To Hell With The Devil 1981

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You're heavier than a pig.
Rev. Ma, according to our investigation.
You neglect your duties and you're a drunk.
We're constantly losing believers.
You throw parties to recruit them.
You don't read your bible.
You say "Buddha' instead of "Amen'.
You're not against idolatry.
You despise God.
You've sinned mortally.
We've decided to replace you as pastor
I built this church form bricks.
Now I've got nothing left.
And I have to die in the restroom.
What are you doing?
Up or down?
Use that one.
Only fools go to heaven.
Hell-goers are not that smart either
I hope we don't meet again.
How are you?
Did you wash your hands in the restroom?
I want to see God.
Pray and he'll appear.
He's very busy, you've got 30 seconds.
You don't have to speak English.
But you should have bathed first.
Another typhoon in the Philippines
I feel sorry about that.
Mine is not an easy job
I sneeze and it's a typhoon
God, I've made mistakes.
Who hasn't? I even created the Devil.
Why don't you destroy it?
I'll do it in thirty-six seconds.
That means 360,000 human years though
I want you to live for another 36 years
I may not be able to keep up.
Don't worry. Whenever you're in trouble.
Just yell for my help.
Yes, sir.
Many are waiting for you. Go
360,000 years! That's a long time!
What have you brought for me?
A stupid peasant's soul.
You have always brought me pigs.
Repeat after me: "I'm a pig"
I'm a pig
I'm a dog
I'm a dog.
Fools are hopeless.
Fools are hopeless.
You are so stupid
I want the whole earth on fire.
That'll burn The Old Man's bare feet.
Fire is as pretty as a virgin's song
I want terrorists to set fires and throw bombs.
Kill all nice men and spare only babies
I'll baptize them with fire.
Long live Boss.
You have only two months left
I know
I want souls of the young
I'll castrate you if you fail again.
Punishment is the reward for failure.
Don't be like that, boss.
Where's my hole?
It's just behind you.
Fail and you'll be like this.
They don't want you in heaven?
No, I'm just not used to it
I'll give you a ride back to earth
I don't mix with the Devil.
We need to see who's tougher.
You won't win
I'll make sure you turn to ashes.
The world's more peaceful without your types.
It's a mess because of your types.
Repent while you're still 30 per cent human.
You can't get me on my knees.
Thank you.
Thank you, Miss.
Have mercy on me please
I'm off.
Thank you.
A visitor.
What's wrong?
Are you crazy?
What's wrong with you?
You've got it all mixed up.
Do you ever know what you're doing?
I'm sorry.
Can I sing a song for you?
I would like to hear "Prayer"
Twenty dollars.
Twenty dollars?
Thank you.
Are you praying, Miss?
Prayers will be answered.
You're so pretty.
Why don't you say something?
I come here to pray too.
Fate has brought us together.
Love me please.
You'd better stop flirting with me.
And kneel away from me
I'm too crazy about you.
You are my first love.
Please don't discourage me.
Rocky's concert is not until next month.
But it's all sold out already.
Why don't we add five more shows?
They'll all be sold out likewise.
Do you like this design, Mr Liang?
I love it.
Can I buy you lunch, Peggy?
I have to rehearse. Am I pretty?
Any woman would look pretty with that ribbon on.
Can't you be more serious?
Go get Rocky.
Be nice though, he's a superstar.
Why don't you let Peggy have a try?
Do you like the song I wrote?
You write songs?
I thought those hands are for milking cows
I spent a year writing this song.
It is my life.
Give it a chance, it'll be a hit.
Who should be singing it?
Me. I belong to The New Wave.
There's only one New Wave member:
Rocky, he's the only superstar.
Why don't you go to the restroom?
What for?
See what you really look like in the mirror.
Would you take a look at this song?
Thank you.
Do you have hemorrhoids?
How do you know that?
Don't mess around.
Hi, Rocky.
You're so dumb.
Be gentle when you see Juliet
That's too much.
She's dying, you should be in tears.
Oh my God.
Don't cry, just shed tears.
How can the audience see my tears?
Oh my God.
What's wrong?
She's got bad breath.
Let's call it a day.
We can't go on stage unrehearsed.
She can't play against me?
Give her a chance, she can do it.
