Chathrapathi (Hukummat Ki Jung)

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Fiery warrior against the narrow minded fanatics!
Warrior with the power of mighty sea!
A warrior leader with the purest heart!
A self existing warrior.
A warrior like the gentle cool breeze across the Vindhyas!
A warrior with the might of an army!
A warrior with the prowess of legendary Bhima and Arjuna!
A warrior with victory all his way!
A warrior who renders justice leaving behind a trail of destruction of evil!
12 years earlier...
Srilankan shore...A village with refugees from India.
Locals are attacking them to chase them away.
People of the village living in the constant fear of death.
Unable to bear the tortures of Mughal Kings,
Jija Bai taught archery to her son Shivaji,
and narrated him tales of brave warriors.
She kindled patriotism in her son and made him go against them.
Afzal Khan was the Commander of Army then,
he was a seven feet tall demon!
Even he couldn't harm Shivaji.
So he arranged a fake peace meeting and hugged him,
and stabbed him on the back with a dagger.
Oh My god! Did Shivaji die?
No, he was wearing iron armour.
He split open Afzal Khan's chest into two with iron nails.
People around there hailed him as 'Chatrapathi'
What's the meaning of it, mother?
One who lives for himself is human,
one who lives for the society is 'Chatrapathi'
What happened after that?
He built a grand fort for his mother, made a golden swing,
looked after her very well.
I'll also build a big bungalow for you after I grow up.
I'll never allow sorrows and difficulties to near you.
I'll look after you like a queen.
You'll become a great man, my son.
Why should you build a home for my mother?
Go and build it for your mother.
What are you saying Ashok?
Everyone say that when his mother died,
you were married to his father as his second wife,
so I'm your only son, he's his mother's son.
You're wrong son.
Even Lord Rama and Lakshmana were step brothers.
They were role models for brothers,
you both should emulate them.
I can't bear to see you both fighting each other.
It's a more grievous punishment than death to me.
Today is your birthday, right? I brought a twin Mango as gift.
You know all my wishes.
The fruit is very nice, son. Where did you get it from?
He stole it from Sathanna's farm.
Did you steal it?
No mother. - He's lying mother.
He bunked school to steal, tell him to swear on you.
Swear on me.
How dare to steal!
I hoped you'll become a great man.
Stealing! Will you do it again?
Will you? Tell me, get lost!
I hate to see your face. Never show your face to me, go away.
Pullaiah asked 100 mangoes for pickles,
did you supply him? - I supplied him sir.
Sathanna! - Yes.
My elder son stole this mango from your farm.
Please forgive him.
No, he asked me saying you like it.
I told him to take it, but he refused to take it free
And worked till late evening in the farm for it.
We told him take few more,
But he took only this twin mango saying mother loves it like we brothers.
Son Shiva...
Son Shiva...
Why did you hide the truth?
Why didn't you tell even after I asked you to swear?
Whether I swear or not, I'll tell only the truth.
Come son, let's go to home.
I feel very sleepy mother, I'll sleep in your lap. 81* 00:07:13,900 --> 00:07:21,711 I Dream
I mistook everything black as water and white as milk,
that's why I'm repenting for it now.
Will my mistake get erased?
Even if it erases,
the sea laughed at me.
First time I experienced the pain of motherhood.
Safe guarding your sorrows and tears from the world,
I see a man deeper than the mighty sea.
I was unfortunate not to give birth to you,
but you still consider me as your real mother.
This will never happen again in future.
Trust me son, I swear on your son.
Not only the mother and son,
no one else there slept that night.
Locals attacked them to leave the place.
Village went up into flames.
Mother, let's go.
Did you see Shiva anywhere?
My mother and brother are missing.
They would've boarded some boat, you get in.
Son... Shiva...
Mother, brother... - Where?
There... he's inside the hut.
Mother... mother...
You'll die if you get down... - My mother. - They'll come in next boat.
Come quickly... boats are leaving ...let's go fast.
My name is Bhadram.
I'm Shivaji.
Visakhapatnam Port.
Baji Rao, with these the people for bonded labour,
sorry the refugees you've adopted are over 3000.
We too must...
Thank you sir.
Explain their position to them. - Okay sir.
You've all entered this country illegally,
legally you should be thrown out from here,
but brother Baji Rao has sympathy for you.
So, we'll overlook your presence here.
Sign the papers and live with what he offers.
Go... go... go...
Taking our signatures on white papers,
this is cheating.
We are also little educated.
If not here we'll eke out a living elsewhere.
We'll not sign the papers.
Don't harm me... Don't harm me.
He'll die... my son...
You've seen, haven't you? The rebel will not die.
His kin will die.
My legal business is loading and unloading the ships here.
There's another illegal business behind that.
That has made me the Don of Visakhapatnam.
It's very difficult to off load smuggled goods on shore,
I've to bribe every officer's greasy palm.
So, the goods must reach shore when the ship is still in sea.
That's your job.
It's an illegal job, so there'll be other groups,
there'll be attacks for the goods.
Don't leave the goods behind fearing police or the other gang.
If you come back empty handed,
the life you saved there,
you'll lose it here.
12 years later...
By the way, will he be alive or dead?
He would've died.
How can he survive so long?
He will be dead.
Then I stake...
My stake is Rs. 500, he's dead.
My stake is Rs. 800. - Mine is Rs. 1000.
My stake is Rs. 1200. - Mine is Rs. 1500.
He'll be definitely alive, my stake is Rs. 2000.
Hey Pull him up!
I know he'll not die. He's a hero.
We know the goods have been unloaded.
But you've vanished it before our arrival.
How could you do it in mid-sea?
Bet again.
If we down him again,
will the shark eat first his head or his body?
Body will soft, right? That Will eat his body first.
Fool! If the shark is clever, it'll eat his head first looking at his manliness.
Lower him.
He'll tell... he's telling... come on.
Leave me now, I'll break your legs only.
If you delay further, everyone will lose their legs.
Shark will go mad on smelling human blood.
The rope must come easy if the shark had eaten him,
but the rope isn't coming up easily.
How long should I wait?
Bring it up! Come on boys!
Go... go...
You want water, Bhadram.
Thanks uncle, how are you uncle?
Going on, what son it seems you were caught by someone?
Our man freed us, he's no ordinary Shivaji.
He's 'Chatrapathi' Shivaji!
Calm down boys.
Are you hurt seriously son?
This is nothing uncle,
he was thrown as food for the killer shark.
