Dan Ljubezni Epizoda 6

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In previous episodes of Love Day.
Natalija is next.
So, you'll call her and we'll come tomorrow night?
If you help me with that, I'll fix you up with that babe.
Natalija, hi. It's Anze.
I finally decided to call you.
We'll take you up on that coffee now,
if we are still invited.
Well, great.
Good, we'll come right now.
Ok, thank you.
Yeah, I have something ready for you, too.
I had something similar planned for tonight.
I knew you felt the same, it was obvious.
She hung up a long time ago, right?
Yes, but she is not alone. If you know what I mean.
Her mom is at home.
Yeah, but one of her friends is there, too.
You know what that means?
We will all have coffee together.
We'll have group sex.
I believe what I said makes more sense.
-I was just joking. -I doubt it.
Let's go.
Like we agreed, ok?
-You two go to her room and, oops, you do it. -Right.
I'm already a little hard from the anticipation.
If you believe anything will happen.
-And why wouldn't it? -Because it never does.
Don't be such a loser for a change. Have some faith.
Here, touch it.
I could crush wallnuts with it.
-Yeah, right. -C'mon, touch it.
-I won't touch it. -Your loss.
-Oh, Anze? -Mrs. Gordana.
Is that you? Jesus, it's been such a long time.
Let me hug you, you've grown so much.
You really have grown.
In every way.
Natalija just told me you two were coming.
You're Simon, right?
Well, I'm off now.
But I'll be back quickly.
That nose is cute as a button.
-Bye. -Ciao.
-Hi. -Hi, what's up, how's it going?
I'm great. You still remember where I live.
Of course, I couldn't forget just like that.
Take a seat.
So, where's your friend?
Tanja, she's in the toilet. She'll be right back.
-Simon will need some company while we... -Hello!
-It's you again. -Me again?
From the bar and we met in the park.
I don't know what you're talking about.
It's ok, I'm quite used to that.
-Anywho, I'm Simon. -Tanja.
-Hi, Anze. -Hi, Tanja.
So, Natalija, is that coffee ready?
I haven't even started yet.
I'll help you.
Don't fuck up, ok?
-I didn't... -You didn't what?
-Who brought you here? -You didn't do anything.
-I didn't do what? -This was pure coincidence.
-Coincidence my ass. -Just go, go, go.
Don't worry, I'm going...
...to rub the coffee pot.
-Anyway... -Yeah, anyway.
So, where are we gonna do it, here?
Where are we gonna what?
Well, I think it's obvious.
You actually thought something would happen here today?
You are so naive.
-You invited me for coffee, right? -Yes, Anze, for coffee.
Sometimes coffee is just coffee.
-It shouldn't be too hard to understand. -Coffee!
We bumped into each other in the park.
Sorry, I really don't remember that.
-You met with that guy. -Which guy?
Look, you want me and I know that.
And you know it, too. Don't deny it.
I want you, yeah. I wake up in the middle of the night all wet.
Is that about right?
Like this, ha?
Grow up for once.
-Your boyfriend. -I don't have a boyfriend.
Except if you mean the Poljane park.
-This friend of yours. -Tanja.
-Simon really likes her. -Yeah?
-Reeeeeally. -Where did they meet?
We met in some bar and since then he's all...
...he totally fell in love, like an idiot that he is.
No, it's really cute.
No, that's a really good friend of mine.
I haven't seen him for 2 months.
He was travelling in South Africa
and we finally got together again.
But it seems she has a boyfriend.
No, she doesn't. She is single.
I knew it, I told him.
But why believe me.
You can't blame him for not believing you.
We could, you know...
I hope that means "get them together".
That's one way to call it.
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