The audience only goes to see me.
Get up, are you all right?
Who put that thing there?
I think he's the one.
Rocky, he's not worth the time.
You are stupidity itself.
Stop crying.
Take a break.
Hold it.
Don't Cry.
Cheer up, Peggy.
You'll make me cry too
Peggy, Peggy!
Help! A ghost!
Peggy, it's only me.
It's Bruce.
Why did you do that?
I wanted to cheer you up.
You scare me
I've been working very hard to earn money.
Once I've saved enough I'll propose to you.
Did I say I'd marry you?
You can marry the richest man.
Or you can marry the handsomest.
But there's only one man you love.
And that's me.
Wait for me, Peggy.
Are you all right?
I'm bleeding. This is blood of love.
Hold your head up.
Do you love me?
I haven't thought about it.
What does that mean?
Ask my mother if she likes you.
Why would she do that?
You have to make it.
Be a star or we won't go back to Taiwan
Peggy! Auntie!
What are you doing? Get in
Jesus brings eternal life
I want to go out with Peggy.
You're too poor to have that honour.
Don't ever see him again. Let's go
Peggy, Peggy!
Repent, heaven is near
I just almost got run down by a car
I can help you, I'm your friend
I don't have friends.
Hit my mother-in-law for me.
What about your father-in-law?
It him as well.
Hit your head adn you'll lose your head.
Hit your legs and you'll drop your pants.
Hit your head and you'll be dizzy.
Hit your mouth and you can't breathe.
Hit your hand and you'll get a cramp.
One can't be modest all the time
I love bragging, I'm not ashamed of it
Peggy needs your coaching.
Hit him if you hate him.
Hit your head and you'll feel dizzy.
Hit your mouth and you can't breathe.
Hit your legs and you'll drop your pants.
Rubber sole can't hurt that much.
Thank you.
Hit your head and you'll feel dizzy
I'll hit your stupid nose.
You'll find nothing smells good.
Hit your head and you'll be an idiot.
Who hit me?
What's wrong?
What's the matter with you?
Nobody hit you.
Nobody hit you.
Did you hit me?
Hit your hand and you'll get a cramp.
Rocky, what's the matter?
What happened to your hand?
How would I know?
Hit your mouth and you can't breathe.
Will you tell me what's going on?
Try mouth-to-mouth
I'm an expert
hit your legs.
Let's go home. Be careful.
Something's dragging my legs.
Get up.
Watch it now.
You'll drop your pants.
My legs are cold.
How embarrassing.
Hit you hard.
You're crazy
I know what's in your mind
I won't let you hurt my friend.
Your types don't have friends
I won't let you hurt him.
Danger is lurking around you.
Is there a car coming?
What do you want?
What you need now is this bible.
It has killed a lot of people.
It only wants people to live
I don't always want to live.
You have to believe in God.
Just give me 10 minutes, Peggy.
You'll sure love this song
I told you I wasn't interested.
But you'll see I'm a talented composer.
And talent has to be appreciated
Peggy, don't hang up.
Rocky is the only talented one.
He's an idiot.
At least he's got money
I'll love you no matter what happens?
But I don't know if I love you too.
That doesn't matter.
Love doesn't have to be a two-way traffic
I don't know what that means.
Don't talk to him, Peggy.
Don't you call this number again.
My mother told me when I was born.
A crow urinated on my head.
So I was born with bad luck.
What is this?
I didn't call for any food
I'll die soon?
Perhaps ghosts are present.
Are you human?
Go away, you Devil.
What are you up to now?
Don't worry, you won't die.
Are you sure?
You are ruining my apartment.
The Devil is here. It will enter your body.
And will feed on your energy and blood.
You will go to hell for eternal damnation.
I see a ghost dancing in your hair.
Why don't catch it for me?
I need your help to do it.
You'd better leave and stop bothering me
I've still got work to do.
Will you stop that, please?
This is my apartment.
Get down
I'll be through soon
I've been having a nervous breakdown. Go away.
Heaven can wait, hell can't.
You can die tonight and become ashes tomorrow.
For your own sake, listen to me.
Sorry, I can't do that.
Now I can sleep.
A man bought 15 minutes of studio time.
He wants to record his own composition.