Shark?! That'll bite into pieces.
How did you escape?
Actually... - Am I not here?
It was not a male, it was a female.
So what? Will it not harm him?
What can it do after seeing our man?
It would've blushed in shy, sari would've slipped & it pulled up.
It would've continued. It would've forgotten about eating.
Sari of a shark? Did it slip down?
Can't you see? Adjust your sari.
The sea is very rough.
Bloody dirty face.
Come on girls, forget about these boys.
To the Lord Sathyanarayana,
to the Goddess Raja Rajeshwari blessed,
fans of dance troupe of Pasalapudi Pankajam.
So, audience... my fans...
my adorable fans of Vizag.
Yashoda who warned Lord Krishna for eating mud,
Lord said so to her... you play the harmonium...
Police fan is staring at me.
Brother has lied to you,
I'm innocent mother.
What's this nonsense?
I didn't eat mud, mother.
Lying to me!
You're not so poor to eat mud.
Some street play is in progress here.
Don't we have goodies at home to eat?
You've... you've...
What's in store man?
Don't you've sweets to eat?
Don't you've spicy savoury to eat?
Don't you've hot sweets to eat?
When I serve you exotic sweets.
Why did you eat mud my dear?
Why did you eat mud my dear?
When I serve you exotic sweets.
Early morning...
When I tried to drink milk directly from the udder.
When you tried?
It kicked me, I fell on ground.
Aren't there onion fried special items?
Aren't there baked specials?
Aren't there broken coconut shells for you?
Don't you've Kakinada Kaja for you?
Don't you've Mysore fries for you?
Don't you've Bandar sweets for you?
Don't you've exotic sweet of Athripuram?
In the farm adjoining the stream...
sowing a seedling and watering it...
Making it grow vigorously using fertilizers...
Don't you've bananas?
Don't you've the savoury specials of the area?
Don't you've Kashmir apples?
Don't you've Palakollu oranges?
Don't you've Vadlamudi sweet lemons?
Don't you've Kapur pomegranate?
When I serve you the fruit of my youth...
Why did you mud my dear?
Why did you mud my dear?
Sister! Why haven't you gone to school yet?
I offered special prayers for your safe return.
Many would've cast evil eyes on you,
wait, I'll ward them off.
Warriors like us need it, ward them off immediately.
It's not for the saved, it's for the saviour!
Fold your hands.
It's useless to boast when he's around.
She doesn't care for me, her own brother,
you're nothing to her. - You're right.
What's this brother? You've spoken like this.
Let there be many here, you're always special to me.
Tomorrow you've to pay school fee, arrange it.
I'll break your teeth if you don't clear it. Come on boys.
Uncle, good strong teas please. - How many?
A special tea for Shivaji.
For others anything is same, six teas.
Look what he's saying. - Your domination is overpowering.
Even kids don't respect us.
Can't you serve us Bandar sweet? - I can't sunny.
He'll finish it himself.
Liar, I'll eat only sweets and leave Bandar to him.
I've packed few things for my mother.
Few things are still here.
I'm calling the dog for long time, but it's showing airs, you eat the left over.
I'm going.
Why are you leaving so early?
I'm a strictler of time.
From 6 am to 9 am, I work for Katraj,
from 9 am to 12 noon, I work for you,
12 noon to 3pm recess,
shouldn't I take care of my mother?
I'll come to you at 3 pm and then work for Katraj at night.
As if he's some big Govt. Officer?
This is too much for your salary.
If I get angry, I'll stop working for you, be careful.
If we were a rebel like him, we would've prospered in life.
Mother... l'm coming... why did you come out?
Didn't I tell you not to venture out? You're blind.
You never listen to me and stay in one place.
Where did I go? Just at the threshold.
Do you know which is threshold and which is street?
Vehicles and cows walk on roads. You sit here.
Any news about your mother and brother?
Your love for them will keep them alive.
You'll definitely meet them some day.
Brother has called from Bihar.
He has promised to get me ticket in elections in place of Appala Naidu.
Then the entire Vizag will be ours.
Let the illegal activities be out of public glare for few months.
Don't let the troubles and killings reach me.
Close these doors.
On lookers must see only the outside office.
Greeting sir. - Greetings sir.
Tell them not to come here at the drop of a hat.
People will know they belong to our gang. - Okay.
Sir is gone... come.
Massage boy.
Take your money and clear the place immediately. - Okay sir.
It seems you fought a shark, right?
How can you avoid it?
You'll die here if you come back empty handed.
What are you looking there? Massage here.
You've been paying the same for the past 12 years.
We need little more.
My younger sister... - Has she come to age?
No. - No?
Okay, intimate me after she comes to age, I'll come.
I'll pay as much as you like, get lost man.
I saw her recently, she's just ravishing.
What's that sound?
Your hands are talking and your eyes have turned red.
Warning of death?
Do you consider yourself a great hero?
Go... can't you understand me?
Go... go I say...
Why are you making new demands? If you want take this and leave.
Can't your hear me?
Come... come...
Am I any fish in water? I'm Katraj.
I'll chew you to death, bloody!
I don't see fear in his eyes even after you warned him.
A man must be fearless like him.
You know about our life, but still itching to fight them.
Is it fun to you?
He's a great hero.
Clenching fists and biting teeth.
As if we don't have fists and teeth.
Why to get angry knowing very well about them?
If we rebel it'll not end with us, they'll kill all our people.
We should fend for ourselves. Keep this.
Should we keep quite despite his taunting?
We are living like eunuchs.
Shut up! Eunuchs or dogs,
to live we must endure all their tyranny.
How long?
All our lives.
Why did we come here saving our lives from Srilanka?
Is it to die here?
Come on.
Who? Our Chinni?
No. Someone else.
Leave them. Where will you search for them?
No, I must find them.
Taking leave at the drop of a hat, roaming around with her boy friend.
Why are you bothered about that?
Idiot, catch her red handed, blackmail her, get a treat everyweek.
Look there!
Drop in at the right time, bloody!
What happened?
What's this man? Finding a girl alone, you'll go crazy.
What? What do you think of yourself?
What's that look? Do we look like mad?
Why are you after him?
What a handsome man! Look at his height!
Like a lighthouse.
Enough of ogling him, come.
I can't find your mother.
What can I do if you trouble me like this every week?
Refugees from Srilanka have settled from Kanyakumari to Kolkata.
I should to find them, shouldn't I?
You've already taken lot of money.
You're repeating the same dialogue. But found nothing yet.
