Lyoto Machida Interview (subtitle with CAPTION)

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Lyoto Machida is already in Belém after losing the world title of Light Heavyweight on MMA
the defeat was to Mauricio Shogun. Moreover, it was his first defeat on MMA. Lyoto Is live beside Carlos Nogueira, good afternoon Lyoto, be very welcome
good afternoon Trisha. Seven year of MMA, that is a mix of all the martial arts. The "dragon", is seven years in this pratice with 17 fights
17 figths and only one loss. A loss, Lyoto, that you're still assimilating. How are these five days after your first MMA's defeat. Good afternoon.
good afternoon, well... these five days that have past and I'm living is a complicated moment... cause I'm seeing everything I missed in the last fight
but on the other hand is being very good, cause I'm receiving much support of Pará people and all my fans worldwide
but... but in Pará this thing is very strong... people comes, talk with me: "we're on your side"... always a word of comfort, and this is very important for my continuity
is an interesting experience for you, don't you think, cause everyone celebrates in victory, but the solidariety in defeat is that transfers the true strength.
The defeat brings lessons, and one of these lessons is precisely this: you are discovering how far will go the involvement of Para people with you.
yeah, the energy here in the State of Para, is very strong... cause before the fight, when I won, when I was champion, everyone was supporting me, and now too.
so is that thing, you know... in health or sickness, joy or sorrow... so I guess it's very important for my growth I say: the Samurai always have to raise and move on, cause new challenges will come...
ok, let's talk about the fight, right? let's talk with Lyoto how was the fight, this confrontation with the Shogun for de title
could you tell us what happened in this fight, that not have happened before? Where you were you surprised, if it was?
well... I was very prepared for this fight. I trained a lot. I was very focused. Because the last fight was very polemic, so I really wanted to finish this fight...
I was feeling fast... this blow was successful....
but is that thing... fight is fight, we can't guess. Sometimes you are winning the fight, and then take a punch and it's over...
Any time I underestimate Shogun, by contrast, the merit is all his. He really won the fight, he deserve, is the new champion. But the story didn't end there. Life goes on, and my career too.
I hope to have the opportunity to another chance again, against anyone who have the title, but if be Shogun, will be much better, the victory will be more tasty and exciting... must have seen this fight for many times... yesterday I was talking with you brother, he says that he has saw the fight many times. Where you wrong Lyoto? Where you saw that it was hard to goes on?
look, actually, the category which I'm participating, the level of competition is too high, so a detail makes the difference...
how I said before, I was very preparated, but I think that his precision was better than mine. My coup didn't hit him, and his coup hit me...
I had trained for all his blows, I was blocking the kicks, I was tipping him. So, actually, I was winning the fight... he was a little more aggressive, but I was winning the fight
his blow hit me, and is very difficult to withstand the blow... the blow is heavy, and, when hit, it's too hard
Lyoto, when you come back to fight for the title? you must fight two or three times more or less to be able to compete again for the belt, against Shogun or anyone fighter. When it must happen?
I believe that if all goes well, within a year or less I can fight for the belt... I must fight one or two times and accredit me to this champion title, that is a new dream, reconquer it
you must spend time closer to home, right? Because your wife Fabiola is pregnant, so you must do it
ok, Lyoto says here that he will not be nervous if someone makes joke with him, 'cause he is ready to hear anything... But I doubt that anyone will have the courage to make joke with him... very thank you Lyoto.. ok, Trisha. =)