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"The path that you've chosen.."
"The path that you've chosen.."
"..keep walking on that path, traveller."
"No matter how long you suffer.."
"No matter how long you suffer.."
"..keep giving joy to others."
"Keep walking on that path, traveller."
"The path that you've chosen.."
"..keep walking on that path, traveller."
"The shade of the tree isn't for that tree."
"The shade of the tree isn't for that tree."
"It spent its life serving others."
"No matter how many fruits one plucks.."
"No matter how many fruits one plucks.."
"..the tree keeps on growing it."
"Keep walking on that path, traveller."
"The path that you've chosen.. you have chosen.."
"The path that you've chosen.."
"..keep walking on that path, traveller."
"No matter how long you suffer.."
"No matter how long you suffer.."
"..keep giving joy to others."
"Keep walking on that path, traveller."
"Keep walking on that path, traveller."
"Keep walking on that path, traveller."
'This life is so strange.'
'A while ago there was so much joy in this courtyard.'
'Now it's so forlorn.'
'A while ago, everyone was together.'
'Now nobody is here.'
'So many years have passed away.'
'No. It feels as if it happened a few days back.'
'Madhu, give me my pen.' 'Even today I can hear those same voices.'
'I won't! - Hand it over! ' - "I said I won't! - My pen! '
Madhu, give me my pen. - No. No.
Give my pen or I'll hit you. - It's my pen.
I won't give it to you. - Why are you fighting?
Sister, she calls my pen her own.
No, sister. It's my pen. Brother is lying.
You are quarrelling even today! Give me this pen.
Where is your pen? - I lost it, sister.
You've no other work.
Here. - Sister, you gave away my pen.
You got 2 rupees for tying the Rakhi. Buy with that money.
2 rupees? He gave me only 50 penny.
Well done! Swindled 1.50 rupees?
No, sister, that.. What? Take it out.
Want to watch movies? - No. - Take it out fast.
Let it be. - Thanks.
I'll buy for you. - What's going on, Indu?
What is all this commotion? - Nothing, father.
Again you've come downstairs. - Then what should I do?
Meaning? Hasn't doctor forbid you from coming down?
You and that doctor will keep me under house arrest.
If I walk a bit, I'll be able to go to college.
You want to go to college? - Yes. - You won't go. Come up.
But what was this commotion? - Nothing. The kids were shouting.
You don't listen to me. - You're treating me like a kid.
Okay. I'll quit college and guard here.
No. Don't quit college.
You won't go to college for 15 days. - Oh god!
Imprisonment of 15 days more. - Take your pill.
Indu. - Yes?
Shall I say something?
The doctor comes only for a while.
But you become a doctor around the clock. - You force me.
Take this. - What?
The newspaper. - This is too much!
Even a postman.. I've not become so old.
You've not become old, but sick.
Got it? Don't talk.
Oh god! I'm late!
You're late. - The lecture will start at 1:40.
You won't go down, right?
You reply as if you'll never go, but then you go.
You won't go?
No. - Shall I go now? Okay.
Madhu! Get my purse!
Deven. - Hello. - How are you? - Fine.
How is everybody at home? - Fine.
Why have you come here? - To take my notes.
Okay. Listen.
Give father his medicine at 4 O'clock sharp. - Yes.
Don't forget. - No.
Oh my! What's it?
Sister, chocolate. - Chocolate?
Everyday you want it. What if your teeth gets spoilt?
No, it won't. - Okay.
Give me a kiss.
Sister, my pen. Don't forget.
I'll surely get it today. Be careful. - Okay.
Thank you!
Good morning, professor uncle. - Good morning, Indu.
How is your father? - Better than before.
Since he's on leave, our department has lost its charm.
We miss him badly.
Even he's eager to meet you all.
This morning he insisted to come to college.
But natural. It's old friendship.
I'll come to see him in the evening.
Have you got a good doctor? - Yes.
Dr. Sagar is his doctor.
Very good. Aunt, your child is fine.
Any precautions? - No need.
His temperature has been normal since the past 6 days.
Give him everything to eat. Look, how he's smiling.
Is my medicine ready?
Your medicine is ready but I've told you often to take a good diet.
Take good food.
Next! - No more patients. - Sorry.
One patient more. - Indu, you?
The tablets that you had prescribed
.. aren't available in any stores. - Really? - Yes.
I was coming to your place.
We'll search for it in another store on the way. Sit.
Let's have coffee? - Here?
Yes, this isn't the right place to drink coffee.
We're going to your place.
Then we'll have coffee prepared by you. - Okay.
Let's go.
Doctor, you? - I want Engisit tablet.
Engisit tablet isn't in stock. Still I'll check out. - Yes.
How much? - 460.
Would it have mattered if I had paid?
Not to you, but it would've mattered to me. - Why?
You're already doing so much for us. Is that less?
Sister has come! - Chanda!
I hope you had not gone out. No. - Okay.
Sister, did you get chocolate?
Yes. I've got loads of chocolates. Look.
Here. For you.
I won't give it to you.
No problem. I don't want your chocolate.
Sister, did you get my pen?
Sister, you always forget.
I've got it. - Sister, today we had a match.
Our team won. - Really? - Yes.
Chandranath, well said!
Even Indu has become a doctor! - Yes.
She behaves like a doctor.
And that Sagar is a great doctor.
He comes to see me daily.
What a sweet nature! He's a nice guy!
Here he comes. You will live long.
Doctor, we were talking about you.
I know what he must be saying.
He must be saying that I harass him a lot.
I forbid him from eating this and that. - No. He was not saying that.
He was praising you a lot! - He's my friend, professor Sinha.
Hello. - Hello. We both work in the same department. - Okay.
Doctor, I came to inquire his health.
People do come for that.
Out of sympathy they ask one question..
..and the poor patient has to recite the whole detail.
And this isn't good for the patient.
You're absolutely right, doctor. I'm sorry.
Chandranath, I'll leave now. - I hope you didn't feel bad.
We shouldn't mind doctor's advice.
Chandranath, do as the doctor says.
You talk a lot.
Now don't talk at all. - Okay. I won't. - Don't talk.
Okay, doctor. - Okay. Bye. - Bye.
Uncle. - He's a good friend.
I was saying that he's a good friend.
He's Indu's professor. - Okay.
He's better than a kin.
I've a brother. But he's useless.
He divided the property and went his own ways. Idiot!
Uncle, by the way, he doesn't seem to be your brother.
How will he look like me!
Since childhood he has.. - Hang on.
Let me check your blood pressure.
Go ahead.
How much? - First class.
Perfectly normal.
Normal? - Yes.
I told you I'm fine. Nothing has happened to me.
Unnecessarily these people have told me to take bed rest.
Doctor, coffee.
Thank god you remembered that I'm here.
One cup for me too.
Take this. - Milk? - Yes.
You all are treating me like a kid. - Uncle, don't laugh loudly.
Just now you said it's normal.
Now you forbid me from laughing. - When you laugh, you laugh a lot.
Okay. I won't laugh.
You're an extremist. You even think a lot.
Now what to think? Now I've only one worry.
The task that couldn't be fulfilled when Indu's mother was alive..
..should be done while I'm alive..
I know you, dear. I've understood you too.
Has your mother met Indu? - No.
I wanted your mother to see Indu once..
..so I could.. - Don't worry.
What you want will happen.
I'll leave. Don't think too much.
I won't.
Again you spoke about me.
Even I've some responsibilities as a father.
If I went away, who will look after you and my younger siblings?
Even you've to settle down.
Every parent wants their children to be happy.
Father, what if I had been your son?
Then there would've been no worry.
You would've handled all the responsibilities.
But daughter is born to go to other's house. - Yes.
This is what you people always think.
Don't worry. I'm still alive.