I'm no more on duty here. Another girl has joined in my place.
Apply fresh again and give it to her. Get lost.
Why are you laughing?
Has he swept you off your feet?
Nothing like that, just a manly figure...
I like him a little.
Anyway it's all over.
Don't know who he is... where he'll be... will meet again or not...
Frowning face will not help, smile a little.
Looks like he's also bowled over, he has come searching you.
What do you want?
This matter...
He has come with a love letter to office.
What's this in office?
This shouldn't be done in office. Meet me later.
Buddy... sweet... sweet. Bribe can get you her.
Don't do it free, I don't mind the cost.
That's okay but...
What are you saying? Get out!
If you're hesitating to tell him the amount, tell me.
I'll settle it.
He's very fast, he has come along with a pimp.
What a lousy girl! Angry at everything.
Getting her do it is very difficult.
Are you coming from Neelu?
May be it's that girl.
Why are you nodding your head? I'll take your head in my bag.
Looks like you've given her a letter too.
You'll lose your life.
No... no... control yourself.
Boy, you've to have my glamour or style to fall in love.
Atleast have this!
How can you approach her without any of these?
How could you dream of her for your range?
With all that I've been following her for 4 years,
just few times she talked to me closely.
What did she say?
He's making me say that.
About eight months back,
while travelling in a bus,
she told me to move.
Recently six months ago,
when I was riding a bike,
she told me to drive carefully.
Don't tell anyone.
Recently she gave me a chocolate also. - When?
August 15... is it necessary to know now? - Great show!
Nanda... Mahesh Nanda...
Handsome man of Waltair.
You're no match to me in anything... go... go...
Don't commit suicide for the defeat in my hands.
My blessings are with you... go.
Long live Appala Naidu!
I entered politics to serve people.
I don't have any desire for any position of power.
I was a Mayor,
I was a Zilla Parishad Chairman,
presently I'm a Minister.
I've experienced everything. What else do I need now?
Jaffar Khan of Delhi in charge of our state is here.
If he orders that I must contest the elections and win it, I'll accept it.
Long live Appala Naidu! - Stop!
If he orders that new face like Baji Rao will get a chance,
I'll accept that too whole heartedly. I'll support him.
I'll abide by whatever the high command of the party decides.
Nothing more to say... - What are you saying sir?
How can anyone else other than you get a ticket?
No Vizag without sea, no party without you.
Long live Appala Naidu! - Stop! Stop!
Could we have won without you in the last election?
Don't talk... how can he think of any other candidate?
Who is this Baji Rao? Did he serve the party like you?
Did he stood by party in crisis?
Moreover he's not a local. He's from distant place Bihar.
If he's given the ticket,
we must beat ourselves with slippers. - Yes... yes...
What are you blabbering?
What's this, Baji Rao?
He said something emotionally.
Not him, I too say the same thing. Will you beat me too?
So what if it's you.
What is this?
Is this a party meeting or an animal market?
How dare to beat a Minister!
Party in-charge has seen you beating me.
Tomorrow when he goes to Delhi, how dare he beats Appala Naidu,
such a rogue,
such a loafer,
how can I recommend him a seat,
if he says so, will you beat him too?
Will you beat me?
I don't care who so ever it may be.
Oh! He has beaten you too!
Hooliganism and Politics are not one and the same.
What have you done man?
Sir... he's a young man... rush of blood.
He slapped you in anger, don't take it to your heart.
Shut up! What are you saying? Should I take his insult easily?
I'll show him my power.
Not only the party ticket, I'll not allow him to hold the party flag too.
Finished! Your life is finished.
When I stamp my feet in Delhi, you'll go aground in Vizag.
It seems he'll finish me.
Brother, I'm Baji Rao speaking,
that rogue Jaffar Khan has denied me the party ticket,
he's travelling to Delhi with family in Samata express.
He shouldn't cross Bihar.
I've sent his photograph, take a look.
No... no...
Jaffar Khan murdered.
Printing mistake.
He wasn't killed by the bandits,
but by my brother Ras Bihari.
Yes, he posed for photos to get it published in newspapers.
Pressmen wetted their pants and changed the story.
Minister, you were right.
Hooliganism and Politics are not one and the same.
Think once again about my application.
If you want I'll pay in advance.
Excuse me...
Only once!
Go to Collector's office.
What's this? Who are you?
Get down! - Hey Go!
Sit here.
I'll stab you. Go man.
Have I become so cheap because I'm begging you?
For that will I accept if you brandish a knife?
I'll make you accept it.
No way I'm going to leave you till I get what I want.
No girl will accept to do it.
I've never met anyone refusing such an opportunity.
You're talking very cheap. - Don't act.
You're playing a drama to save your honour in public.
No one can hear you here.
Finish the deal.
Quote your price?
I'm not that type of girl.
Then do it free.
Co-operate with me little.
If you decide it'll be over in five minutes.
Try to understand my difficulty.
Will you do it tomorrow?
Why do you shout for everything?
Otherwise do it day after tomorrow.
Day after tomorrow?
They made me run after pillar and post in your office for 12 years.
No one works there.
You're a girl, I thought atleast you'll understand my pain...
It's fifteen days since I've applied.
You never cared to see it.
That's... is it an application you've given me?
Didn't you even see it?
When you told me to quote price...
...I didn't think you were talking about bribe...
What did you think then?
I thought something else.
What's in your application?
I've been on your job for a week.
Please take your seat.
There are many Rajyalakshmis in the refugees list from Srilanka.
That has become a problem.
I've details of all the people with same name from all Collector's offices.
See who is your mother in the list.
My mother!
Check the address.
Her present address is not here, but she's in India for sure.
Can I take this photo?

A fell on B...
B fell on C...
C fell on D...
1 fell on 2...
2 fell on 3...
3 fell on 4...
ABC is my beauty...
123 is your speed...
My speed must devour your beauty...
I found your cell number... your house number...
I found your vital statistics too...
I found your body symbol... your jeans symbol...
I found your protein symbol too...
Your number and my symbol are a big scam...
Let my beauty and your enthusiasm turn into a festival of love...
I'll ask my father and say yes...
I'll ask my uncle and say yes...
I'll ask my fans and say yes...
I'll ask my grandmother and kiss you...
I'll ask my great grandmother and kiss you...
I'll ask great great grandmother and kiss you...
When my yes joins your kiss...
After I'm drenched in your passionate kisses...
My brother promised to buy new dress for the festival.
