wrong]
PS: It's funny, I have read on the radio, Luxor[a brand of radios]. Good Shirley.
SC: I got it.
PS: Then you get a point, well done. That was "Regn hos mig" with Orup. Now we will have the third and last intro, here it is.
SC: I don't remember, you can take it.
AR: Just make up the lyrics.
PS: Very good, very well done and you get a point for that, ”Norwegian wood”, the Beatles.
And then we see when this round is over that there is 1 to Putte's and 2 to Stefan's team.
I'm beginning to like that jingle. Applause to Johan Landquist and his orchestra!
Well, now we will throw ourselfs into the first game round, there are six words and there are two red words. Stefan's team starts.
MH: Threa
PS: We will look behind the three. Kanna (know) a red word, then it goes to the other team.
SC: Two PS: Look behind two there. Vill(want)
SC: We will sing on the word "vill" PS: Please sing on the word "vill".
[A parodic song about Marta and Ture who lives on different side of a lake]
PS: Bravo! That was fanatastic.
Putte: They are mine!
PS: Yes, you will be able to tour with that in shopping malls and all sorts of places, one in that shop and the other one in that shop.
It was really good and right when Ture didn't exist anymore but still was moving in the waves in the end that was painful.
You got a point and get to choose another number.
RG: One
PS: We will look behind the one. Jag(I). Red and now both the red words are gone.
AR: Then I'll take MH: Do you take five?
AR: Can I take jag(I)?
PS: No, that's ha... no you can't do that at all.
MH: Then we will take five.
PS: We look behind the five. Oh that jag(I).
AR: Have you heard it before?
”Visa vid vindens angar”
AR: That's kind of a summer....
PS: Good, very good, thank you, Alexander, very good.
Now you have no idea what you just did, what happens on the other side of the Tvs.
Now, now something broke. No, no he is too nice, that little boy. Now you got my mother on your side and she is picky.
AR: Actually it was my mother who told me to sing that song if I got the oportunity.
PS: There is something about mothers
AR: FOUR! PS: We look behind the four.
MH: Then we see what it is. You know what it was.
”Gabriellas sang” P. Backman, S. Nilsson
MH: Are you done?
PS: I was waitng and wonder if there would be more, I felt like you, Maria, and, suddenly, you finished. Very good and, of course, you get a point for that, well done.
And now there is a bonuse question, this was Gabriella's song, Peter Gabriel was the singer in the group "Genesis",
the drummer in the group would also become a great solo-artist with songs like ”Another day in paradise”
What's his name?
MH: It is Phil Collins. PS: Ofcourse, it is Phil Collins! Here you get another point.
Then we have six new words and it is Putte's team who starts choosing a number.
SC: We take six. PS: We look behind the six. Oh, again.
Putte: We just simply sing something. SC: In A. Ok. Listen to this.
PS: It's good, this is very nice to host you just stand here and it comes to you, very good.
Now you can choose a number.
RG: It's like a minefield, it's dangerous, one, two, three. ONE
SC: We take number one.
PS: wWe look behind number one. Oh, that was close!
SC: [whispers something]
RG: Yes, we can do that.
SC: Now we got a good song.
Putte: It goes like this.
”I got a hammer”
PS: Then you pick another number.
RG: Two. PS: We look behind number two: "glorious"
MH: Three
PS: We look behind three: "feeling"
MH:Yes AR: Yes, yes, then everything falls in place, then we sing.
PS: Yes, good that's it ”Singing in the rain” Gene Kelly, you know when he walks and the rain just pours down over him.
Have you seen that movie, Alexander?
AR: Yes. PS: That's good, you sounded a litte ah aha.
MH: You weren't sure we had DVD in Norway?
PS: I thought that movie came in the fourties or fifties, so it should have come to Norway by now.
Anyhow you got a point for that.
Now there's a bonus question again.
Gene Kelly, Gene Simmonds is one of the original members left in the American rockband "Kiss",
the other one is named Paul what is his last name? It's really simple.
MH: Paul Stanley
PS: Stanley, it's great, good, then we can see that its one to six for Stefan's team.
Now I think we will take the next part we call it the "Recital". This is a little exiting, we have two songs that we have translated a bit cryptic,
I want the teams to challenge each others and guess what song is hiding in this translation, and first out is Putte's team.
Robert, you are goin to get an English lyric that's been translated to Swedish.