Just like you, I'll educate and raise Madhu, Vinod and Chanda too.
By that time even your family.. - Enough.
Why? - Hasn't doctor forbidden you?
What? - Not to talk too much.
Even laughter is forbidden.
Vinod, answer this question.
When did soldier mutiny take place?
1857. - Good.
But why is it called mutiny and not revolution?
You don't recollect.
I remember everything else. I just don't understand this.
I'll explain.
The rebel that is successful is called revolution.
And the one that is suppressed is called mutiny.
Got it? This is an important question.
For 2 years it has not been asked. It'll surely come this year.
So memorize it.
Father, look at my questions. - You too have finished it.
Subtraction. 311 deducted from 752.
The answer is 441.
Very good. - Madhu! Madhu!
You all are here.
Come on. Let father rest.
I'm always resting. Vinod is weak in history.
Why? I always teach him.
You've not combed your hair. - Sister, I forgot.
Go. I'll come.
Vinod, go. I've kept milk for you.
You're as punctual as a clock.
Why are you hiding here? - I'll sleep with father.
You'll sleep with father. What if you pee on the bed?
She won't do it today. - You don't know.
Every night I've to wake up 2-3 times. Come. - Go.
I'll sleep with father.
Father, go to sleep.
Okay. You too go and rest.
"A small bud is going to sleep."
"Wind, blow slowly."
"With the wings full of slumber.."
"..cradle her."
Go to sleep.
'I know you, son.
I've understood you too.'
'Has your mother met Indu? '
'Even I've some responsibilities as a father.'
Last 51. Her father sells 'Jalebi' Sweets).
I'll say that he trades in sweets.
Hello, priest. - Hello.
How are you? - Fine?
Absolutely fine and hale and hearty. Without pain or suffering.
Great. Tell me, how many snaps have you collected?
51. And if I get Phulkumari, it'll be 52.
Priest, 52 won't do. I want 53. 53.
One more. - 53?
I'll include my wife's snap. It's bound to be rejected.
There will be 53 snaps.
What's going on? - Nothing.
I was showing the snaps. I've collected 52.
But your son said to get 53.
Want to hold a bride selection function? - Okay.
Come after a while. - Okay.
Son. - Yes?
I'm tired of looking at girls' snaps.
I think I'll die without seeing my daughter-in-law's face.
Mother, what are you saying early in the morning?
I want a daughter-in-law in this house, son.
Look. This girl is good.
You're great.
Yesterday you were praising some other girl.
Today you're praising this girl. First make up your mind.
Son, you've to select one girl of them.
Where did this snap come from?
Son, look. - What?
So nice and beautiful!
Son, look at her. She's so pretty.
But her name and address isn't given. - You look at so many snaps..
..how many names and addresses will you remember?
But do you like her? - She?
You like her? - I like her a lot. - Your choice is my choice.
I'll do as you say. - You like her!
Pandav! - Yes.
Priest must be nearby. Go and call him.
Okay. - Call him quickly.
What is this? - For you.
Indu, who is it?
Sagar, how come so early in the morning today? - Today is Sunday.
So the dispensary is closed.
Sunday is holiday. - Yes.
I was saying..
How are you feeling now?
Yesterday only you checked. It's the same.
How are you? - Fine.
The weather is so cloudy today.
What is in your hand?
Show me.
Sari. - He has got it for me.
Your mother must have given it.
Look, her choice is so good.
Sagar, your mother agreed to this alliance? - Yes.
Mother wants to meet Indu.
Yes. Sure.
Indu, where are you? - You.. you..
Don't get excited. - Indu!
She must be downstairs. I'll go and see.
Calm down. Don't get excited.
Indu! Wait. Take this.
Give it her.
You're so quiet today.
You seem to be in a bad mood.
I don't know. I feel uneasy. - Why?
The groom's family always goes to the bride's house. - Right.
But I'm going to your house.
Right. But lift up your spirit.
Because mother is strict.
She has already rejected 52 girls.
And if she rejects you too, I'll remain a bachelor.
You're getting married, right? - Yes.
And who is going to select the girl? - Mother is going to select the girl.
It's good if you remain a bachelor.
"Where are the 2 hearts going with rays of hopes?"
"Where are the 2 hearts going with rays of hopes?"
"They're going to make an abode."
"They're going to make an abode."
"Where are the 2 hearts going with rays of hopes?"
"They're going to make an abode."
"They're going to make an abode."
"They sing in their own trance."
"They soar higher."
"Their merriment is augmented by the winds of monsoon."
"The lovers are toiling to reach their destination,"
"The lovers are toiling to reach their destination,"
"They're going to make an abode."
"They're going to make an abode."
"In a garden booming with flowers.."
"..they'll settle down."
"We are weaving such sweet dream."
"My heart says that this dream will come true."
"My heart says that this dream will come true."
"We'll build an abode."
"We'll build an abode."
"We'll build an abode."
"We'll build an abode."
Priest, what are you looking at? I'm talking about this snap.
Yes. Even I'm trying to recollect this snap.
Sagar likes this girl a lot.
Why shouldn't he? She's beautiful and cultured.
Find out who is this girl. After all you bring the snaps.
Right. But did I bring this snap?
Who else will get it?
She's the same girl! - Yes.
Priest, not here. Look there.
Mother. - Come, dear.
God bless you.
What is your name? - Indu.
I didn't ask you.
What is your father's name? What does he do?
Mr. Chandranath Sinha.
He's the professor in Elphinstone college.
Will you keep talking or let her speak too?
Okay, mother. You both sit and chat.
I am going.
Hello, sister. - Deven?
How are you? - Fine.
You still didn't get the clothes from the laundry!
I was studying. - You can even study later.
Bring tea. Then get the clothes.
Go. Sit, dear.
Do you know him? - Yes.
My brother Vinod studies with him in school.
Sometimes he comes to our place too.
Look. He's an orphan. Now he stays here only.
He's our relative. So we've to fulfill our duty.
If he gets success in future, he'll surely forget us.
Who else is there in your house?
Besides father, 1 brother and 2 younger sisters.
You don't have a mother?
No. - Oh!
Then you only must be tending for your siblings.
Yes. They're quite young.
I've only 1 son. In his happiness lies my happiness.
It shouldn't be that tending for your siblings you..
I want a daughter-in-law who will come here leaving everything.
I trust you completely, dear.
Sister! Sister! - What?
God knows what happened to father. - What?
Sister, look what has happened to father!
Now what will happen, sister?
Brace yourself, dear.
If you lose hope, who will take care of them?
After Mr. Chandranath only you have to look after them.
Dear, do you want to inform anyone?
We don't have anybody. There is an uncle.
I've sent him a letter.
Dear, if there is any problem, let me know.
I'm always there.
Okay, I'll leave now.
Look at him. The packet has got empty.
Still he's looking inside.
Why do you keep rebuking my Eknath? - Okay.
You're 40 years old still you don't know how to walk. - 44.
Where is my Eknath? - You broke my jaw! - Eknath!
Mother, I'm here!
Oh, god! - My dear son! - He's stuck here!
This is the result of your daily rebuking!
Help him out! Don't just stand. - I didn't do it.
Come out! - Get him out!
Get out! - Slowly!
Eat less. - You fell down trying to pick him up.
He weighs less like you. - Help him out.
Come on, dear. - Come on.
You cast an evil eye on his diet.
Are you hurt? - But it doesn't affect him.
Come on, dear. - Come on.
You're always rebuking him.
Son, Vinod.
Where is Indu? - Inside.
I'll call her. - Fine.
Sister, uncle and aunt have come.
Dear, what has happened?
Why did God snatch the joy of small children?
Don't cry, mother. - Don't cry, dear.
Dear, have patience. - Have faith, Indu.
Your uncle and aunt are there.
Indu, I'll leave.