Brother! - What happened? Why are you crying?
Take her home.
Who was that?
Who dared to spill ink on my sister?
Heroes have come!
Who is that? Come out!
It was just a casual mistake. - Casual mistake?
Casual... casual mistake...
I did that for fun.
What bloody fun!
Get up... get up... shave his head.
What happened? - I missed my mother's photo.
Where did you miss it?
I'll search in the bus.
I didn't find it in the bus.
All my ill luck, I found and lost my mother.
Calm down... you may've lost photo but you'll find your mother.
Calm down! 597 00:54:21,800--> 00:54:24,200 She's not your mother, she's my mother...
She's my mother only.
Rituals are over madam.
I've brought water from Holy river Ganges,
if you keep this in your home, it'll make your son rest in peace.
Why did you shave you head son?
Today is brother's death anniversary, isn't it?
Elder brother is like a father.
That's why I tonsured my head.
I brought the Holy Ganges water for your brother, be careful.
Though I told her you're dead,
I couldn't erase your memory from her heart in 12 years,
this time if I kill,
I must kill the bond of love between you both,
and you, I must kill both at a time.
It'll happen.
Boss, your girl is here.
Clear out boys.
Who is this girl? - She works in the Collector's office.
She's Shivaji's friend too.
Greetings sir.
My friend is very serious, you've to be little social.
Uncle, let them sit inside and you close shop for sometime.
Oh No! I didn't come here for that.
Who is Venkatalakshmi here? - My mother.
What happened? 625 00:56:44,300 --> 00:56,48,600 Her brother from Dubai has petitioned for her.
Boy is very lucky.
He worked very hard for his age.
His dark days are over.
Mother, she told that, greet her. - Greetings madam.
I couldn't find my brother who loves me so much.
And was forced to live on my son's earnings.
You've helped us a lot by finding him.
That's my duty.
You're leaving tomorrow, be ready.
Everything is okay, but Katraj must release him.
Yes uncle.
He must die here as bonded labour.
He'll not allow him to go.
Our fate... no can change it.
I'll make Katraj to accept.
Really? Really brother!
Will you make him agree? Promise me.
Whether I swear or not, I'll tell only the truth.
I'll make him to agree.
He massages my feet, gently massages my body.
Who will do all that he was doing for me?
Will you do it?
Will you do it?
That's it!
You're a great masseur.
You're massaging up there very well.
What about my legs below?
You've a great grip,
if you were a woman, I would've made you my concubine.
He can go... you all go.
What is this? - Love letter.
Me? - Oh No...
To Neelaveni.
It's not culture to write a love letter to an unmarried woman.
You read it first, if you like it, give it to Neelaveni.
If you don't like it, tear it.
I'll definitely give it to her.
What did she say?
She told you to keep it safely in your pocket.
Did she say like that? My love was sincere.
Why did she refuse? What do I lack?
Tell me Sada, I demand an explanation.
Bloody explanation!
How could you reject me?
I'll bring flowers and birds for you.
Bloody shut up man!
Give me Rs. 50, I'll set her up for you myself.
Bribe... bribe...
Bribe for calling, bribe for responding,
bribe to say name, bribe to say native place,
bribe to love, bribe to write love letter,
that's why India is number one in love failures.
I'll not spare people like you.
Don't you fear me, I'll kill you.
Excuse me, you mustn't take law into your hands.
What did she give in return for your love letter?
Few pieces of paper.
I'll not allow you to live.
Hey Don't cross my path. - He's a pain in the neck.
I'll finish everyone.
You are finished. - Why did you tell me to be careful?
Both are dead, who will save you now from me?
Turning back from me will not save you.
Come... come... - Where?
Good bye to all of you.
Okay sunny.
Where's Shivaji?
He has gone to buy you a new dress.
Go carefully.
Come here.
Will you beat me because I'm going away?
For you and your mother.
Bye Uncle, take care of my shop very well.
Come Suri, get into the jeep.
You told me to go, didn't you?
It was yesterday.
Get in.
I'll leave my mother with my uncle and come back.
Narrating tales to me, narrate it to your mother.
I'll not come, I want to go home.
He's a great narrator.
Who gave you shelter when you came here as refugees?
Baji Rao!
You must live and die for him only.
If any of your kith and kin come for you,
do you think we'll allow you to go from here?
I'll rip out your skin!
Anyone wishing to go from here will meet this end.
If you want your children to be alive,
stay here till the boy breaths his last.
If anyone crosses this line to save him...
Come fast son.
We are getting late to the bus.
Where did you go at this time?
Do you hear me?
We are getting late, where are you son?
I'm feeling nervous, someone please call my son Suri.
Has my son Suri come to you, Sathanna?
What's this no one is answering me?
He lied about freeing Suri.
He came early morning to take him.
He promised to come back after dropping his mother,
but still the bastard didn't spare him.
He threatened to kill if anyone dares to cross the line.
No... don't... please listen... no...
Leave him, let it stop with him.
If you cross, all of us will die, come back.
I'm talking to you!
Stop it!
Take him to the hospital.
I brought holy Ganges water for your brother, be careful.
He got the vessel at the right time.
Don't know which gentleman had kept it there.
It seems you've killed Katraj.
Though late, you've done a good thing.
Any way you've rebelled against him.
Join me leaving Baji Rao.
We'll not do anything illegal hereafter.Leave us alone.
Who will let you go away knowing the money you can make.
If Katraj goes, it's Baji Rao, after that some other man...
I'm the best of all the lot.
What do you say?
What man?
Do you consider yourself a great leader for killing a hooligan?
Low class people like you have to live under someone,
you've got no other choice.
Hello... has it started? Don't let police go there.
Leader, it seems Baji Rao has attacked your hamlet.
Go and show your prowess.
Will you kill my man for killing a little boy?
Not a boy must remain here, get every kid into the van.
They must reach Bihar before tomorrow's dawn.
How dare to rebel against us!
Please leave the kids.
They are innocent children, what have they done to you?
Please leave them sir.
Sir, please spare our children.
Anyone going against me will get his child beheaded in Bihar.
If you want your children alive, be my slaves.
Leave me.
Brother, they are taking away Ramu.
What do you want me to do?
I told him not to rebel against Baji Rao,
nobody cared my words.
I'll not cry like you, I'm surrendering myself to Baji Rao.
Don't spit on me, spit on your lives.
Leave this boy to me, look, a boy is escaping there.
Hey, come. How dare to rebel against Baji Rao?
