Não Faz Sentido! - Putaria pra aparecer

Uploaded by felipeneto on 08.08.2010

This video "thing" is now a trend
Now, any douche thinks he's gonna turn the camera on and become famous
"But, isn't that what you do, Felipe Neto?"
Shut up, troll
Whoredom for attention
Everyone thinks that videos are the new way to become famous
So everyone turns on the camera and put it on youtube...
and thinks is going to be then next international celebrity
And what scares me the most is that a lot of people go for this "fame"
So I have a message for you, who is looking for the fame...
who do stuff just to be famous, and get the money and women, and all that
Is a message for you who want to be in a tv show, in newspapers, and magazines
Do you want to know what that truly means?
Not a single peace of shit
Fame is just some temporary shit...
...made just to deceive a bunch of douche bags with no psychological prepare
Who think that just because they're taking a picture with someone...
...they're Buda or something
The guy that doesn't notice that he isn't doing anything for the world
Unless he actually does something for the world…
but you don't need fame to do something for the world!
Conclusion, fame represents nothing!
Besides the inflated ego and owning answers to people who don't look for fame
but think fame is a positive thing
And there's people who do EVERYTHING to be famous
"Duh, just like you, Felipe Neto… With your videos on youtube"
Ok, Troll, go sit over there.. Yeah, that's it.
People go after this fame all the time
They fight like crazy only to get attention
What is not really a problem if you are a speaker, and actor you need to get attention
If you are a doctor, you are going to publish a paper to get attention
That's not a problem, it becomes a problem when all you do in life is to get attention
Especially when you don't even do it to make things better
And then it comes the internet, that brought a bunch of positive things
But at the same time, brought the opportunity to any douche to create his "club"
If are not having a lot of luck, try putting sun glasses
And with the internet, teenagers found a new way to do the thing that they like the most...
which is: Crap…
And what's the best way to combine the desire of doing crap
and a fucking need to become famous?
And then came the Twitcam,
And if you don't know, Twitcam is when you turn your webcam and show up live for people who follow you on twitter
You let everyone on twitter know and then you talk with everyone, live
But what did the kids see in that?
As an opportunity of doing crap and become famous, LIVE.
And then it adds up to, teenager plus internet
plus need to become famous plus twitcam plus whoredom which equals to
"Teenagers are identified after showing sex scenes on internet"
Do you thing is going to be funny if you do lots of crap on twitcam. and show it to a bunch o people?
Don't you realize that when you do that you look like a douche?
Stupid girls promising to show their boobs if they get 5,000 people to watch her twitcam
And 5,000 shitty wankers actually watch it!
Do you want to see boobies? Do you want to see boobies, sport?
Go find a girlfriend! Go read your dad's magazine!
Do what any normal teenager does!
Don't watch a freaking minor take her clothes of on twitcam
just excited to see the number of followers going up, douche!
Ok, I know, at that age, boys even make a hole in a cushion to put their dicks in
But, FUCK! Let's make the hole in the cushion!
Let's diminish the level of stupidity!
I’m telling you to make a hole in a cushion to get less idiot.
So think on what a jerk you are being.
It’s not only age, no…
Trolls also need to make a hole in a cushion if they want to have sex
But they’re the trolls, we must feel sorry, cause they need care.
In my days, which is not that long ago…
We didn’t had this video thing in internet, no…
And we went well, like,
A Playboy for five different dudes, then we had turns, you know…
one goes to the bathroom, comes back, then another one goes…
But we didn’t complain!
Now, with this fucking pile of porn video, it looks like the boys are not satisfied
Isn’t it enough?! A movie showing up to the woman’s uterus?
Isn’t the magazines, the stories and comics enough?
You have to watch to a fucking teenage girl undressing in the twitcam?
Be ashamed of yourself, boy.
Be ashamed of yourself, Troll.
If what there is out there is not enough for you to get satisfaction dude, I don’t know…
Penetrate yourself with a salami!
Cause this insatiable search for new ways to feel hard-on isn’t normal.
Stick a little salami, maybe you'll like it.
Then there will be no problem at all!
Let’s stop this shit!
And you guys going on twitcam and doing tons of crap…
You little bastards, haven’t you ever heard of therapy?!
Can’t you stop and think only for five minutes…
On the disappointment that you’re to your parents?
Worse than that… the disappointment that you’re to humanity!!
I’m afraid to have children. Each day I am more afraid of having a child.
In this new digital age, in this 2.0 world…
imagine if he becomes a jerk who is jacking off on an infantile twitcam.
And spends 20 hours a day saying crap about other on twitter
Or if I have a daughter
Then she decides that she’ll turn on the twitcam...
to be showing off her olive’s tits for lots of nerds to be watching?!
There’s no way!! Put a child in today’s world is to ask to be screwed.
So please, grow up, look at the world around you, ripen.
So that I can have the hope to put a child in the world once again
I miss the time that even whacking off was something from the devil.
To miss that...the world must be really screwed.
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