Who is he?
Sagar. He's a doctor.
He treated father.
Dear, brother is no more.
Then why is he here? - Yes, dear.
Even you should think about it.
People might taunt you.
They might say that as soon as father expired..
..young men have started visiting the house.
We were discussing at home that there should be..
..somebody to look after Indu.
Right? - Yes.
Dear, I mean you've such a huge house.
You can rent the downstairs rooms.
You'll get a neighbour and a source of income too.
Uncle, I've not thought about this.
Dear, why should you think?
Your uncle and aunt are there to think.
Please sit. I'll just come.
Your brain has stopped working. - What?
Has stopped working.
Instead of talking about marriage..
..you started talking about the house and rent.
Try to understand.
If Gopi stays here, they'll come close to each other.
Then only will there be a relation between them.
Topi, for the first time your brother-in-law has talked sensibly.
Again Topi. - Gopi.
Indu gave her consent? - Yes.
Gopi, we've arranged for you to stay there.
You'll become Indu's tenant.
Do you know what will happen then?
Gradually you and Indu will..
Brother, the matter will take its own course. - Okay.
It means you didn't talk to her about me.
Brother, try to understand. We went to mourn.
How could we've talked about marriage?
There is a right time for everything.
And Indu isn't an ordinary girl.
She's an educated daughter of a professor.
Many doctors hover around her.
And what are you? What should I tell you?
I don't even know about business.
No matter what I do, somehow I manage..
..to earn 5,000 rupees in a month.
5,000! - Gopi, anybody can earn money by wrongful means.
You should've a decent job. Right? - Yes.
You take money from me and praise her.
Brother, don't get infuriated. He was just saying this to you.
There he was singing your praises.
Right? - Yes, I praised you so much. - Yes.
It implies you both talked about me?
Gopi, right now pay 2 months rent..
.. and get in her house. Right? - Yes. Absolutely right.
And I know that you'll make her a bride..
.. as soon as you enter the house.
Yes. After all he's your brother.
Brother, arrange money for 2 months rent.
I always have 1000-1200 rupees is in my pocket.
How much? - 400 rupees for 1 month. Then how much for 2 months?
800. - 800. 800
Keep 800.
And 100 rupees for the expenses. - What for?
To buy some fruits.
Brother, give me the balance change.
I will buy a beautiful sari this Diwali.
I will buy a pant and shirt.
Brother, why are you such a miser?
Brother, shall I prepare sweet butter milk for you?
Butter milk? - Yes, brother. - No, I am going.
Brother, why not? - Listen.. without giving him the butter milk..
..we extracted money from him..
Sister! - What happened?
Sister! - What happened?
Sister, Chanda is not to be seen. - Chanda went away? Where?
Brother Vinod went to look for her.
Sister, I found Chanda. - You found her?
What happened? - Her finger got burnt.
She went out to see the crackers.
It's good that I was passing by. - How did she go out?
What were you doing? - Sister, I was boiling the milk.
Something or the other happens whenever I go out.
I don't know how to handle them.
Don't worry. Everything will be fine. Everything will be fine.
Don't cry. Nothing has happened. Let's go in.
Your hand has got burnt! Very good!
Why did you go out? - Sister, even we'll burst crackers.
Not this year, but next year.
Indu. - Coming.
From many days I wanted to tell you something.
I don't know how you'll take it.
Yes, tell me.
Indu, so many days have passed away.
But the children are still sad.
I think maybe a change of place will lift up their spirits.
Listen to me and come to stay at my place.
Mother will look after the kids.
And this is the time to look after them.
Your burden will be eased. You'll be able to attend college too.
And then..
..someday that house is going to be yours only.
'What Sagar said is right.'
'There is so much affection in his words.'
'Besides him, I don't have any other support.'
'I'm all alone.'
'These kids are a big responsibility.'
'Will I be able to handle it? '
'Maybe it'll be good.'
'Some day at Sagar's house.. '
'You don't have a mother? '
'Then you must be tending for your siblings.'
'I've only one son. In his happiness lies my happiness.'
'It shouldn't be that tending for your siblings you.. '
'I want a daughter-in-law who will come here leaving everything.'
'Look. He's an orphan. Now he stays here only.'
'He's our relative so we've to fulfill our duty.'
'lf he gets success in the future, he'll forget us.'
They're not orphans.
I won't let this happen. I..
Vinod. - Sister, what happened?
Nothing. Go to sleep.
Hello, uncle. - God bless you.
I heard that you've quit college.
Only 1 year was left to pass your M.A.
Uncle, I didn't want to ruin children's life to make my life.
They wander around when I attend college.
They are alone.
Then what do you want to do? - I'll work.
You'll work? Then who will look after the children?
I'll have to think of something.
Listen to me. Your house is quite huge.
Start a school there.
You'll be able to look after your siblings.
You'll be busy and you can even give the private exams.
But uncle, to open a school I need..
Leave that to me. I'll handle everything.
Go. - Okay.
Assistant, he isn't feeling well. - Yes. - Please cure him.
Yes. Don't worry. - Is the doctor in?
Yes. He's inside.
Is there any patient? - No, ma'am. You may go in.
Indu, you are here at this hour?
You're busy with your patients from morning to evening.
This is the only time to meet you. - You're right.
Let's go somewhere. - Not today, Sagar.
I want to talk to you. Sit.
What's the matter?
Yesterday you were saying.. - Yes. What have you decided?
When are you coming?
I'm not coming, Sagar.
I've decided to bear this responsibility alone.
I'm starting a school in the lower part of the house.
I thought together we both will.. - You were right.
But if I come to your house, I can't do my duty towards my siblings.
Why not?
After all your siblings are my.. - Sagar.
After marriage your house will be everything for me.
You'll be everything for me.
It's possible that because of my siblings..
..I might not be able to give you the joy that you deserve.
And if I take care of you..
..they would be deprived..
..of the mother's love that they need.
Can't my love be a part of that love?
I'm their sister, so they'll have more rights on me than you.
And they're innocent.
Their behaviour might hurt you in the future..
..and it could create rift between us.
It's impossible, Indu. Why do you think that?
Sometimes what we don't think, happens.
When my siblings will grow up, their dignity will be hurt..
..thinking that instead of their parents' house..
..they lived in their brother-in-law's house.
You've already thought about the future.
I don't know where the path..
..that I'm going to walk on, will lead me.
My journey is a long one, Sagar.
And my destination is far away.
I don't want you to be with me and suffer..
For mother's happiness, if.. - Indu!
You think I'm so weak.
The love that changes with the changing times isn't true.
I'll wait for you.
Indu, it's good that you're cleaning the house.
When times change, everything falls into its place.
You know, Gopichand gave 600 rupees advance this morning.
Take this. And give a receipt for this.
Uncle. - Yes?
I'm not going to rent this place. - What?
Sister, look. The board of the school is ready.
It's nice! - Vidya Sagar Kindergarten.
School at house! Disaster!
I've placed the order for the chairs too. They'll be here soon.
The chairs are also ready? You've wasted my toil!
Indu, this school isn't going to work out!
I've got 16 children too, uncle. - 16 children!
Then it'll remain 16, it'll not be 17.
Uncle, more children are going to take admission.
Indu, listen. This school won't work.
You all will starve. Then don't ever come to me.
Uncle, bless us that such a day would never come.
Blessings? Then listen..
..if this school doesn't fail, change my name!
The trouble has gone! - Vinod, listen.
Call someone and fix this sign board outside the door. - Okay.
Madhu. - Yes, sister.
Tell them to sit. I'll be there in a moment. - Okay.
Sister, I'll leave now. - Okay.
'Dear Indu. I'm sending some kids to you.'
'I'm sure that your teaching will make them a good human being.'
'Yours, Sagar.'