Get everyone, don't spare anyone.
Go inside... go inside boy!
I'm scared. - No... don't get scared.
Don't come out, stay put here.
How dare to rebel against Baji Rao? Bloody, I'll rip out your skin.
There are two children in that hut, pick them also.
This van is full, I'm putting them in that van.
They'll not reform unless we do like this.
I don't know how they came here.
Mother promise, I don't know.
Hey, you tell him.
Brother Bhadram.
I couldn't save even one kid.
We lived together for 12 long years,
death can't do us apart.
We are always together...
Go boys!
What happened?
Beat me!
You said we must be slaves and there's no other way.
He's dead!
Dare to step into his shoes!
No! I don't want to step into his shoes.
I'll follow you!
You've my full support, just order me.
One step!
One step?!
One step!
This is port area, where my people live,
we struggled for years to make two ends meet,
we quenched our hunger with our tears,
those tears have become raging fire,
anyone nearing us will be reduced to ashes.
If any tom, dick and harry, tries to rule over us.
No one must step into my area.
Appala Naidu, whether you come with rowdyism or attack us,
hooliganism or create factions,
play politics or rowdyism.
Everyone will be sacrificed in the port.
Waves will turn into blood and hit the shore.
Your lives are changed for good from today,
slavery to rowdies and politicians is over,
bury the cowardice of bearing humiliation and insults.
Hereafter your eyes must look down only to see land,
not to fall at anyone's feet.
Hang your head down only when you do a wrong,
not in the fear of some wrong People.
Here after work is ours, fruit is ours,
the power is also ours!
If this rebellion asks for a sacrifice,
I'll be the first to give my head.
I'll become your tear in pain,
I'll become your food in hunger,
I'll become your weapon if anyone dares to fight you.
Your mother didn't give birth to you for selfish needs,
but for the welfare of society.
You're not just Shivaji,
you're 'Chatrapathi' to shelter the people around you.
Twist your whiskers.
People hailed Shivaji as 'Chatrapathi'
You'll become a great man.
Port area is in chaos for the last 15 days,
assault on Katraj, Baji Rao's murder,
what's your comment on it?
There's a new leader 'Chatrapathi' Shivaji in port area,
reports say he has your backing, your comment on it.
What has happened is nothing,
Ras Bihari from Bihar will come down here,
what will be your position then?
He says let that bastard come, let me see what he can do,
Stop them here.
Patient's condition is serious and you're creating nuisance here.
All are gone, you can get up sir.
Oh my god!
I thought Baji Rao's death will bring some peace to me.
Now it has become a thorn in my flesh.
What's this man?
Step forward it's danger of 'Chatrapathi',
behind there's the lurking danger of Ras Bihari.
Any which way is danger to me.
It's not Bihari, it's Vihari, Dr. Vihari!
Bloody hell!
First change your name.
His name is giving me jitters, go out.
My condition is very serious for a month,
whether it's my wife, children, CM or PM calling on phone,
don't give it to me.
I mean I'm in coma.
Hello... who is that?
Mr. Chatrapathi?! - Mr. Chatrapathi?!
Greetings sir.
What sir? Minister?
I think he'll not survive this...
he's on the verge of death...
What sir?
Is it sir?
Okay sir.
Bye sir.
Your time is good. - What? He's coming personally.
Who am I? - Minister.
Can anyone meet me without an appointment?
That's why I'm going.
Minister's condition is very serious.
...he's suffering from multiple health set backs.
We can't say anything till another 48 hours.
You've recorded the doctor's statement, haven't you?
Minister is fighting death here.
I'll report any new progress here.
With cameraman Senthil, this is reporter Rekha.
Hereafter all the business and contracts must be legally valid.
Using child labour for smuggling, illegal businesses,
everything must close down.
Oh my god! Billions! Billions of worth!
He may burn it.
You're lucky.
He doesn't know you do illegal business.
What do we get if we do business honestly?
You paid doles to Baji Rao and politicians till now,
to recover that you underpaid your workers,
you needn't pay bribes to anyone hereafter,
you take your profit and pay well your workers,
everyone will be happy,
the money amassed by Baji Rao from your pockets,
I'll use it for the welfare of down trodden.
Looks like Minister is not willing to appreciate whole heartedly.
Oh No! I'm a politician.
I don't accept things easily.
What do we get after entering public life?
A dhothi beneath, a napkin on the shoulders,
a walking stick, a cement statute in the mid-town area.
That's all... that's all...
You got to this position killing a man and injuring one.
You can't retain it.
You can't become a leader aspiring welfare of the labour class.
To become one,
you don't need a suit,
you've to be tyrannical, cheat and fraud.
You don't have any of these qualifications.
To get back all that you've seized from my brother.
It's just a snap of fingers time,
Look at me, Ras Bihari.
Tiger of Bihar.
You know only half of rowdyism, just to kill people,
you don't know to die,
for that you need courage here.
You died the moment you took a step back in fear.
What the hell can you do now?
Go to hell boy!
We have to send goodies to my daughter in America,
we have only three days,
we want two varieties of pickles and sweets. - Okay sir.
Take Rs. 5000 as advance.
I'll come day after tomorrow for delivery & pay the balance. - Okay sir.
What happened to taking the contract of parking in bus stand?
I'm trying mother.
I'll get Rs. 10000 day after tomorrow.
If you need pay for it.
I'm not able to work any more.
Your earnings will bring little comfort to me. - Yes mother,
I've come to know that I've got much work to do here.
I'll do.
I'll do to change our lives dramatically.
Hey stop!
All are playing holi here, what are you guys doing there?
Come down boys.
Will you come down or shall I come up there?
That's it, go And get him here.
Please listen to me once! - Brother!
Leave me... leave me.
Don't beat me... kill me.
I shouldn't live, kill me.
I didn't come to tease her,
I came to seek her pardon before my death.
My mother died in the shock of my behaviour.
Anyone will tonsure his head after mother's death,
but I tonsured my head and then killed my mother.
I was a wastrel,
my mother dreamt about good and respectable life for me.
I couldn't fulfill her wish.
This shaven head killed her.
I don't want to live any more.
Kill me... kill me.
Forgive me, I never expected this turn.
Why are you seeking forgiveness?
I deserve this punishment, death is the only way to me.
Your mother's dream must come true.
Ajay, take him into our service. - Okay.
I'm working with 'Chatrapathi',
if you plan his death,
I'll hit him on the soft corner, and get him to you alone.
