Primavera P6 - 1.1 Intro to Project Management

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Hello, my name is Jerid forty I a a Grook networks consultant
today we're going to be discussing
introduction to project management
so the outline for discussions here's rene discuss project management
we gonna have ... general discussion of
uh... project management concepts
project manager skills that are required
project management software
and seven reasons
experts have determined that
projects fail
the first question is what is a project
while the definition uh...
that the PMI , PMBOK
provides is it project is a temporary endeavor
undertaken to create a unique product service or result
so what they're trying to stress here's a
if you do something every single day like you on a
cookie factory
and you make cookies everyday
all day
and making cookies is not a project
because that is part of your operations are your business that something you do
all the time
if installing brand new
to make
cookies and a more efficient manner
um... that would be a project
so what they're trying to frenchie eight between here is the operations which is
done please
to sustain the business

you can see you the operation starts after that
the national project
so they try to differentiate between international project and thus and what
your business does on a daily basis
so, project ends when its objectives have been reached for the project has
been terminated
in a very often projects fail or
by the time you'r
halfway through it
the project team
made the executive branch of your company has
determined that no longer need to be done
and that is a reality
protestant even larger smaller contextual worker long time to complete
that could be multiple years they could be more for months can be
two days
comic ever
you know ten activities are ten thousand
but as long as it has an end
and uh... it's not
and operations
involved kind of activities
you know then
you definitely have a project
the greatest discussed as a unique purpose
it is temporary
project is uh... developed using progressive iteration
requires resources often from various areas
you know people from HR (Human Resources) you can and people from
facilities you can have people from
you know outside contractors you have all kinds of the resources of all in
your project
should have a uh... primary concern or sponsor
so the project sponsor is
normally a person who rides a direction funding for the project
you know uh... project will involve uncertainty once again kindly
delineation between
you daily operations which making cookies all day normally doesn't have
any uncertainty probably figured the process out hands
you do that
without a hitch
whereas projects
acquire multiple resources on plans and all that kind of things because they're
you know a lot of uncertainty involved
so ill talk about project m program managers
project manager work with project sponsors project teams of the people of
all the brothers to meet project goals
literacy trina project in a program
led a program that is day
grouping of projects
some organization
that have
normally have some some cut something in paying comment
and uh... even d logically group all these projects into one program so they
can be manish at a higher level
definition here what time mark is a group of related projects managing
to obtain benefits and control
not available from an engine managing them individually
so the relevant here is that uh... you get a special noun of of uh...
controller some particular benefit by
treating him as a group
the projects in that way
so program managers are exactly project managers but you know there are a lot
they normally ah...
oversee projects in and very often act as a boss or project manager for
multiple projects
here you'll see a list of project stakeholders
stakeholders anyone
anyone at all who has
could be affected by the project
mystical there could be
you're doing a construction projects the caller could be
the guy who owns the corner store
down the street
you know maybe
your construction project in all alone
men the employees go there every single day
hands you know
tuscan aspect m poorer
you know foot traffic
all kinds of things so anyone that could
potentially be affected by your project as a stakeholder
you get the general once your project sponsored project manager project team
support staff
customers users suppliers
and even upon us the projects have people
in the neighborhood who don't
once again with the construction uh... example people money really don't want
to construction
you have to manage uh...
the stakeholders
uh... they could have the the huge effect on the project of success
near the concept of co project management office
and um... there for two p_m_ hours and organizational group
responsible for coordinating the project management function throughout an
so this is kind of uh... like
your project management
flicked the
brain trust for your company with regard to project management
so um... non-specific team
that is assigned to one specific project put
the people at your company too
focus on project management
for the company
to the possible goals are to collect organize an n_r_a_ project data for the
entire position
who developed maintained templates for project documents
they uh... corny training
various project management topics developed in providing formal career
path for project managers
provide project management consulting services
could provide a search of the house project managers while they are acting
in those roles or between projects
so here and talk about what
what is product manager
well the textbook definition is the application of knowledge skills tools
and techniques to project activities need project requirements
sizzle to come back we'll tell you
clearly the area
sustained definition
but yun clearly also a little vaca
slocum box stuff you'll see the triple constraint
every project is constrained by
you know this the three uh... constraints scope time cost
before on changes in the other two must uh...
they must adjust
so if your scope it's larger aerial clearly have
need more time in you'll need more money
anymore money probably need more time in scope
you know clearly will changed
uh... so you get these three constraints that all of the direct effect on each
and uh... this is the project manager's duty to balance these three austin often
competing goals
um... successful project management means meeting all three of them scope
time cost without slowing the project sponsor
they really now victor saying here after competing and is that there is uh...
delimited amount of resources
if you are crash a schedule of analyst resources and scandal
translated on schedule
tonic failure cost you and i go up
and so it is a saying that as you know i uh...
