Murray Stewart 2012 AIS Team of the Year

Uploaded by ausport on 18.11.2012

Murray Stewart, congratulations on being part of the AIS Team of the Year. How does it feel
being in Canberra with that award in your hand?
It’s amazing; it really is quite an honour I have to say. Like I said on stage it’s
such a talented group of athletes that we were nominated amongst that it’s a big honour
to be actually standing here with this award.
And your part of the Australian Institute of Sport, the AIS, what does that mean as
far as support to be part of the AIS?
It’s absolutely huge. We We really rely on it; our sport is it’s not a professional
sport for us so without the support of the AIS we would be in a bit of strife, we don’t
have huge sponsorships ourselves so they have provided us with such a great program for
you know as far as coaches go, support staff and you know funding on top of that so it’s
absolutely crucial.
To get four guys together, working as one, is you know is a lot tougher than to get one
talented individual on your own, so for us to have that coordination and train together
as a unit is completely dependent on that AIS support.
And the Olympic Gold that must have been absolutely amazing, did you go into the Games expecting
to come out with that sort of success?
We wanted to, we had come second the year before, so I can’t say we expected to win,
but we were very hungry for it and we knew that we had done the work and that we were
going to be in the mix.
On the day there were another you know in our race there were eight crews in the final,
so there were seven other pretty fast crews out there and it really was a case of no clear
favorite. So we didn’t know how the results were going to fall, but luckily they fell
our way.
And Murray, I believe you got into Sprint Canoe from Surf Lifesaving? How did that happen?
I did, I started as a Surf Lifesaver. I went through Nippers at Manly Lifesaving Club and
I started paddling skis and once I reached a certain level on the surf skis, the natural
progression was to move onto cartlix and I was encouraged through my Surf Club, the coaches
at Manly, suggested that I go and try try sprint kayaking as an avenue to improve my
ski paddling,
But also as you know I’d taken my ski paddling to a certain level and there was always in
the sprint kayaking avenue there is the Olympics as the eventual goal so I have to thank my
club for pushing me in that direction and Surf Lifesaving in general for getting me
into paddling.
And it’s really the same for the other three guys in the crew. All three of them come from
a Surf Lifesaving background first and we were in quite a similar place with four different
surf clubs.
Do you have any tips for aspiring young athletes that might want to get into sprint canoeing
and have the sort of success that you guys have had?
Give it a go, it’s an awesome sport, I really enjoy it, I mean I train in on Narrabeen on
the Northern beaches of Sydney so it’s a beautiful place, a beautiful thing to do in
the morning when I get up.
But at the same time it’s a lot of hard work, I’m not going to put it out there,
it’s not an easy journey, but if you know you’re thinking about it, I think we’ve
proved that Australians can do it and off the back of Clint Robinson’s success in
the past and Ken Wallace’s success in Beijing, now for four new gold medalists from our sport
I think it’s obvious that Australia has you got talent as far as sprint kayaking is
concerned, so get out there and go for it!
Murray Stewart thanks again and congratulations on both your award and the gold medal.
No worries, thank you very much!