"Children, you all are like toys."
"Children, you all are like toys."
"You're the dreams of the future."
"You're the dreams of the future."
"You're pleasant and sweet."
"Children, you all are like toys."
"Sister, we're like toys."
"Be like flowers and spread your fragrance."
"Laugh and make others laugh too."
"Be like flowers and spread your fragrance."
"Laugh and make others laugh too."
"If anyone embraces you, he feels elated."
"From this world, joy and happiness"
"From this world, joy and happiness.."
"..should never diminish."
"Children, you all are like toys."
"Sister, we're like toys."
You know, I've covered much of the part of my journey.
Sometimes I think you're still waiting at the same place..
..from where I once proceeded.
Thinking about you, stops my steps.
I'm afraid that this journey might be left incomplete.
How long will you wait?
I got it.
You're afraid my presence..
..might be a hurdle in your duties.
Indu, I promise you till your duties aren't fulfilled..
..I won't meet you.
"Your face is so innocent."
"It spreads radiance in this house."
"Your face is so innocent."
"It spreads radiance in this house."
"May no harm befallen upon you! May you live long!"
"I lost everything and found you."
"I lost everything and found you."
"I won't lose you."
"Children, you all are like toys."
"Sister, we're like toys."
"So much time of my life has been spent."
"Your love has won."
"So much time of my life has been spent."
"Your love has won."
"Your unbound love has made me forget the whole world."
"Today these tears of joy.."
"Today these tears of joy.."
"..have filled my eyes."
"Children, you all are like toys."
"Children, you all are like toys."
"Sister, we're like toys."
"Sister, we're like toys."
"Sister, we're like toys."
"Sister, we're like toys."
Sister! Sister!
Where is she? Sister!
What happened, brother? - Where is sister?
There. But what happened?
Brother, tell us. What happened? - Sister!
What happened, brother?
Sister, I've passed with first class.
Really? - Yes. - First class first!
I already knew it.
Your faith aided me in passing.
Okay, wait here.
How do you manage to score high marks, brother?
I toil. I don't evade studies like you.
There is more good news. - What?
I'll not say it so easily.
First pamper me a bit. - Brother, tell us.
Big companies have called me for the interview. - Really?
Now I'll easily get a job.
Then what will you get for me? - What do you want?
Pearl earrings.
Pearl earrings. Okay I'll get it.
Madhu, what do you want?
Brother, it's fine if you don't give anything to me and Chanda..
..but you'll surely have to give one thing to sister. - What?
You'll tell me this.
I've already thought about her.
Sister's life is an inspiration for us.
For me sister is like a goddess. - Enough!
You're always lecturing.
Have sweets. - No, sister.
You've always given me to eat.
Today I'll give it to you. - Why?
Have I passed? - Please, sister. - Okay.
Come here.
Seek mother and father's blessings.
Your Vinod passed with first class.
I've fulfilled your incomplete task.
Deven. - Yes, aunt.
Did Sagar have his breakfast? - Yes.
Nowadays Sagar comes home quite late.
Is there a lot of work at the dispensary?
Aunt, I always tell him to leave for home early. But..
I only took a long time to understand.
You'll get well. Listen. Meet me after a week.
Okay, doctor. Thank you.
Miss Indrani Sinha.
One more patient.
I'm seeing you after a long time.
You've changed a lot.
You too.
Look, your hair is turning grey. Old bachelor.
Nice name. Old bachelor.
It has been a long time since I saw you.
So I thought..
Won't you ask me to sit?
I forgot. Sit.
It seems that your..
..medicines and patients will make you forget everything.
By immersing myself in them, I've been able to pass the time.
How are you? You look delighted.
Yes. Vinod passed with first class.
Really? Very good!
It's the result of your penance.
Even your sacrifice was with me.
Sagar, have you ever seen the sunset from here?
Why? - You should see it.
You'll feel good.
Whenever I watch it, I feel like the day is over..
..and we didn't do anything.
Come to my place sometimes in the evening.
Today Vinod was saying that he would relieve me ofg all..
..my responsibilities soon.
Then we won't be lonely anymore.
So ladies and gentlemen..
..if you want to do something to pass your time..
..start singing taking lord's name.
Sister, you count. Who will sing with the letter M. - I'll start.
Yes. - Shall I start? - Yes.
"My heart isn't interested in studies."
"God knows what trouble it is." - Good! Great!
"The night seems so forlorn." - My god!
"And even the day seems forlorn."
"Somebody tell me if I'm in love or not."
This is college's education. I.. - Keep quiet, brother.
Always interrupting. - You've sung very well!
Now you sing. - Great! Now you sing. - Go ahead.
Sister, start counting. - 1, 2..
..3, 4, 5, 6.
She's trapped. - "Come children, I'll show you."
No! This won't do! You've to sing.
She can't sing well. Recite it like a prose. -Yes, sing.
Prose. Prose.
'Come children, I'll show you the land of India.' - Wow!
'Respect this soil. This is the soil of sacrifice.'
Wow! - Great!
Now you sing. - Sister, I? - Yes.
From E.. Come on, start. - E. Come on.
1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6. - "Eena, Meena, Deeka."
"Sing with pomp."
"Don't ever fall in love."
"Otherwise you'll repent." - Great, Vinod.
Great, Vinod. - Just praising won't do.
Brother Sagar, sing with letter N. - You've to sing.
I can't sing. - You've to sing.
I'm just a doctor. - You've to.
1, 2, 3, 4, 5.
"One pretty bungalow.. " Look she's laughing.
"One pretty bungalow.. " - You had to sing with N letter.
It's Sehgal's song. - But you had to sing with N.
I know only one song. - Okay.
Okay, sing.
"One pretty bungalow.. - Go to sleep,Chanda."
I'll give you an injection tomorrow. Be ready.
"One pretty bungalow.. "
Sir, why are you all waiting?
For a job. - Job?
The person with reference has already been selected.
Sir has told you to leave.
What? - Yes, go. You can go.
Fool! Made us wait since morning!
How was your interview today?
Sister, nowadays you don't get a job without a reference.
Don't be dejected. You've other offers too.
Everything will be fine. - I don't know.
I already have been rejected at 4 places.
Don't lose hope.
We value the thing that we get with great difficulty.
Freshen up and eat something.
Fool! If you don't recite multiplication table properly..
..you won't get anything to eat today! Come on recite the tables.
16 times 1 is 16. 16 times 2 is 34.
Fine. Sit.
Fine? Brother-in-law, he said 16 times 2 is 34.
It's right. - Right?
Yes. Yesterday he said 16 times 2 is 40.
Today at least he has reached to 34. Shouldn't I appreciate..
..his progress? Should I discourage him?
Okay. Did you see this?
Your Vinod passed with first class. - Talk softly.
What did you say? My son has passed. My son.
We're not talking about your son. - Then?
We're talking about Vinod.
Vinod? Then we should go there today. - In this state?
What's wrong? - We'll go tomorrow.
And we've to fix Gopi's marriage too.
Right, Gopi? - Forget it, brother-in-law.
You've been giving me false hope for many years.
No, this time we'll surely fix your alliance with Chanda.
Who? - Chanda.
Chanda. - Brother, give me something for the expenses.
I wouldn't have asked otherwise. - Take it.
But my house's state is such.. - No!
This time I won't give you the advance.
No! - Adjust the expenses with the money given before.
Okay. - I'll pay 5,000 cash when the work is done.
Gopi! - Father!
Gopi! - Father! Why are you spanking him?
Hello, Vinod! - Hello, Suresh.
How are you? - Fine.
Is this your car? - Yes, this is my car.
This is Toyota. It's nothing. I've MG Sports, Impala.
Today I'll take you for a tour of Mumbai in this car.
Damn lucky! Very good car! - Come on.