these three constraints
directly affected children
wednesday an image of the project life so
piazza project initiation project planning
project execution
project closure
then within that
uh... each of these life cycle
well basically you'll be doing project review product definition detailed
planning and monitoring controlling
the entire time for each of these uh...
each of these stages in the life cycle
project definition phase
so the first phase of the project your initiative project without further
project manager which
in my opinion yet i think you should identify the project manager before you
initiate the project
many times uh...
accompany all michigan project and then go find someone to manage it
sometimes again
two could be a big advantage to the project if the president andrew shows in
and is uh... they're at the at inception
not just kind of
picked from girl who's who's available right now on them
assignment that product joan
need of develop the product charter
conduct the feasibility study
find the planning phase
and then everyone involved signs off on a project charter of the product
charters just you know basically
a documentary on agrees upon
shambles you know what the projects
you know what the uh...
prettier for success
and what the scope is
you know who built who will be involved
near the product planning phase
celebrity mandir will start to do determine the you know
who's gonna need
to you complete the project successfully assistant organizer
going to develop a project plan
and then uh...
than the whole team will sign off on the project plan brother premises too much
much more detail diversion
with the project charter the product charter just
as a high-level saying that the executives and everybody
agrees that this is a project that we want to forego that no project plan as
detail like how we're going to do it
are we going to do it but
harry and i go about it
so they get to the third phase uh... oh the predicate execution phase
where work actually begins
you can see that the execution of project plan courage here
uh... master of the project and has enough things change a lot
you may need uh... my father budget plan
can implement the projects results and south on the projects completion so
these are all stages of uh...
of executing
the plan that was created in the planning phase
now monitoring a controlling
this good scheduling you know reporting
in earned value now also this things like that china's chairman
you know what the health of the project is said
you know where they're going to be successful uh... under you know that
cost understood
on time all those things
some are jane actually achieve in against the plans are for instance is
and base lining things of that nature
uh... assessing whether the product rule deliver the required benefits within the
define constraints
and then
based on on the san i also see you can act
say you're going to be under schedule orignal
they're gonna be late the projects planning to be late the schedules
telling m_e_ two months late
so acting the main thing that this is
his you know
taking action to try and
fix the problems that are basically affecting your project
acting to maintain a technical integrity of the project showing that
bill deliver the goods um...
staff to do with funeral plans and drawings and
you know if you're in a construction project has built sings that nature if
you're in the nineteen project
you know may have to deal with
and number diagram sir
making sure that
the code that you're reading news
you know correct
uh... that's ten debug juror been reviewed
and uh... trouble shot
so basically make insurance the quality assurance to ensure that the product
you're going to deliver is uh...
is of good quality
and the protocol f_a_a_'s thrown
in a document
your lessons learned in the project so that in a future project teams
let's say build a building
and the next email is going to build a building main comeback in reno
quality of our sins learned and be a little too
to avoid those pitfalls
and uh...
and uh... save that project some some money in som some grief
near to have the after implementation review which is basically ah...
and everyone sits down discusses you know
what they thought was right or wrong
and an employer providing performance feedback everyone knows a lot of the
project will get a review
and to determine what their performance levels that anderson's uh... acceptable
or not
here because of the contracts with all those vendors with all the honors with
do they really just uh... journey due diligence at the end of the project
hands on
making sure that all those evans buttoned up don't at the end
unit complete a ministry to close out deliver the project completion report
so here is uh...
nine project
management knowledge areas
bulger's ascribe a key competencies occurred
the project management develop
cigs for core knowledge areas that lead to specific project objectives
we discuss is uh... three of them
of the trinity here scope time cost and quality
you know you can
beat the scope
you can do it on time you can do it
you know within the
within the budget
but if the quality of the product is no good then
what's the point
then um... for facilitating knowledge arizona means through which the project
objectives are achieved
unit human resource communication risk etc curing management
one knowledge air project integration management affects and has affected by
all the other knowledge areas
and you know
the last open and discuss this is all the net ontology razor of uh... uh
of great importance
soap rather management tools and techniques isis project managers in
nineteen letters aspects of project management
specific tools and techniques include project charter scope statements and
that he did the tedious
because if you don't know what to do the bs is its work breakdown search fresher
you can see the diagram here
this clearly of uh... organizing your scope
into a hierarchical structure
so it's more easily managed
and you know you're looking here at a
and a gram
the network diagram it's going to help you uh... determine what the fee
the longest path
chisel so the fastest
time in which you can complete your project is uh...
sis basically
what these heavily sufferers down behind the scenes for you
thelma gantt chart once again those
what you see a michigan going software
uh... the couple path analysis critical chain schedule and you can see it there
this is all the stuff that you learn in uh...
anya p_n_g_
and uh...
