Pierrick Sorin Solo Show at Galerie Albert Benamou, Paris

Uploaded by henrichy0205yt on 07.10.2011

Since a very long time I have not been exhibiting my works in a gallery,
because I have been working on different projects
for stage design of performances.
This exhibition is a mix of my works made in the last five years,
including optic theater, video installations, but also photos and texts.
The main element is the optic theater, where filmed characters are interacting with real objects.
Optic theater could also be small stage design. This can work as a music hall or
when something precise must happen in a certain moment on stage.
It's like when someone is doing a live show in front of the audience.
There are also some conceptual works, one reproduction of Buren on which
a melting painting is projected, confronting conceptual art and visual art.
My work is characterized by a self-filming practice,
the fact that I am putting myself on stage.
It happened to include more than 80 different characters into only one shot.
I don't do this with the idea to make a self-portrait,
but to make a portrait of the society, although I am using myself.
I am trying not to speak only about myself, a little bit like the
film director Jacques Tati.
He is in the center of his movies, but this is a look to the outside,
to the humanity and its weaknesses, the poetry, it's one way
to discover the others.