Zeus Tales: Episode One

Uploaded by natusvinceretv on Mar 1, 2012

Are we filming?
- Hello, everybody!
We are at Na`Vi bootcamp base.
My name is Oleg.
Today I’d like to start a new rubric called “Stories from Zeus”.
Former Na`Vi captain Danil ‘Zeus’ Teslenko
will tell us funny stories from his CS past.
So let’s begin!
Hi, Zeus!
- Hey. There’s such a tendency,
that some guys don’t want to play pracc against us.
- Who are they?
- The Poles.
- The Poles?
- Yep, those huge Poles, you know.
So we practice here.
It’s the first stage
of practicing physical strength against the Poles.
By the way, we need supporters.
So if you are sportsmen, serious bullyboys or crime bosses,
please, contact me.
‘Cause I feel, some serious showdowns may start in Germany.
That’s why now we work off the hits.
What for?
Imagine, we have a serious round…we are losing…
and we have additional weapon – our hits, haha.
Or wise versa the competitors lose and start attacking…
we have the defense.
We improve these skills,
and you’ll see the result very soon.
- Is it a kind of philosophy from China?
- It’s actually from Kharkiv (eastern Ukrainian city).
I have thousands of stories.
They are interesting but not necessarily funny.
I hope to tell them they way, it makes you laugh.
I remind the story which occurred in 2007.
It was totally crazy.
There was my dude, former Virtus.pro and Pro100 captain Mikhail ‘Kane’.
We played together for Virtus.pro.
We went to Kharkiv, hang out there for a couple of weeks
and we had to go to Kyiv to get US visa.
We prepared all the docs.
‘Edward’ waited for us in Kyiv.
We decided to go to the night club before departure.
After the party we went on the train.
Two young men were traveling with us.
One of them was a serious boxer
and he made movements like this.
The second stranger was a bit drunk.
He told about his life principals;
how he hated rich people who put their money in the window,
boast of their cars etc.
We definitely laughed at him.
Strangers decided to go to bed in half an hour
after our debates.
Me and Kane were not going to sleep as we had some beer.
In 15 min the boxer woke up
and told me to be quiet as he was trying to sleep.
I said ok and started speaking not so loudly.
In 10 min he woke up again,
looked at me and said
“Hey, I thought we understood each other!
I said to be quiet!
and he slapped me in the face.
I stayed cool but I was very angry inside.
I got off my sleeping place,
came to him and hit him between the eyes.
He got up and we began to fight.
Everybody woke up and started crying
“What’s up?! AAAA!”
Kane was lying and looking at us
while the second stranger made me a foot sweep.
In the end I had such a big black eye,
but the stranger got his fairing as well.
Then the police came.
The crazy stranger said there was no fight
and he hurt himself by banging on the door.
What’s the sense of the story?
When we came to Kyiv and my friends saw my black eye
and ‘bottle-ache’, they thought we won’t get visas
with such faces.
But we managed to get visas and fly to America.
Unfortunately we didn’t win then but everything was super.
- What was the tournament?
- It was ESWC in Sao Jose.
We had there curious stories as well.
We’ll talk about them later.
This one was just a small introduction
to my memories from the past.
The most interesting is waiting for us.
I think this rubric will be okey-dokey.
- Thank you, Zeus. See you!