And now you have to figure out wich song it is.
RG: Have noticed that I'm queing until you imagene you have time to spend the later part of day(24h) with me
and if we walks anywhere to move the legs syncronized I know that the possibility exist that you don't goes away in my company.
PS: Thank you Robert
AR: It will be difficult to.....
AR: That was it.
PS: That was it, ”Somethin' stupid” With Frank Sinatra, Nancy Sinatra also Robbie Williams and Nicole Kidman made that one.
You got it after the first sentence, bravo, that means two points.
AR: Ah, Nice.
PS: Now the roles are reversed, now the question is if you will managed to inerpret what Maria will read to us. Maria with the English text for the Swedish song.
RG: Yes. PS: What do you say. Putte: We will try.
SC: This is a little emotional because it's a pretty beautuful lyrics as you heard.
[sings song from a childrens' show wich were popular a few decades ago]
SC: Bravo, Robert!
PS: Of course, it was the cursing song of Magnus and Brasse, the most children prohibited you could listen to, I had the recording and listened to it again and again hihihi.
Very good, and well recited too, very nice! You heard you were good, both of you, and that means two points, and then we can see that Putte's team has three points and Stefan's has eight.
PS: Now we have come to the part of ”Sa ska det lata” That has become, I'm not saying that Sweden stops when we come to this part, but it's almost that way "Picture chaine".
It has spread all over our country that it is a new part of ”Sa ska det lata”. In the Picture Chain we have 5 pictures and behind them there is a name of a song, but I don't turn up all the pictures at ones, but one by one,
and then as soon as the teams think they have a song they could sing to the picture, bang the hands on the keys and begin to sing. For every picture I approve you'll get 1 point, and for the song's name you'll get 3 points. Ok, here is the first picture.
"Blue moon"
PS: Yes, that was... a quick explanation? RG: It's " Blue moon in Kentucky"
PS: Yes it is, it's approved and there's a point. Here we turn up the second picture.
[a song about an old man]
PS: That's not a song you hear often nowadays. RG: I was a while ago.
PS: Where does it come from? Because I've recognised it.
RG: The Swedish hit-list sometimes during the seventies... "Trio med Bumba"! Or? Bjorn and Benny
PS: Bjorn and Benny, who started ABBA, yes. Well, "Hey, old man" doesn't really need any explaination, here comes the point. Then we turn up the third picture.
MH: Hold ON be strong. AR: Yes yes yes. We have to take that one.Ok.
"Hold on, be strong"
MH: We will never get to the end
PS: That's good, well done, could I have a little simple explanation?
MH: On - it's an ON button
PS: It's an ON button? [he is amused by the Norwegian accent], you get a point for that.
I just thought it sounded funny when you said an ON button.
Stefan: It isn't an Off button MH: No, it's an ON button
PS: Here, up there is a name of a song that's hiding among these pictures, but we have 2 pictures left. Now we turn up the fourth one.
[a song, which is originally sung by the woman on the picture]
SC: Sorry, Lotta, I don't know those lyrics.
PS: It doesn't matter. It's Lotta Engberg "Fyra bugg and...."?
SC: A Lotta Engberg PS: "Four bugg" (a type of chewinggum) and a Lotta, that was the connection.
SC: Precisly, it's her, and she has sung that song.
PS: Yes, that's enough, thank you. Here's a point for that, well done. Now it's a bit exiting - the name of the song is hiding,
I'm going to turn up the last picture, and when I do that you are only allowed to go for the name of the song. Ok, only the name, but there is 3 points in the pot. And then we turn up the last picture here.
SC: That was really good..
PS: That was really good! Now I want the explanation.
RG: We have the little moon , whole, we have Lotta (lot of), we have a sheik, we have the little man, who goes slowly with his bag, and then we have the ON button.
PS: Yes or the ON button, it's approved and there is three points to you. Then we see that it's equal between Sweden and Norway!
I don't know if you at home agree with me, but the idea I had in the beginning of the show - that we should build a new union together, I think it's actually going really well. Now we have come to the 2nd game round, there are 5 words behind me, there are still 2 red words wich makes it a bit harder, and Putte's team chooses the number first.
SC: Three
PS: Three, care, then it goes to you.
MH: You. PS: Alexander, pick a number.