Time out
I'm Kitty
I'm Bruce Lee, but I don't know Kung Fu.
Did you say you wrote this song?
Rocky recorded this song this morning.
He said he wrote it.
Play it for him.
How could it happen?
I was the one who wrote it.
You'd better clear this up with Rocky's agent.
It can be a copyright suit.
Are you ready for Rocky's TV show?
You are a thief.
You are flattering me.
You stole my song, I'll sue you.
Go talk to my lawyer then
I'll kill you right now.
He's crazy.
Stealing my song is the same as murdering me
I don't see any blood on my hands.
Give the song back to me.
Did you register for copyright? No?
I can sue you for violation of my reputation.
Get out of my way.
Who are you?
I'm Flit, ave you seen Gone With The Wind?
You should find me look like Clarke Gable.
You know why you are still alive?
You're supposed to live until 1997.
What do I live that long for?
Enjoy yourself while you can
I'm too lonely to do that
I can keep you company.
Money? That's terrific.
Are you a magician?
I'm half man and half ghost.
You don't believe me?
Having fun?
Help me, brother.
You do it yourself.
You believe me now?
Yes, but that was stupid.
Only God doesn't care about talents.
Follow me and you'll be a star.
Are you going to hurt me?
I would only help you.
Let's make a deal.
What deal?
Sell me your soul and I'll make your wishes come true.
What is a soul?
It's just a toilet paper.
Selling your soul is just like selling a toilet paper.
But I don't want anyone hurt.
Some must suffer so others can be happy.
Is this a monster?
He is Camel, but he doesn't smoke.
Come in.
You treat yourself nicely.
Being a ghost is so much fun.
You have to sign this agreement.
What language is this agreement in?
Latin-Chinese, it's a ghost language.
Sign right here
I'll have to think it over.
Sign it with your blood.
What have you got to lose? You don't know your soul.
Just sign and get it over with.
Give me your hand
I'm not signing.
Hold him tight.
You're dammed.
Wasn't that simple enough?
What is your first wish?
I want to be famous and singing my own song
Peggy loves me solely.
Your wishes are simple and modest.
That's all I want though.
If you want to undo these wishes.
Just hit your left cheek.
Should I hit my right cheek too?
No, only Christ is that stupid.
Wash his brain.
I put butter on pepper
I take an umbrella for a parachute.
People laugh but I couldn't care less.
All for one smile from you
I try catching the moon with a rope
I tumble while others waltz.
Repeatedly I don't mind being a clown.
All for one glance from you.
What I have is endless love for you.
Even though it may not move you.
Or you may say I don't deserve you.
If only one day you'd listen to this clown.
Let my gaze over flown with love.
Stay on your face that is so pretty.
Repeatedly I don't mind being a clown.
If only one day you'd just throw me a glance.
Your dress reminds me of winter's first snow.
And you the first rain in spring.
And you the whimsical summer blues.
Do I look that romantic?
Why would Rocky want to come?
It's good publicity for him.
And it promotes the sale of the paintings.
You're so honest.
Rocky, sign in over there.
Of course.
Your nose is ugly, it needs plastic surgery.
My presence will increase your profit.
Rocky, open the show please.
What's wrong with you?
What is going on?
Jingle bell, Jingle bell.
He needs an exorcist.
This will destroy his elegance.
You ruined my paintings, I don't want to live
I'll kill you.
Please stop ruining my paintings
I'd rather you hand me.
Let's go, mother.
Let's stay a while longer
I'm not daydreaming now
I've turned a cripple now.
Perfect for soap operas.
They usually have cripples as heroes
I think of you every night
I had a small bird when I was poor.
Now I'm rich and I have a big bird.
That singer stole your song.
It's an infringement of copyright.
Sue him, his agent, and his company.
Sue his parents too.
Teach them not to bear such child again.
What if we lost the suit?
Bride the judge.
They have sold 450,000 copies of your single.
"And only 20,000 of Rocky's"
My figure is too low Fire everybody.
You live better than a king now, Bruce.
You have to call me Mr Lee.
Yes, Mr Lee
I can buy you anything you want
I want to go shopping.
You Don't need to
French fashions of Macy's
Italian fashions of Harriot's
Swiss fashions of Bullock's.
Call them and they'll deliver.