when you basically very go these activities down
you also need to do cost estimates and do your analogy
and earned value management
so here's some suggested skills for project managers
clearly a project manager will need a wide variety of skills but uh... we
should be comparable change
because uh... never been involved with a project that went the way that was
changes really the only constant and project management so they consider
speaking to here
tom project manager should be able to understand the organizations they work
and and with so that means
understanding limitations of your company understanding how much
supporting our india actually received from them
things of that nature just understanding organization and uh... its inner
and then he should be able to lead a team to uh...
to accomplish project goals
chains you know motivating people
they know the deal of personalities being a little deal schedules and all
those h_r_ kind of uh...
kind of issues
supporting managers need of hard and soft skills kind of what i was just
talking about her skills and
include product knowledge knowing how to use various project management tools and
which is all the technical stuff you know scheduling mean
how to read a project scope in all the things you learn then
you know like uh... soft skills being how to work with people on
how to motivate them
how to uh...
distribute your workload
how to trust the people that work for you and know that they're going to uh...
you know do leave asean didn't so you don't end of micromanaging things of
that nature
there's more suggests a still surprising managers get communication skills
organizational skills team building skills leadership skills
coping skills
technology skills
all these things are very important
when running a project
and then uh...
you know there's lots of project manhunts software you know them
term endure this
these tutorials is going to speak directly to p six
which is an oracle primavera product which is
an enterprise level
project mana sufferer
the definition here for the measure software as uh... any software solution
allows an individual or a team of people
tractor project from its conception to its launch
so basically from an beginning to the end
the software typically provide product project managers and other team members
with a single access point
to a wealth of purnell information
cooking scheduled every sources budget management time management
task assignments call it control bug issue reports documentation and
collaborative tools
so project management tools there
a good one will give you it home base
where you can go back and check on the status of pretty much anything that read
you know that pertains to the project
and the globe project where sup project project management suffers increase
efficiency by making the project development cycle more transparent
for all involved team members
each member of of the teams to be provided with their own personal view of
lying on the track to specific tests they're working on
and team members may be given access to other members assigned task list so they
can have a better understanding of how far into the development process the
project has progressed
by creating a more transparent flow of information between president managers
and team members
project management suffer and to keep people on task and up to date on a
project progress
so this is saying is uh... basically
if you're in a minister the prejudicial suffer like p six u
you wouldn't show
every single user
you know every screen in the software would
not only would confuse them
you had summoned on data entry they'll need to look at
the you know
certain areas
and also said it was security but
and then you have people like project managers you need to deal with a c other
people's um...
other people screens in the you know her views of the software and be able to
determine how much progress they've made
so that you can gauge uh...
where the progress for the project is
and is transparent flow of information between preliminaries and team members
is important
in a clear you trying to
china's chairman how much work you've gotten
and if you're not able to see that quickly and easily then
he's done a lot of time just
uh... not worrying about the project but worry about
the project team and minor little things
so they have been turned pretty major software enterprise p_m_ suffering a
great separation for multiple projects to show the status of active approve a
future projects
across center organization
so a m p six does this uh... there's also some are popular or suffer
that deals with uh... program management believe it's called uh... project our
program performance wrote
so it's a whole different um...
piece of software within oracle pereira project management suite
sizzle also provides links to more detailed information on each project
and managers like to see status in color red yellow and green
prepared to six of the most fair or options all professional project
the person i would agree with this
it is my software choice
star use microsoft project reselling and it has
it has a lot of of the user interface kind of things that are in a few sees an
excel it's very nice in copy and paste down but
i really liked the integrity that primavera p six
uh... implements interiors scheduling them
you know they both have their vintages but
but the filing towards studio oracle turned their product
is seven
major reasons for
projects to fail
support project in program management
lack of executive level support which my experiences
very often and the uh...
you know the most likely
a lot of project exactly one of the company executives like to start
to effect change and
and understanding what the implications of the brother jaroor
they change their mind halfway through so at this is very important
no linkage to the business strategy
ending on a project
that it does not aligned with
the direction that uh... actual companies going
you can choose the wrong team members
he can be no measures for evaluating the success of the project uh... this is
also very important
anagha mentioned in earlier if you don't determine the
field set in stone with the prettier firsts for success are
no one will ever be able to determine if a successful canned
and very often these uh...
you know this
kind of
these criteria art
written in the project charter
and everyone kind of has their own personal idea of what
would successes with regard to the project and its products to three years
they change in at the end there's no way to manage
everyone's expectations
anyway for brushing manager to really
two-term rather project successful or not has to be able to pull the document
of this was the goal from the beginning
and each of these criteria net
we're six is their risk management
this clean no one will come out to see uh...
looking for a look at her
events in looking for situations are issues that could affect the project and
the inability to manage change once again yelling constantin
and the project is change
very rarely will you
ever have a project that
doesn't deviate from uh... the original plan
so once again many mr four neon recruit networks consultant and uh... we'll see
you then
the next lesson thanks