Do you want to kill him or not?
Why not, if we get a chance to kill him.
We'll tear him into pieces, get him here.
Hey Skin head! Your head will roll if anything goes wrong.
I'm clear from my side, take care of your side.
What's your connection with him?
It's the connection of a knife and hair.
Why? Why do you hurt me here?
No... you mustn't cry... you must be happy always.
What to do?
I've only one wish since my childhood.
Tell me dear.
My future husband,
...must be a sadist.
Can't you be one? Okay, I'll find another man
You're under estimating my abilities.
Cutting with blades...
That's great expression.
Piercing with pins...
burning with cigarettes...
beating wife black and blue...
It's all my inborn talents, you know?
First prove it in public, then I'll marry you.
We'll get the contract in two days...
What happens to you...
Did you see him?
You're making a wrong move.
No need of bloodshed. Send her.
What will you do then?
I've to rape her urgently. Send her. - Why?
Everyone must praise me as a great sadist.
World must talk about my sadism. Come on talk.
Talk to him boys.
What happened?
I don't have anyone in this world. Let it be there.
I'll stay with you.
Take him away.
You can't do any harm to me.
I'll make you sweat out, I'm Nanda of Waltair.
Call me after regaining consciousness...
...I meant you. - What are you saying man?
Pierced... the pin has pierced...
My heart fell for it...
Scooped out the secrets...
If the pin pierces you, it's my mistake...
Shall I relieve your pain?
Shall I bring comfort to you by blowing over it?
First time it was fun...
Second time it's more fun...
Once in day time...
Many a times at bed time...
Take me to pacify my anger and bad mood.
Shall I become a slave in your bed?
You make me yearn for more...
Leave your shyness and come after me...
Show your power and tell me your sweet tales.
You've great desire... I've great desire...
I've to scale new heights... I've to dig deeper to excavate fun...
Take me into the world of fun and frolic...
Let days go flying in our love play...
I need more of you and your love...
You've to see more of it, don't say no to it.
I love you extremist.
Shall I arrest you for my life?
Sir... stop... stop...
I found the whereabouts of your mother. - Where?
In Pendurthi. Here's the address.
Sir... slow... be careful sir...
Hold this.
Akash! Where is Shivaji? - I don't know.
Did he call on phone? - No.
Where has he gone?
Hey Buddy Munnabhai! Tell me that 'Chatrapathi' is dead.
Why don't you talk to me?
What happened?
Take her to hospital. - How did you get hurt?
Where is Akash? - Upstairs.
Where did you go? - Gun.
Come, let's go.
Come... come... my dear...
I've to tell you a short story.
Long time ago in Srilanka,
a home in that island, a mother in that home.
Ashok is her real son.
Shivaji was a foster son.
Luck favoured and Shivaji has become 'Chatrapathi'
Ashok has become Akash and joined him.
Brother! - Who is your brother?
Our father is same. Our mothers are different.
I hate you since my childhood.
I'm so jealous to kill you also.
I lied to my mother that you are dead.
I joined hands with Ras Bihari to make it come true.
You cheated death.
If you're angry on me, do anything to me.
Where is mother?
I wish to see her once.
You want mother... You want mother...
You'll never leave us alone...
No use...
If I kill you...
Your people will find and kill me, right?
No, it'll not happen.
Mother, it's me Ashok.
I'm working for 'Chatrapathi', am I not?
I saw him killing a girl.
I'm scared that he might kill me.
Chatrapathi, don't kill me, I'll follow all your diktats.
Please don't kill me... leave me...
I'm not mad to kill myself.
Now you're a killer to my mother,
you tried to kill me.
Mother will believe you if I say all this is an enactment.
Mother trusts you more than me, her own son.
But, can you tell her I'm a vile and a cheat.
Can she bear that truth?
After losing a son, she's living like dead for the past 12 yrs.
If she comes to know I'm a cheat, she'll die.
Scared? What will you do now?
Will you tell her the truth and lose her?
Will you stay away and let her live?
What will you do now, bloody?
I inquired with the doctor, he says he's out of danger.
Mother will come here now.
She'll think you'd shot Ashok.
She'll hate our presence here, come let's go.
You go.
No buddy...
He's Chatrapathi.
Are you the Chatrapathi whom people hail?
Do you know the meaning of it?
Man living for the welfare of people around him is called Chatrapathi.
Not a man who kills for pointing your mistake.
Do you've a mother?
Didn't you think about that man's mother?
Have you forgotten about a mother's pain in killing others?
People, police may not dare to touch you, but there's god up above,
your sins will destroy you.
A mother's curse will ruin you.
Don't hide a mother's mistakes. Don't hide your wounds.
Don't burden me with your sacrifices.
Tell me if I'm wrong to reform myself.
Never again I'll commit any mistake.
Trust me son, I swear on you.
You never informed anyone where you're going.
Didn't I tell you to get it ready to send by today's flight?
You haven't done anything yet.
If we don't get things at right time, what's the use?
What will we do with it?
No sir, my son is not well...
No lies please,
I'll send my man by evening, order must be ready or else...
Come, pay advance and run after these people.
How is mother?
She's fine.
If all of us give a helping hand...
Luckily I've got a chance to help my mother.
I must enjoy those moments alone.
Will you do it all alone?
Who are you?
All these... - I prepared them.
I came here selling papads,
and found everything lying around as it is,
I finished it fearing they may get spoilt.
How am I to thank you? - No need of that.
Mother's life must change for good. She mustn't face any more difficulties.
You can give money to Ashok, right?
He'll not take a penny from me.
What shall we do now?
What? What's this? No details, no formalities,
will he permit you to start a hostel just if you apply?
Commissioner will not sign your application.
Calling me names? - No sir.
How to make him agree? - What's that?
He'll strangle your neck. - What's that?
He'll bite your neck.
What's that?
He's a hooligan himself, hooliganism with him?
I don't care even if you are Minister's brother-in-law.
You're threatening me like a small kid.
I've faced many threats like these in my service.
You do what you can and I'll do what I can.
Hang up now... shut up!
Why are you sitting as if this is your father's office?
What do you want?
Rs. 5 billions bridge contract has been awarded to this city.
Ashok must get that contract.
Chatrapathi will manage other contractors.
If there's any pressure on you from top, he'll manage it.
He'll stand guarantee for the bridge's quality & surety.
So, sign the contract in favour of Ashok.
Let him sign it, why do you need me?
You don't seem to care about officers. Gave a good lecture, go now.