No, I'm leaving. - Come on.
Hurry up! Buck up!
Today in this car I'll take you to an unforgettable place.
Vinod, did you get a job?
No. I've tried my best. But I can't find a job.
Don't worry. Come with me.
Today I'll introduce you to an interesting man. - Who is he?
He's my uncle. He's a self-made man.
He has reached to a high position by his toil.
Really? - Let's go and have tea with him.
I won't. I don't know him. It doesn't seem good.
Pal, it's like my home. Let's go and have tea. Let's go.
Come. I said, come on.
Good morning, uncle. - Good morning, Suresh. How are you?
Uncle, didn't I tell you about Vinod?
What happened to Vinod? - He's my friend.
Hello. -Hello. - How are you?
Fine, sir. - Come.
Come. Sit. - Come.
Ramdeen. - Yes, sir?
Bring tea. - Okay.
Sit down.
Suresh always praises you. - Uncle, he deserves all the praises.
This time he passed with first class and broke all the records.
Good. Very good. A man should be ambitious.
Nothing should stop him from reaching the top.
Thank you, sir. Thank you.
What are you doing now?
I've applied for job at some good companies.
I've received the interview call from GD Industries.
GD? I see.
Okay. - Yes, sir.
Hi, papa! Hi, Suresh! - Hello, dear. How are you?
He's Vinod, Suresh's friend.
Vinod, she's my only daughter..
Not your only daughter, papa. Your lonely daughter.
Hello. - How do you do?
Pleased to meet you. - Naturally.
Papa, he's harassing a lot. I'm going to chain him now.
Sir, your car is ready. - My car has arrived.
Okay. - Papa, you've not worn your shoes.
Oh my god! Ramdeen, get my shoes. - Yes, sir.
Okay, gentlemen. Please enjoy yourself. - Okay.
Bye, uncle. - Bye. Papa, come home for lunch. - Yes. Don't worry.
Don't forget. Bye. - Bye.
Nikki, make the tea fast.
Okay. - Hurry.
Will you take 2 spoons of sugar? - Yes. 2 spoons.
Suresh, that's fine. But aren't we going out today?
Where? - Tennis.
Let's go for it! Come.
You too come. - No, I won't come. - Can you play tennis?
No. - No, it's fine. He'll surely come. Let's go.
Thank you very much. Thank you.
Give me those saris.
Sister, get me a nice sari.
Why? What is your intention?
Nothing, sister. I look very young in this.
And my college is also going to start.
So you want to look like a grown up?
Okay. I'll buy a lovely dress for you tomorrow. - Okay.
Chanda, you know from where I'm coming? - Where?
You can't even imagine! - Tell me!
No, I won't tell you! What will you do?
If you won't say, your stomach will get bloated. - Really?
Don't boast to her. Tell me.
Sister, I had gone to my friend Suresh's uncle's bungalow.
What a grand bungalow! I was dazed to see it!
They've adorned it so nicely! Wonderful!
And they gave me tea in silver cup.
Brother, drink it from this. Is there any difference in the taste?
You won't understand.
Sister, seeing their standard of living..
..I realized that we're nothing in comparison.
Listen, Vinod.
Don't underestimate yourself after seeing their grandiosity.
We're fine as we are.
Sister, I think brother has got a complex.
Do you even know its spelling? Do your work.
Hurry up. - Stand straight!
Let me comb too. Will you comb or wear your tie? - Hurry up!
One moment. - Chanda, bring my coat.
You people will make me late. - Wear your coat.
You're strange! Making me late. - Stand straight.
What's this? Who will give me a job seeing this coat?
What are you both doing? You're mocking me!
Sister! - What's happening?
Why is this commotion? - Sister, look.
They've made me a cartoon! - It's looking nice!
Nice? - This is small.
Remove it. You harass him a lot!
Since morning they've been harassing me by doing this or that..
I'm getting late and they're teasing me! - Come on.
Tie the Rakhi. - Come on.
Hurry up. - We've only one brother.
Who else is there to tease? Sister. - Give the interview properly.
Don't lecture me. Give the interview properly?
Tie the Rakhi properly.
Sister, they've been harassing me since morning!
And I'm getting late! Take this.
5 rupees isn't sufficient.
When you get a job, buy something else for me.
Okay, I will give you! Get my coat.
Get me something else. You don't know how to tie the Rakhi.
Tie it properly.
Yes, like that.
I think today you'll get a job.
Sister, with your blessings I'll surely get it.
Take this.
Sister, what should I give you? - Will you give me money?
I'll hit you. Go.
Vinod. - Vinod.
Here come the bad omens! Will I get a job or not?
You shouldn't speak like this. - I'll go from this way.
Where are you?
It's hard to find them. Congratulations! - Brother Vinod.
You didn't tell us.
Your uncle saw the snap in the newspaper and..
..we found out that Vinod has done an amazing thing.
Along with his father, he has made us proud too.
I recognized him a soon as I saw the snap.
Where is Vinod? - He's in that room.
That room! Then what are we doing here? - Yes.
Let's go. - Come.
Let's go.
My dear child! God bless you!
May you get children!
What are you saying!
I mean, may you prosper! - Mother!
Yes. - When will I pass with first class?
You'll surely get it sooner or later. Right?
Dear, first pass your 4th grade.
Since the good news of your success was published..
..all the neighbours started visiting our house. - Really?
And we had to give sweets to everybody.
Aunt. - Yes?
I hope the sweet was made in clarified butter. - Of course
Can't you see this sample? - Mother!
I didn't get the sweet. - You can eat this!
This isn't sufficient.
Fool! If we'd given it to you to eat..
..what would the guest have eaten?
You can eat it here. There is no dearth here.
Wow! The house is adorned so beautifully!
I think the school is thriving.
I had told you before, but you didn't listen.
Indu is a very intelligent girl! She's like lady luck.
She'll prosper in whatever she does.
Talk about Gopi.
Dear, you've got a radiogram.
Uncle, let brother get a job. Then we'll buy a TV too.
Dear, if your aunt's blessings are with you..
..you'll get many things. You will get many things. Right?
Aunty you are right.
While opening the school uncle had blessed us saying that everything..
..will be ruined and so we reached till here.
Give us one more blessing like this and then see how we prosper.
My son, why should you feel bad about what he said?
With love he abuses me as well.
You go, you are getting late. - Yes, sister. I am going.
Be happy. Be happy.
Sweets! Sweets! - You fool!
May I come in, sir?
Come in. Come.
Good morning, sir. - Good morning.
Please sit down. - Thank you.
Vinod, have you worked anywhere before?
Sir, I had applied in 2-3 places, but.. - Okay. Tell me one thing.
What do you think about the industrial..
..development in our country?
There is a lot of scope for industrial..
..development in our country.
If we want, we can make so much progress that..
..we won't have to import anything from abroad.
And we can do this.
With competition, we can surpass other countries.
Vinod, tell me something.
Even with this heavy taxation, you think we can achieve this?
My thoughts on this are a little different. - What?
This black money is the bane of our country.
With this there is neither industrial development..
..nor any aid for the country.
It's useless. It's dead money.
Good. But tell me..
..how do we utilize this dead money again in our industries.
Look, if the taxation is reduced..
..automatically the black money will also reduce.
Automatically traders will invest more money in their business.
And they'll record those profits in their accounts.
And gradually our problem will be solved.
Vinod, from today your new life begins.
This is your office.
I'm sure you'll fulfill your responsibilities well.
Listen, I've told the cashier to give you advance.
And maintain yourself properly.
In a month or so, you'll get a car too. Don't worry.
Thank you, sir. - Good luck. - Thank you.
Sister. My good, sister.
What happened? - I got a job.
Really? - You had tied the Rakhi in the morning.
Brother, what did you bring for me?
I brought a dress for you. Here.
