10 Piece Survival Kit

Uploaded by LastManStandingInc on 09.10.2012

In this video I've put together a ten piece survival kit
uh... these are the most essential basic items that you need in cases of an
uh... i recommend putting this in like a small backpack
or in the bottom of a larger backpack
the first time
is a canteen this is a metal canteen
uh... i recommend have a canteen so you can boil water
uh... boiling is most effective way uh...
to disinfect the water
uh... this one has a cap
uh... so i can transport the water
next is a compass for navigation
this is a Brunton type 15 model
it has a mirror i can double as a signaling device
it also as a magnifying lens i can use to start a fire with
next is a headlamp
i recommend having a headlamp
over a handheld flashlight because a headlamp frees up both hands so you can
continue working at night
next is a survival blanket
this reflects up to 90% of your body heat
uh... you can use this uh... to signal for help because its.. shiny material
and third you can use it as a solar still
next is a knife
uh... high-quality knife is what i recommend
one that is full tang construction
and that is thick
you don't want a thin one because you may end up breaking it
you need a knife to chop and split wood
and also uh... for woodcraft if you want to make a bow or spear
next is a firesteel
uh... you can use a bic lighter if you want...I chose a fire steel
uh... because you know there's a less parts and uh... if this gets wet
I can wipe off the water
and uh... uh... continue to work
next is some duct tape
uh... you can use this duct tape
to patch up a hole in your shelter
to keep it waterproof
uh... you can use this as like a band-aid if you cut yourself
and uh...
third you can make this to make cordage out of...you just take strips of this tape
and braid it together to make some cordage...you can use duct tape for other
reasons but
those are my top three
next is a bandana
you can use this to pick up the hot canteen
uh... to collect water if it's been a raining outside
uh... you can uh... use this bandana
to soak up the water
or if it's a uh... morning where theres a lot of dew on the ground you can do that with
and you can just wring it out
next is some cordage...you can use bankline or paracord
right here I have paracord 100 feet
you can use this cord to lash some wood together for shelter
or to make tools
uh... you can use in the inner strands to make fishing line or some traps
the 10th item is a tarp
I believe this is a 8x10 or 8x11
you can use this tarp
of course for shelter
or use as a water funnel
if it's raining you can funnel the water down
into your canteen
or you can use this as a solar still
so there it is my
ten piece
survival kit
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