Buy the department stores if you like
American fashions of Sears.
It's nice to be served
I won't let you leave me.
Can I go see my mother?
You want to see your mother?
Do you wish to speak to her?
Hello, Peggy.
From your tape I know you're living well.
Can you send me a recent photo of yourself?
I wonder if you have put on weight.
Where are you going?
I'm going home.
Mr Lee said not to let you leave
Peggy, Peggy!
I had a dream in which you kissed me.
What dream did you have?
I dreamt of us turning into dogs.
That's stupid.
Where are you going, Peggy?
Can't I have some fresh air?
Would you like fresh air from Mt. Fuji then?
Freshly arrived by airfreight.
You don't need me here.
What you need is a canned woman
Peggy, Peggy!
I have done my part of the deal right?
You were a star and you had Peggy.
She didn't love me though.
Stars don't get happy marriages.
There is no exception.
But you got carried away anyway.
What are you doing?
You're so terrible.
All men have criminal instincts
I can't cheat him unless he's greedy.
He wouldn't have been interested.
Let's not talk about this.
What is your next wish?
I want Peggy to obey me 100 per cent.
It's done perfectly tailor made.
When you say yes she dares not say no.
You sing 123 and she signs 456.
How many persons?
Are you blind?
Are you blind?
Where's your hand?
Yes, Miss. This way please.
Such a mean woman.
Are you blind?
Follow me
I want that table.
It's clean now have a seat please.
We'll go to that table over there
I didn't tell you to sit down.
Sit down.
Sit down.
You should be ashamed of yourself.
You find all kinds of career women.
You may be better off being a woman.
You're so obedient.
You're even better.
Drink it in one gulp.
Drink it in one gulp.
Eat with manner.
Eat with manner.
Use some mustard.
Use some mustard.
Drink it in one gulp.
Drink it in one gulp.
What's the matter with you?
You don't like it?
Pick the plate up.
Pick the plate up.
Throw it behind you.
Throw it behind you.
Stand up.
Stand up.
Slap that man's face twice.
Slap that man's face twice.
Come massage my back.
Come massage my back.
Bring me the spaghetti.
Bring me the spaghetti.
Pour it down.
Pour it down.
Bring me a knife.
Bring me a knife.
Chop me at my wrist.
Chop m... l'm not that stupid.
Are you crazy?
Oh my God, help!
Are you crazy? You're being too obedient.
What you gave me wasn't fun.
Of course, perfect obedience is dull
I'll mail those for you.
Thank you.
Give them all to me.
The way you were treating Peggy.
Women's liberation would have you murdered
I don't want to be with you anymore.
It's like playing with fire.
As long as you don't get burnt.
What are you doing?
Shut up.
The bigger the fire the more pleasant it is.
What other wishes do you have?
I just want to give up everything.
And lead a simple life with Peggy.
Just the two of us.
Will you have any regrets.
Don't cry
I thank you for sticking with me.
What are you talking about?
You go first in case of a landslide.
No, I'll have to dig you out
I'm so poor, I'm useless.
Poverty is not a sin.
But it sure is inconvenient.
That's not its only vice
I envy them, they can cry as much as they want.
And still be able to sleep soundly
I want my son to be like you.
So caring despite of being so poor
I want my daughter to be like you.
So virtuous despite of an empty stomach.
What are you doing?
I want o kiss you but I have tuberculosis.
Go ahead
Have to kill the germs.
What's the matter?
I'm pregnant again.
Are you sure it's not a stomach tumor?
I'm sure I'm pregnant.
What shall we do with the new one?
Let's find him a couple for adoption
I can't afford to bring him up.
Sleep. You have to work at dawn.
You'd better finish your work and sleep too.
It's so late, I'm so worried
I couldn't catch a single fish today
I did get several tadpoles though.
Let them grow up and we can eat them.
Cook them with a lot of garlic.
Cheer up we often starve anyway
I have sent the kids to an orphanage.
How could you do it?
You did the right thing.
Let them have some proper care.
Did you poison yourself?
I don't see any point of living on.
Are you really going to die?
The poison is in my stomach.
We'd rather die gracefully than live ugly.
Wait for me, don't close your eyes yet.
Did you do it?
The sky is so pretty
I'm sorry I cheated you.