Thanks. - Brother, you got a job?
Now I'll even get a car. - Then I'll go to college in a car.
And I'll go to office on foot? - Yes.
Madhu, take your dress.
Sister. - Yes.
I've bought this for you.
It's very nice.
Till today you were buying everything for us.
Today for the first time I've bought something for you.
This is the first souvenir of your earning, right?
I'll keep it carefully.
Come. Have something. - Come.
May I come in? - Come in.
Hi. - Hello.
You? In the office?
Why? Can't I come to the office?
I didn't mean that.
Will you've something? Hot or cold?
Is this a place to drink anything? I'll take you to the right place.
Where? - Out.
Out? - Yes. - No.
Not during office hours.
Papa. - Hello, child.
We're going out. - Who?
Vinod and I. - Okay.
You can come now. - What?
Please come. - Okay.
Let's go.
Gupta, check the papers in my office..
..and if anyone asks.. - Come on.
Good evening, ma'am. Good evening. - Good evening, sir.
Good evening.
What will you have? - Tea.
What? Tea?
Waiter. - Yes, ma'am. - Get 2 Bloody Mary.
Thank you.
Bloody Mary? - Is this a place to drink tea?
There's strong breeze here. I'll sit there.
Why are you sitting so far? Sit next to me. - Yes.
How is this place? - Nice.
Nice? This is a very nice place.
Yes, it's a very nice place.
Do you know swimming?
Swimming? - Yes.
Not very well. - I go for swimming daily.
Listen. We get costumes here. Shall I teach you swimming?
Now? No.
Some other time. Not now.
Bloody Mary. - Yes. It's very nice. Taste it.
You won't forget me.
How do I look? - Ma'am?
I mean how is the Bloody Mary? - Ma'am?
What? Why are you being so formal?
Finish this fast, we've to drink one more. - Yes.
No, Mr. Kapoor, you've to pass this bill.
Yes. - Yes? - Sir, boss has called you home.
He has called me? - Yes. - Okay. Thank you.
Sir, did you call me? - Yes. Sit sown. - Yes.
How are you, Vinod? - Fine, sir.
Cigarette? - No, sir. Thank you.
You've handled the work at the office nicely.
I'm very happy with you. - Thank you, sir.
Actually I'll be going away after a few days.
I don't know when I'll return. I was thinking that..
Listen, what do you think about Rinky?
What? - Rinky, my daughter.
She's nice.
She'll be lonely after my departure.
You know, she calls herself a lonely person.
I'm thinking of handing her responsibility to you.
Sir? - I mean I should make you her life partner.
Sir, I've not.. - Thought about it!
How could you even think of it? But, I've decided.
Vinod, you're talented and ambitious.
Everything in this house belongs to my daughter.
You'll have to stay with my daughter in this house.
What? In this house?
Yes. All this will belong to you.
But.. - Even educated boys are unemployed nowadays.
Think of it, Vinod. You won't get this chance again in life.
Sir, I'll have to consult my sister.
Yes, you can consult her. I don't have any objection.
If she's orthodox, she may even refuse.
But Vinod, I'm a practical man.
A man can't progress by being sentimental.
And this your right age to make your career.
You don't know sister has done so much for me.
Yes, she must have.
And now she must be expecting a lot from you.
And expectation is money.
You can fulfil that duty by staying here.
And how long can a sister and a brother stay together?
And one more thing, Vinod.
I don't like refusal.
Vinod. - Yes?
You're standing here. Won't you've dinner?
You eat, sister. I'll eat later.
What is it? You look worried.
Was it something in the office? - No. Nothing like that.
Actually one of my friends is in a dilemma.
I was thinking of him. - What happened to your friend?
The owner, of the company where he works..
..has proposed him to marry his daughter.
This is a good thing!
Is the girl nice? - She's nice.
But he wants to make him live-in son-in-law.
No. But this isn't fair.
If he doesn't agree, he'll lose his job.
You know how difficult it's to get a job.
And his whole family depends on him. And..
How can he fulfill his family's duties by staying away?
Get him employed in your company. Your boss is a good man.
Come. Have dinner.
'Vinod, you don't get a chance like this again in life.'
'I'm a practical man.'
'A man can't progress by being sentimental.'
'And this your right age to make your career.'
'How long can a sister and brother stay together?'
'Expectation is money.'
'Expectation is money.'
'Expectation is money.'
'Respected sister, the question I asked last night..'
'..wasn't for a friend, but for myself.'
'I struggled with my conscience whole night.'
'In the end I've decided.'
'It's better for all of us if I leave.'
'Even though I'll be away, I'll look after the house and payments.'
'Hope you'll forgive my mistake..'
'..considering me your younger brother.'
'Yours, Vinod.'
"There are many junctures in the journey of life."
"There are many junctures in the journey of life."
"Our own people leave breaking all the ties."
"Don't loose your patience."
"Don't loose your patience."
"Walk carefully.."
"Keep walking on that path, traveller."
"The path that you've chosen.."
"..keep walking on that path, traveller."
Yes. - What is it?
Has everyone gone out?
Sister is upstairs.
Go ahead. I'll get tea.
What's the matter?
The house is quiet. You've not switched on the light.
I knew you would come and switch it on.
Sit. - It's fine.
I didn't come here since many days so I thought of meeting you.
How is Vinod's work going on? - Fine.
But he doesn't stay here now.
Since the factory is too far, it takes time commuting.
But what's the difficulty?
People commute from far distances to their work.
It's good that he got a job.
Now you'll be relieved soon.
That might not be possible.
It seems that only..
..work is my life, Sagar.
Heard, Madhu? Your sister doesn't wish to stop working.
I suggest you to hand the school's work to someone else..
..and you all take a leave.
What do you think?
We could if it was possible.
But sister can't do it.
I think that sister will just perish working continuously. - Madhu.
Brother Sagar, I'm helpless to say this for the first time.
If you had not agreed with sister's decision that day..
..and had forced her or asserted your rights..
..her condition wouldn't have been like this today. - Madhu.
Why did you stop?
It's futile to say anything now.
We don't have to hide from him?
What's the matter?
Brother Sagar, brother Vinod has left us. - What?
And I.. Sister will tell you the rest.
Vinod left home.
She talks immaturely.
If he left, why be sad?
He left to get success.
Just wait and watch, Sagar. He'll surely return.
He hasn't gone away.
My Vinod can't do this.
He can't break my trust. No.
'Vinod. Have you forgotten your sister so soon?'
'You didn't even inform about the wedding.'
'But I've not forgotten you.'
'For my happiness bring daughter-in-law to our home.'
'It doesn't look good.'
'Everyone wants to meet you both.'
'I hope you'll come.'
Hello, Vinod. You're late today.
I've been waiting for you since 5 p.m.
You're going to play? - Yes.
Come with me.
Why are you so serious?
Your papa has gone to Germany.
He has burdened me with so much work. I've to be serious.
C'mon, Vinod. Papa frequently travels abroad.
You leave your seriousness in the office before returning.
Sit here, Rinky. I want to talk to you.
What's it?
Sister has invited both of us.
How come this sudden affection for us?
No, Rinky. You don't know sister.
She's very good.
It's our mistake that we didn't take her blessings.
I've written to her. We're going next Sunday.
It's fine that you've written.
Ask me before fixing an appointment in future.
Sister, whose letter is it?
It's from Vinod! - Brother's letter?
Vinod is coming this Sunday with his wife.
Oh,sister! It will be somuch fun.
Brother will come sister-in-law will come.
So many people will come.
Madhu, we will decorate the house beautifully.
I will get a sari for her. I will get ornaments for her.
But sister, where does she wear a sari?
I don't know whether she will wear it.
You go. You go and quickly call Navin.
Sister, shall I go and tell my friends? - Yes.
