Learn German Vocabulary with Deutsch Happen - der Strand Teil 2

Uploaded by DeutschHappen on 03.01.2010

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Hello everybody and welcome to our second episode
about the beach and what's going on here concerning vocabulary.
And today I am going to talk about the vocabulary that is related to
sand, stones, rocks and so on.
So, let's start right away with the first one.
And let's have a look over here.
Nice and sandy beach. And sand is very easy in German
because it's "der Sand" sand "der Sand".
And when it's going a little bit bigger like this one
a stone, I would say in German
"der Stein" stone "der Stein".
If it's a little stone you could of course say
"kleiner Stein"
but we have another word and we might say for
this size it's "ein / der Kiesel" "Kiesel"
Okay, or you just say "kleiner Stein".
Although when it's getting bigger like
this one over here I would more likely say
it's a rock, so "der Felsen, der Felsen".
Let's have a look over here in this direction
because if you have a formation of many rocks
we would call it a cliff and the same word could be used in German.
"das Kliff, das Kliff"
or we have a second word you could use
"die Klippe, die Klippe"
so cliff "das Kliff" or "die Klippe".
And what's quite nice over is that we can see
the coastline itself. Coast is "die Küste, die Küste"
and line is "die Linie" so we say (we put them together like in English)
and we say "die Küstenlinie, die Küstenlinie".
And as Saint Malo has quite a nice shore
actually this beach called "Le Sillon" has a nice shore, and shore is
"das Ufer" so the part between sea and beach "das Ufer".
Good. Coming to the last vocabulary for today is
what we can see over there and over there: lighthouse.
So, a lighthouse is "der Leuchtturm" and we have a couple of ones over there
so I am going to give you the plural which is so lighthouses
"die Leuchttürme" so you see it's a little bit irregular
"der Leuchtturm" whereas it's "die Leuchttürme".
Okay! Great everybody. That's all from my part.
Now it's up to you to studying and practicing your German.
See you soon for an other video. Everybody take care. Bye bye.