Are you kidding me?
I don't want you to linger on.
You've been so depressed so I...
I didn't know my wife's smarter than me
I wanted you to die too.
You're so sick you can't remarry.
But I can
I'm so mad. Where are my tadpoles.
What happened?
You ate the tadpoles instead of the poison
I don't want this kind of life anymore
I knew you couldn't persevere.
Nobody can stand an empty stomach.
Eat only the skin.
The poor don't have anything to eat.
And you throw the meat away.
There are many things you can't understand.
People don't despise murderers.
They despise the poor.
But the poor don't harm people.
They make the city look ugly though.
Money is what everybody needs
I didn't know you're quite sensible
I'm not as simple-mined as you
I know hot to eat well.
What is this?
A freshly opened monkey brain.
Eat it and you'll be healthier.
Do you have a heart at all?
Have a drink.
How's the lamb's blood?
That's sinful.
Some people murder their own kids.
That's sinful
I won't listen to you anymore.
Don't forget you signed an agreement
I don't care I'll make it myself
I guarantee you won't make it.
Of course I will.
Flit, your time is running out
I know.
Deliver tomorrow or you'll be eternally damned
I have to give you Bruce then.
Peggy, I've been putting on a clown's face
God knows how often I cry though
I've tried in vain to win your love.
To prove I really love you
I'll kill a man.
So everybody will know I'm not lying
I don't know if he is kidding.
He's capable of doing it though.
At the right moment cry out "Mother!"
How many times though?
It doesn't really matter.
Oh, mother!
You're being bullied you have to cry.
We want the moviegoers to cry with you.
The theatre will become a crying house.
Don't touch my props.
That is a bomb...
Tell Mrs Huang to get ready.
Go get Mrs Huang
I'll go.
That woman caused you to lose your voice.
They're ready for you Mr Huang
I don't want to see you again.
The doctor told me I'd die in two days.
It's all your wife's fault.
This upsets me so much.
Don't call me mother you depress me
I'm so mad.
Mrs Huang is a marvelous actress.
You dare do anything.
You caused my son to have brain cancer
I'll kill you.
Don't hit her, hit me
I'll kill you right now.
That's so moving
I'll kill you.
Stop that please.
Are you for real?
Hitting you is like hitting myself.
Don't hit so hard.
You're such a bad son.
Please stop hitting him
I'm so moved.
Mother can't you find him a good doctor?
I can if you promise to leave him
I'm so moved
I'm sorry, Nancy.
Don't be sorry, dear
I'll get you some water.
No, you won't. I'll get it.
You'll get it.
Go away, you hypocrite Drink this.
Thank you, mother.
Sit down first.
Get mother a glass of water.
Get lost.
A pear?
I raised you up.
And your wife bullies me in return
Nancy is very pitiful.
What about you then? You are dying.
Don't mix up the issue
I told you not to marry her.
Do you really want me dead?
You'll die sooner or later
I can't stand to leave Nancy behind
Either she leaves or I'll kill myself.
Please stop that, mother
Nancy, don't cry!
Don't stop me, I want to die
I'll kill myself
I'd better leave, Steve.
Don't leave, Nancy.
Stop that please, mother
I don't want to live.
Let her.
You can always find another woman.
Forget her, my son.
Why should this happen to me? Why me?
Where are you going, Nancy?
Come back to me, Nancy.
This time you'll get it.
Why me? It's not fair!
Cheer up, my son. Eat something
I don't want to eat.
Of course you do.
Bon appetite, I'm going to bed.
Good night.
What the hell is this?
That's an Oscar performance Rocky.
May I have your autograph?
Easy everyone will get an autograph.
Our relationship is right out of a movie.
Understandings and misunderstandings.
Fun times and tragic times.
Encounters and absences
Bruce, time's up.
What are you doing?
Come with me
I'm not going with you.
We made a deal.
What deal? Let me go.
Are you all right?
Where did you get a crucifix?
I bought it cost only two dollars.
We have to leave right away.
Come with me.
This seems to be a safe spot.
Can't you leave that Devil?
I sold my soul to him I signed an agreement.
How can I stay with a soul-less person?
What will happen to our son?
You aren't handsome to begin with.
That I know, but love is blind.