Brother will come. Brother will come.
Come in. - Come.
Come in, sister-in-law. - Come, brother.
The bride is so beautiful. Right?
Our groom too is handsome.
Okay, sit. - Sit.
Sit. - I'm fine here.
Indu. - Uncle.
I had promised, so I've come.
But I've an important appointment so I've to leave.
She's.. - Urmila.
She's my neighbour.
She wants to talk to you.
Now you both talk. I'm leaving.
Won't you meet Vinod? - Bless him on my behalf.
Come in.
I want to talk something important to you for a minute, Indu.
My son is an engineer in Canada.
And I like your younger sister Madhu very much.
I would like her to marry my son. - Really?
This is good news.
I'll personally come to you and discuss it. - Really?
Okay. I'll leave now. - At least have some sweets.
I'll surely eat sweets and also have lunch that day. - Okay.
"The diamond ring on sister-in-law's finger.."
"Diamond ring.. .diamond ring."
"She has bound my brother to it."
"She has bound my brother to it."
"This is a very lovely pair."
"This is a very beautiful pair."
"Brother is handsome and sister-in-law is pretty."
"Brother is handsome and sister-in-law is pretty."
"Oh, god."
"The diamond ring on sister-in-law's finger,"
"Diamond ring.. .diamond ring."
"Listen to us. Don't get angry, sister-in-law."
"Listen to us. Don't get angry, sister-in-law."
"Let us kiss your beautiful face."
"Let us kiss your beautiful face."
"This is first moment of joy in the house. Let's dance together."
"Let us all dance together."
"Don't be a stranger now."
"Don't be a stranger now."
"Brother is handsome and sister-in-law is pretty."
"Brother is handsome and sister-in-law is pretty."
"Oh, god!"
"The diamond ring on sister-in-law's finger,"
"The diamond ring on sister-in-law's finger,"
"Don't harass her. - Why?"
"Seek her blessings. - Okay."
"Don't harass her. Seek her blessings."
"Sister-in-law has come home after lots of pleading."
"Sister-in-law has come home after lots of pleading."
"She has always worn western dresses."
"Today she's blushing in Indian dress."
"Today she's blushing in Indian dress."
"Distribute sweets on this happy occasion."
"Distribute sweets on this happy occasion."
"Brother is handsome and sister-in-law is pretty."
"Brother is handsome and sister-in-law is pretty."
"Oh, god!"
"The diamond ring on sister-in-law's finger."
"The diamond ring on sister-in-law's finger."
"Red chilli. - No."
"Black pepper. - No."
"Red chilli. - No."
"Black pepper. - No."
"She's like a green chilli. Very hot-tempered."
"She's like a green chilli. Very hot-tempered."
"My brother speaks Hindi, while sister-in-law is an English ma'am."
"Sister-in-law is an English ma'am."
"She has fooled my simple brother."
"She has fooled my innocent brother."
"Brother is handsome and sister-in-law is pretty."
"Brother is handsome and sister-in-law is pretty."
What insolence!
Let's go home.
How can you say that?
There are so many guests here. What will they think?
Let them think anything, I don't care.
If they stay till 12, do I've to stay too?
Sister-in-law, what are you saying?
At least stay with us tonight.
You've to stay here tonight, daughter-in-law.
Forgive me. He can stay if wants to, but I'm leaving.
Why are you getting angry?
They're just children. - Is this the way to behave?
Someone pulls my hair and someone my dress.
Backward people!
Vinod, daughter-in-law doesn't have manners.
You call me ill-mannered?
Sister, you shouldn't have called her so.
Very good, Vinod.
You said the right thing.
Now you'll teach your sister how to talk.
That's why she has raised and educated you.
Brother Sagar, it would be better if you don't interfere.
I respect you.
I would've been honoured if you had respected your sister..
and instead of insulting her you had explained your wife.
Who are you to explain to us? - Vinod!
Did you come here to get a beating? Come with me!
Dear, we're leaving.
Come. - Okay.
Maybe I erred in raising him or else today
Vinod wouldn't have said such a big thing.
Vinod was right, Indu.
I shouldn't have come here.
Who am I to interfere in your matter?
Today Vinod has said this.
Tomorrow anyone else can say that.
Today for the first time I've realized this.
What authority do I've to come here?
What authority? It can't be explained.
It can only be understood.
Vinod can't understand it.
You do understand me, right?
Whatever I've done till today was only because of your support.
You're very dear to me. You're very close to me.
I.. - Life is so strange.
A person maybe very close to somebody..
..but still appears so far off.
"There is no value of heart here."
"Anyone can break it."
"Till the time a relation isn't formed.."
"..we remain estranged."
"Forget destination, now even the hope of.."
"..reaching the destination has dwindled."
"We couldn't make an abode."
"The abode couldn't be made."
Yes, mother?
The neighbours are going on a pilgrimage.
I think I should also join them.
I don't like to be alone in such a big house.
You're right.
Son, if only I could've understood your feelings at that time..
..today this home wouldn't have felt lonely.
Indu's brother and sisters must have grown big now?
All have become mature.
Indu's responsibilities are over.
What is her opinion now?
Mother, when are you leaving?
I wish to leave tomorrow, son. - Okay.
I'll also come with you, mother.
Can you come?
What is left here now, mother?
There is just the clinic.
I'll find a care taker for that. - It's fine.
Once you go out of town to roam around, you'll get some peace.
I'll pack your luggage.
Daughter-in-law, you can say whatever you want..
..but I didn't like the way..
..she slapped her brother in front of others. It's not right.
Even I didn't expect that she would insult me in this way.
Daughter-in-law, even I didn't expect it.
I don't know why she behaved this way.
You belong to a rich family.
I think she wants to control you both.
You're very intelligent, daughter-in-law.
You didn't let it happen.
Right, Vinod? Daughter-in-law did the right thing?
Listen, Deven. Get the medicines I prescribed today.
Yes, doctor. I will get them today.
Sister. Hello.
Deven? You?
Yes, sister, I work here as an assistant now.
Did you finish your studies?
No. You know I had to work a lot at home.
So I couldn't study further.
Now I work with brother Sagar. - Okay.
But Sagar brother isn't inside?
Has he gone on a visit?
No, he has gone out of town with mother.
Where? - He didn't say anything.
Do you know when will he return? - No.
He handed the dispensary to this doctor and left.
Good-bye, sister.
"Your bond of love could break too."
"Your bond of love could break too."
"The companion for eternity could be left behind."
"Console yourself with false hopes.."
"..and keep yourself under illusion."
"Keep walking on that path, traveller."
"Keep walking on that path, traveller."
"No matter how long you suffer.."
"No matter how long you suffer.."
"..keep giving joy to others."
"Keep walking on the path that you've chosen, traveller."
"Keep walking on the path that you've chosen, traveller."
Did you read it? - Yes.
You had kept a letter inside. What if someone at home had seen it?
I don't get a chance to talk to you.
What have you thought about that letter? - Chanda!
Your sister has come. - Sister, you?
Sister, let's go home.
Chanda, who was this boy?
He studies in the college.
But he's senior to you. How do you know him?
I had borrowed a book from him.
Okay. Come. - Come.
Sister, I'm going to college. - Okay.
Did Chanda leave? - Yes.
Sister. - Yes.
I've tried to advise Chanda many times, but she doesn't listen to me?
What is it about?
She roams with a boy and returns home late.
Did you like it?
Not more than you. - You're becoming very naughty.
It's because of your charm. - Is it? Tell me the time.
Oh god! It's very late.
Please wait. - No, I can't make excuses daily.
What if sister comes to know?
Sister Madhu!
Sister Madhu! Open the door.
I don't know what happened.
Why did you take so long to open the door, sister Madhu? - Wait!
Where were you all this time?