You don't know about Chatrapathi.
You too don't know about me.
Sir, you're new to this area, you don't know about him.
He killed famed rowdies Katraj and Baji Rao to become Chatrapathi.
I beg you sir, forget honesty, first sign the papers.
Sign here.
They have reduced Govt. To nothing.
Everyone comes and threatens.
Where else? - Here...
How many more? Will you write off my property also to him?
Just one more, sir.
Take it sir.
Everything is okay.
Only three bombs are here, where's the fourth?
Please get up sir.
My father told always about danger of seat.
But he never told about the danger under the seat.
I'll never sit again, by now my funeral would've been going on.
I'm after you like a magnet...
I'm after you... l'm after you...
There are no secrets between us...
There are no secrets but there's a common known thing...
A twist in the climax...
Will you come my dear?
Don't inspire challenges with your words...
You're a phobia without medication...
If it goes beyond control, shall I bring it down at midnight?
For your midnight mania, there's a beautiful idea...
Ready... steady... get robbed...
No regrets in losing my virginity...
I've managed to control a man with my apron strings...
Old philosophy has lost it's charm...
I've attained liberation in few minutes...
World is an illusion, desire is bottomless...
I fell into it...
I got the world in a jiffy...
Come man, why are you hesitating when a Minister is calling you?
Greetings sir.
Greetings... come.
I'm a poor man fighting everyday for mere survival.
I can't believe a Minister coming to me and offering the contract.
What made you to be so generous?
The courage to go against Chatrapathi.
I'll invest but you'll run the show.
Only we know the deal between us,
if you cross swords with Chatrapathi,
I'll drop you just like a hot potato.
Entire risk is yours, be careful.
He'll not come anywhere near me,
you go assured. - Okay.
I've followed your order.
What's between you two...
when my man asked I chided him.
I'll build a big bungalow for you after I grow up.
Look Nanda.
Okay as you please.
Neelu is going to marry Chatrapathi.
You too must marry and settle, so that you don't disturb them.
Is it fixed?
Unable to bear his tortures, Neelu will come to me.
I must be so high that she can't reach me.
I know a teacher.
Should I marry a teacher and write alphabets?
How about MLA's daughter? - Bloody MLA's daughter!
That's not permanent, no need.
All eyes must be on me.
I must look different even in a crowd.
I've a proposal of your choice.
Claps, whistles, catcalls behind you, always.
Two brothers-in-law to take care of you,
they will not allow even a fly to fall on you.
What about the girl?
Money chimes always in her hand.
Big family.
Very famous.
Their culture is very different.
If anything goes wrong, your bodies will float in Bhimli beach.
Convey my inquiries to my fiancee.
I'll lash myself.
Bloody cheats.
You cheated me.
Claps and whistles?!
Money rolls always in my wife's hands.
Great brothers-in-law to beat as I step out.
Looks like my funeral band.
You forgot a thing buddy.
Didn't I say they'll not allow even a fly to fall on you?
I'm lashing myself mercilessly, how can a fly fall on me?
You know everything but still cheated me into this marriage.
What have I done to you?
Coming dear.
Come Ashok... please sit here.
House warming invitation.
Bloody, you've built a great home.
Please take your seat sir. - Seat?
I'll sit... look Minister is calling you.
You go... go...
Greetings Mr. Commissioner. You're very strict.
What else then? I'm from Nellore.
Once in 1987 I locked horns with CM himself... - Please sit down.
Let's sit and discuss.
Where is your house?
I'll demolish half of it since it encroaches the road.
Taunting me... go... go away.
Why are you standing sir? Please sit down.
Calling me? I'm coming.
I'm here only.
Bring a chair for the Commissioner.
I'll sit man.
Everyone is bothered about sitting.
When I see a chair, my bottom is shaking up.
Chatrapathi gave me the scare of my life.
Has he come?
No need to make money in your bad underworld,
I invited you to show that one can grow honestly like me.
What did you say?
You'll look after mother like a queen, right?
I've made you not even to show your face to her.
I'm nearer to mother.
You're far away from mother.
I'm inside home as her son.
You're outside like a dog.
You can never come near to mother in this life.
Son careful, it's my life.
Ashok, come in.
Salute your brother.
My elder son.
Ashok loves him very much. - Is it? - Yes.
We planned to kill a tiger and it escaped.
What would a tiger do to the fox that trapped it?
It would tear the fox into pieces.
It didn't happen like that.
He got him contracts worth billions.
It has crowned the fox as a king.
What's the connection between them?
He said the connection a knife has with hair.
I must know the connection by tomorrow's dawn.
I promised to protect you.
I'm ready to give my life also for it.
Forget about Ras Bihari,
even if entire Bihar arrives here, they can't enter this place.
You submit your tenders. - Come.
You won Chatrapathi.
I've become your fan seeing your courage.
I've changed completely.
I just came to know a good for nothing guy has insulted you.
I couldn't bear it.
I got enraged so much that I wanted to kill him.
That's why I planned his death.
Mother and son have gone to the Kali temple,
I've planted a bomb to go off at 11 am.
Bloody fool!
When Bihar tiger wishes to hunt, it'll lay a trap.
It'll never back off.
Chatrapathi, did I say Kali temple?
Sorry, it's Ramadri temple.
Did you find them? - No.
Kali... Ramadri... very confusing names.
It's Ranganathaswamy temple, this is correct.
Only five more minutes...
Mother... he is Ras Bihari.
Greetings mother.
We got all the tenders with his influence.
He's not our well wisher,
he's like my elder brother and your elder son.
Bless me mother.
God bless you son.
Now you've two sons again, mother.
Ashok Bihari constructions will become number one company.
Happy to hear it son.
You must give life to many people.
Don't earn enemies.
No mother, I'll never do that.
When I've a weapon like him and an armour like you with me,
who will dare to oppose me, tell me mother?
Why are you here?
You earned a home & made money, isn't that enough?
Why have you joined hands with Ras Bihari?
Are you getting nervous?
I'm not bothered about that.
Not for me, for the sake of people.
They are breathing fresh air of freedom just now only.
If he comes back? - Let them die.
I'm not in that crowd.
You don't know about him.
He'll use mother as pawn to make you dance to his tunes.
If you go against him, mother's life will be in jeopardy.
He'll kill her. - Let him kill!
My mother is going to die, not your mother.
Your play goes on till mother is living happily,
if anything happens to her, you will be...
Get mother here.