AR: Four
PS: Let's look under 4....."for"
AR: Yes, that's exactly --- I just sing something a'capella and a bit of violin.
[singing "Funny little world"]
AR: I hope it comes soon.
PS: Really good, you had several "for", in Swedish a whole flock of sheep.[In Swedish far (sheep) are pronounced similar to for]. Now you can choose one more number.
MH: Mmmmmm two.
PS: We look behind two, "really".
SC: Five
PS: We look behind five, "music".
SC: Yes.
[singing ”Thank you for the music”]
PS: So then we turn up number one there, now you got the whole of it.
SC: No, no, I got it on the tip of my tung.
PS: If you can't come up with something, then you can turn it over.
SC: Do you know it?
AR: Yes
SC: Now we are there again, we do love Norway, we give this one to you.
MH: We are guests now.
AR: We are guests, it was really nice, it would be really nice to win over Sweden for once.
PS: Let's see.
singing ”Hallelujah”
PS: Good, Alexander, very good, that means you get one point. Well done! And now there is a bonus chance. It was "Hallelujah" by Leonard Cohen, Jeff Buckley has sung it. ”Don't really care for music, do you?”
”Water music” - that orchestral piece was written by German born composer, who was one of the greatest within the baroque music, who is he?
AR: Why are you looking at me? Eeh Handel. Noooo.
PS: Execuse me, what did you say?
AR: I was kidding, I said Handel but that was...
PS: That was correct. Here is one point. Now it's exating, there is a two points difference between, there's nine points for Putt's team and eleven for Stefan's.
PS: Now it's time for the "Spurt". We are getting closer to the end of this musical journey, but first we got the title match. There's five points in the pot, I'm going to read the title of a song ,but it is a little rewritten. When you think you know what it is, just hit the keys.
PS: Ok I want the hands on top.
SC: Please ,say if it's English or Swedish.
PS: O yes, I begin with an English song. Male offspring to the proffesion of Runar Sorgard.
[singing "Son of a preacher man”]
AR: We take it onces more.
PS: Very good, of course, it was "Son of a preacher man”- male offspring of the profession of Runar Sorgard, of course, that is it! You get a point. Well done!
PS: Here comes the second title. It's a Swedish song, the cryptic citiziens.
AR: May I?
[sings ”Det gatfulla folket”]
PS: That was it, of course, the cryptic citizen "Det gatfulla folket" by Olle Adolphson, good!
PS: Yet another point, what speed it is!
PS: Are you ready? Here comes the third one , English song ......
PS: That was exellent, but I think it's good that when the tempo increases when we getting nearer to the end and you start to help each others.
SC: Yes, really, I were just to sing the refrain but then I felt that we already bounded.
PS: Yes.
AR: It is magical moments like this you live for.
PS: Yes, yes, I will never forget that, it's those magical moments.
Let's see it was correct "It takes two"
SC: Didn't we get a point then?
PS: I have never denied you any point.
PS: You have a point.
Now there's a Swedish song "Three days before Monday I dial a number"
PS: It was Sven-Ingvars "Jag ringer pa fredag" (three days before Monday I dial a number). Well done, Robert!
SC: That was me, the one who stood up and screamed!
PS: Sorry, well done Shirley too!
SC: Then he got to do the work.
PS: Yes just so, but you were the one who screamed, is that how you do privately too?
Now we take the last title. Hands on the top!
AR: Can you take it in Norwegian?
PS: I don't know it completely in Norwegian, but it is an English song [using Norwegian accent]
MH: Very good, very good.
PS: Almost "Thank you" in French.
MH: What? Yes!
SC: No!
PS: Yeeh, yeeh, yeeh
CS: I have never broken it.
PS: No you have never, this that started so well.
CS: I have never broken this floor, look. MH: It's fantastic
PS: You can go and sit down, very good! The moments like this are the ones you live for, isn't it?
AR: Yes!
PS: You did it, it was well done! "Mercy" - almost is "merci" in French. You get a point for this.
I would also like to say tha t Shirley gets a point, because you did that so nice together.
And now, when we look at this, we can see clearly that we have a winning team and it is our Norwegian friends who have won with fourteen points!
And to all of you at home I would like to say a warm thank you for being with us again.
”Sa ska det lata” is over for this time, we will meet again in a week.
And if you walk in the street and meet a Norwegian, give him a hug and say "Thank you for Friday!"
See you, good bye!