That professor's coaching classes ends late. So I'm late.
Does your coaching class end late daily?
Professor Kapoor teaches so nicely.. - Stop lying to me.
I know everything. Tomorrow onwards you won't go out.
I can't promise. - Why?
Sister, now I've grown up.
I can understand what is right and wrong.
I don't want to stay trapped in this house.
'Sleep or I'll drop you.'
'Go to sleep.'
"A small bud is going to sleep."
"Wind, blow slowly."
I forgot that you've grown up now.
You can understand what's right and wrong for you.
Sister, pardon her. She's immature.
What wrong have I done..
..to get this in return from you?
Did I keep myself..
..confined here to deserve this..
Sister, don't cry.
Sister, don't cry.
Sister, don't cry.
Come inside.
It's going to rain.
Come inside.
Chanda, I never expected you to misbehave with sister.
I don't know what happened to me, sister Madhu.
I didn't do it on purpose.
I didn't intend to hurt sister.
Have dinner. - Forgive me, sister.
Forgive me, sister.
What is his name? - Sunil.
What does he do? - His dad has got a business.
He intends to look after the business after his graduation.
Will he marry you?
Give me his address. I'll talk to his parents.
Have your dinner. - Okay.
This is good.
Madhu, your in-laws are also in a hurry.
I think I'll fix Chanda's marriage..
..and get you both married at the same time.
Sister, I won't marry.
Sister, I won't leave you alone.
I'm not alone. I'm always with you.
Madhu, you too have to get settled.
I'll be happy only when I see you both happy.
And then girls have to go to their in-laws' place. - And you?
This boy has come from Canada for a fortnight.
And he wishes to marry you and take you along.
Sister, you'll send me away so far?
Silly girl, our dear ones are never far from us.
You're unnecessarily crying. Come.
Chanda, look. This ornament is so beautiful.
It's mine. I wanted more from brother Vinod.
But all those desires are unfulfilled.
Chanda, you always think of yourself.
Sister has already given so much.
Did the jeweller deliver the ornaments? - Yes, sister.
What did you get, sister? - Bridal saris for both of you.
Is it? Let me see.
Let's see.
Sister, don't you think it is old fashion?
Don't you like it? - Madhu, show me your sari.
Even this is same. - But I like it very much.
Keep it. I'll get another for you.
And what about this?
I'll return it.
Sister! - Yes.
You're doing so much for us.
This is the last duty in the house.
Nothing should fall short.
You've given us everything you had.
Haven't you kept anything for yourself?
Myself? This all belongs to you.
And you're everything I have.
I was waiting for this happiness.
Whatever I did, I did for this day.
Whom do you want to meet?
Is Vinod home? - But you..
I'm his sister. - Okay.
He must be upstairs. Sit.
I'll look for him. Sit.
What's it? - Mr. Vinod's sister has come.
His sister has come?
You can go. - Okay.
How are you, daughter-in-law?
Where is Vinod?
He's not at home.
When will he come? Shall I come again?
I'm not sure about it. He could be very late.
You can give me the message.
I've found good grooms for Chanda and Madhu.
I'm getting them married on the same day.
There is no one apart from both of you to take care of things.
Please come 2 days before the wedding.
And inform Vinod about my arrival.
Okay. Leave the card.
Please come. Don't forget.
Why don't you sit down?
This is also my home. I'll sit. - Okay.
Navin. - Yes, sister?
Any news of Vinod? Did you phone him?
Yes. But no one is answering.
I think they've already left to come here.
If they left, they should be here by now. - Yes.
Shall I call again?
Yes. Hurry up. - Okay.
The auspicious time for the marriage is passing by.
Who will perform the ceremony of giving away the brides?
Uncle, Vinod hasn't arrived yet.
You.. - Daughter..
Do this duty as well.
Sister, you'll be left alone.
Don't worry about me.
Prashant. - Yes?
Madhu is a very simple girl.
She never tells if she desires anything.
Take care of her. - Yes.
Let's see now, how you play mischief.
Sunil. - Yes?
She's nave. Forgive her if she's errs.
Yes. - Sister, you'll visit us?
I will.
You settle down. I'll come.
Don't cry. Don't cry.
If you cry like this..
Don't cry. Come.
I'm sure Chandranath's soul must have rested in peace today.
We ask for a boy as our first born.
We think that a girl is like a burden.
But today after seeing you I think..
..if the first born child is like you..
..we wouldn't miss a son.
You stayed unmarried to get your sisters married.
This is a very big sacrifice.
Dear, what more can I tell now?
My blessings are with you.
God bless you!
'I've finished my journey.'
'But Sagar is still waiting.'
'How can I go? Nothing is left now.'
'I'll go away somewhere.'
"The shade of the tree isn't for that tree."
"The shade of the tree isn't for that tree."
"He spent his life in service."
"No matter how many fruits one plucked.."
"No matter how many fruits one plucked.."
"..the tree keeps on growing it."
"Keep walking on that path, traveller."
"The path that you've chosen.."
"The path that you've chosen.."
"..keep walking on that path, traveller."
"Your inner soul narrates your own story."
"Your inner soul narrates your own story."
"The tear from your eyes, reveals the truth."
"Whatever form.."
"..destiny gives us, we've to change into it."
"Keep walking on that path, traveller."
"Keep walking on that path, traveller."
Madhu and Chanda got married, but I never came to know.
I couldn't even imagine that sister would do this to me.
After all they're my sisters.
How can she separate us?
Okay, I'll make a decision today.
I'll not stop today whatever comes.
Mother, today my responsibilities are over.
Vinod, Madhu and Chanda are happily settled.
I finished the work daddy had left half way.
Dad, you used to say that girls belong to their in-law's houses.
That's not true.
You've come now.
Sister, you made me estranged.
What are you saying?
I was waiting only for you at the wedding.
You wait for those who are invited.
Madhu and Chanda got married and I didn't even know.
No one told you?
When you forgot, who else will tell me? - Vinod.
Vinod, I came to your home.
Your wife said you'll return late.
So I gave the invitation card..
Daughter-in-law, that day I gave you..
Maybe she forgot. - No, sister.
Now I understood. She has done this purposely.
You came to my home and she didn't even tell me.
Why did you hide from me?
Why don't you answer? - Why are you scolding her?
I want to ask you.
Maybe you didn't want her to get our love.
You've never returned after leaving this house.
You remembered my slap, but forgot my love for you.
This is my fault, not yours.
I lost my sense because of the glitter of the wealth.
I drifted away from your love.
But what did I get there?
I was like a puppet.
And only I am responsible for this, sister.
It's futile to think of the past now.
It's good you came here.
I was coming to your home to give you the keys.
Here, daughter-in-law. The keys to this home.
You take care of this place now.
Sister, forgive me.
I misunderstood you. - No.
Where are you going?
No, sister. We won't let you go.
Remember, you had promised to give me a break?
Won't you let me take a break today? - No.
I won't let you leave.
Vinod, let me go. Don't stop me.
I'm feeling suffocated here today for the first time.
Let me go. - No sister.
You can't leave us. - Let me go.
No. - At least let her go now.
Vinod, she stayed tied to this home for..
..so many years because of you.
At least release her now!
You accomplished whatever you had wished for this house.
And now..
Now it's too late.
I'm too late, Sagar.
It's twilight of my life now.
Won't you fill this twilight years with joy?
And then life is too short.
Can't the lover of youthful days..
..unite after ages?
The Indu that you had seen..
..doesn't exist.
But I..
No, this isn't possible.
I've waited for you all these years for my son's happiness.
I'm tired now.
You gave the keys of this house.
How long can I handle the keys of your in-law's house?
Here. I can't handle that responsibility anymore.
God bless you, daughter.
Have a happy married life! Let's go home now.
Come, son.