Install electric mesh and arrange everything.
I want 24 hour surveillance.
Go and get an electrician.
You don't know about me.
I know local MLA, MP, Central Minister, Governor.
I know only this.
Take good care of my mother. - Okay.
Be alert always. - Okay.
If Ras Bihari...
If you don't mind, can I ask you something, son?
Why did you forcibly bring us here?
Can I know?
If you're jealous of his prosperity, take away all our property.
Please release him.
We had come from shores across,
if he's unwanted here,
we'll go away into oblivion.
Son, god snatched away a son from me,
I'm unable to bear that sorrow.
If you take away another son also,
I don't have the strength to live.
Please don't harm him, I beg you.
Serve food.
Mother is refusing to eat food.
I promised her a queen's life but she's starving now.
Let your hands get paralyzed,
let you be reduced to ash,
bloody bastard, let bad time befall on you,
leave me.
Why are you pushing me down? Bloody...
You? Why are you here?
Forget about me, how come you are here?
Chatrapathi has planned to usurp my papad shop.
I didn't agree,
so he has kidnapped and made me starve for 3 days.
I'm hungry. - Poor girl.
Everything is here, you eat.
Oh No! These people are not trustworthy.
If I die all the problems will end,
so they would've poisoned the food.
They haven't poisoned it, you eat.
I'll not eat.
You're having silly doubts.
I'll eat first to prove.
Nothing happened to me, food is fine, you eat.
May be the sambar is poisoned.
What about the chutney?
Not poisoned.
What about the curry?
Curd, I can't eat without that.
Pudding? - Enough?
May god bless Chatrapathi's mother.
Though I'm an enemy, what a grand feast!
I too had a go at food talking to you.
This is the right way.
They will scare us the more we get afraid.
Let's eat to our heart's content thrice a day,
unable to feed us, they will release us.
What do you say?
No problem. - Give it to me.
You've fed my starving mother,
what do you want for this great help?
You're about to say that, aren't you?
Go ahead.
A smoking beedi in mouth,
A red mouth after chewing betel leaves,
A checked lungi to take off as and when you get into the mood.
O beauty with tingling anklets...
I've come in the checked lungi as you desired...
Laser sharp eyed mischievous young stud...
Stay put in my heart and explore me...
Adding hot water to cool water...
Making the cool to hot up...
Chew away your smiling lips...
Can you pluck the fruit?
Can you take off it's skin?
Can you reduce the madness I've on you?
I can pluck the fruit, I can take out it's skin...
I can be a man in your bed and take you to the world of bliss...
Take me and enjoy my beautiful youth...
Your beauty is mind blowing...
Take chance and go for it man...
Can you dare to touch?
Can you cross the boundaries?
Can you hit the bulls eye of love?
I can catch you, I can pull your plait...
I can hit the bulls eye of your love...
Who else is there for you other than me?
That's why I'm following a lady's advice.
Take me closing the door.
Ladies & Gentlemen,
if you like my talent,
please make generous donations,
I've to look after the needs of all these fools.
This man isn't from my In-law's family,
he looks different.
Who is he?
Stop! One step and the entire building will be blown
I'm not bothered to die, I'll kill everyone here.
One switch and everything will go to smithereens.
Guns down boys, call Chatrapathi.
Tell him to come out, is he afraid of death?
Is he hiding? Where's he? - Where's mother? - Downstairs.
Come out man.
Come man.
I was waiting for you...
Why did you allow him to reach here? - Suddenly...
Seal all the city roads, they shouldn't cross the city.
Sacrifice your lives to save mother from Chatrapathi. - Okay boss.
Go mother.
Go mother.
Thank you brother, you saved me at the right time.
Seal all the sides of the factory.
Kill him the moment you see him.Go.
He's attacking from behind like a jackal.
Not a jackal, but tiger!
He's attacking like a tiger on hunt.
To trap the tiger in the forest,
we must cut a goat and lay a bait.
Tiger will come for the smell of the blood.
Then we can poach and kill it.
That's it, that's the way to kill him.
But, where is the bait? I mean the goat.
You're the goat.
What's this? Aren't we brothers?
Were you born to my mother, bloody crook?
You're a good for nothing useless guy.
Chatrapathi got you contracts and made you a rich man.
When I inquired about his weakness,
I unravelled your relationship with him.
Otherwise why do I need you?
Are you any god's incarnation?
Is your mother a goddess Kamakshi of Kanchi?
He'll come now.
Kill him boys!
He's killing my son.
I don't mind losing my life, please save my son.
Please sit here, come on.
No... don't kill me.
Don't kill my son.
My son Ashok!
You're not hurt, are you?
What have we done to you?
Why are you after his life?
This belongs to Shiva.
12 years back I gave it to my son.
How did you get it?
Tell me.
Did you find it?
Did you steal it?
You're lying, you stole it, didn't you?
Whether I swear or not, I'll tell only the truth.
Whether I swear or not, I'll tell only the truth.
What a blunder I've committed!
I've killed you myself.
Don't cry mother.
I performed your funeral rites even when you're alive.
I cursed you death.
I'm a sinner.
Get up son... you must live...
...or else the word MOTHER will lose it's meaning.
Get up son.
I'm feeling sleepy, I'll sleep on your lap, mother.
Though I took the wrong way...
Though I disowned you as a mother...
Never let down your mother who committed the mistake...
I'll come back into your world as your child...
This mother's curse will ruin you.
Trust me son, I swear on you, son.
I mistook everything black as water and white as milk,
that's why I'm repenting for it now.
Are you the leader Chatrapathi?
A leader must be like me.
Ras Bihari... Bihar's...
Leave me now.
I'll kill you in one shot.
One moment you delay...
...finding your remains for burial will become impossible.
Will you kill me?
Kill me in one shot.
Will you cut my body into pieces?
Will you kill me?
Finished so fast?
Don't you've strength to get up also?
Will you get up if I beat your mother?
After three months...
Come fast, you're getting late to see the bride...
You know about my son.
We'll go only if the girl matches him in all aspects.
I know your choice of the daughter-in-law.
I'll not accept if the girl is mischievous like Neelu.No way.
She's complete opposite to her.
If you see her once, you'll not say no. Come.
Is she more beautiful than me?
What's all this?
Bride seeing ceremony.
Whose plan is this? - Mother's.
Will you toe your mother's line blindly?
I'll stab you.
What's this?
We are going to see a bride for my younger son not the elder son.
Is it?
Oh the girl is blushing!