You're not the Bruce I knew.
You would never have wanted to kill
I was led astray.
You've changed.
No, I haven't
God, I don't want to demon son please help me
I can help you.
You again?
Don't look away from my eyes.
It's your stink of liquor
I told you that you were in danger.
Please help him, Rev.
I've always wanted this opportunity.
Who else has he got?
Let's go get him
I don't want to make any more deals
I want to do it on my own.
He'll chew you up
Be careful, Bruce.
Flit! Flit!
Give me back the agreement
I want to cancel it.
It's irrevocable.
It's a one-way ticket return not guaranteed.
Especially when you're going to hell
I don't want to be a ghost.
It's not up to you.
Let me go.
To where?
See if you can leave this field.
There's no way out.
There's no way out.
There's no way out.
There's no way out
I'll dictate your every move.
No you won't.
Yes, boss.
Slap yourself on the face.
Yes, boss.
Get down here.
Yes, boss.
You are a dog.
Yes, boss.
Knell and bow.
Yes, boss.
Like you, I have a boss too
I'm whatever he wants me to be.
Yes, boss
I deliver I'll be eternally damned
I'd rather you be the one.
Don't be scared, Bruce.
Get that crucifix away.
Yes, boss.
Don't listen to him.
Yes, boss.
Bite that bastard.
Yes, boss.
Don't be a dog.
Yes, boss.
Bite his hand.
Yes, boss
It's my hand, bite his.
Bruce, Come with me
Bruce! Bruce!
Why did you make me so useless?
Can't you make me more able?
Just give me 1/100 of Christ's power
or I'll sign up with the Devil
I've found it
I've got the force.
Where did Bruce go?
I don't want to kill you but...
I wash my hands off your case.
To please you I'll do as you wish
Bruce, get up.
Lie down.
Get up.
Lie down.
Fly, Bruce.
Ahead of you, Boss.
Come down, Bruce I'll catch you.
Wake up.
Are you all right?
How did you know I'd be here?
I have the force with me now.
The force?
I'll get you back first.
It's useless he's not a ghost
I've got to get my agreement.
Where is it?
Over there.
Go get it.
Why wouldn't the crucifix work?
Where is it?
Over here.
Get going.
You play with him
I'll kill you.
In front of you.
Behind you.
In front.
He's got missiles.
You're injured.
Leave me be just get your agreement.
Are you all right?
Go get your agreement now.
Single strike.
Single strike again.
Double Quinella.
Help me God!
I'm willing to believe in Christ now.
Even Christ can't help this time.
Leave him alone, take me.
Take me, I'd rather I die.
Hi, Incredible Hulk.
Where's the Devil?
He's turned into light.
It's not over yet.
Your eyes are ugly
I'm half a ghost now.
Can you terminate that Devil?
He's coming back with more tricks.
Nobody can help us now.
Are you good in electronic games.
The best there is.
It's up to you then.
What direction?
Fire! Are you deaf?
Yes, I'm also blind.
Bonus time.
Whoever buffs gets it.
Right on target again.
The missiles are coming.
Aim our rockets upwards.
Got all four of them.
Got all the Space Invaders.
How did that happen?
What's wrong with you?
Power failure.
Stop fooling around, will you?
Power is back.
One, two, make it three
I've won another round.
Another failure.
Don't drop dead on me now.
Don't hit so hard mine is not a monkey brain.
Shape up then.
Take better aims don't waste bullets.
What's the matter?
I'm finished.
We're winning you've got to hang in there.
What's our score?
It should be a new record soon
I won't quit then.
You have to push me.
Push me.
Get in closer.
Closer still.
Push me.
Get in closer.
Missed again.
Push, push!
What's wrong with you?
How am I doing?
Worse than an old woman.
Push me closer and I'll get him.
Are you that weak?
Where's the Devil?
Right in front of you.
Lower! Fire! Lower! Fire!
Double Bonus.
Come to heaven with me.
Come to hell with me.
Their ashes are still fighting.
I'm free.
It's all over now, you're free
I'm Juliet have you seen Romeo?
Romeo wherefore art thou Romeo?
Romeo don't leave me alone here.
That's incredible
Romeo, wait for me.
In the end.
Mankind is bothered by troublemakers who...