Justin Bieber on the french TV part 1

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You'll probably be able to verify
If you have a teenager near you
She should push or stifle a cry
when I will say ... Justin Bieber
So may be it didn't work because your daughter hide her games
what is certain is that 18 years the young singer already totals almost 2 billion view on YouTube and he collect the tubes
Justin Bieber singer born has realize his dream but succes changed his life
The confident of a child star grown up in the portraot of the week.
Phenomenon internet become planetary star among children under 18 years
Justin Bieber, baby pop star capsizes children made to faint teenagers
panics the net, causes riots wherever he goes
The Bieber mania phenomenon pre pubescent invaded the planet
For once all have not be manufactured by the Disney dream Factory
Justin Bieber comes a lost hole of Ontario in Canada and it all started with a simple video set on Youtube by his mom
I was 12 or 13 years old and I wanted to get into a contest of TV hook
My mom told me: "ok, no problem but if you lose you may be disappointed
I said : "No, don't worry, everything will be okay"
I participated at the competition, I didn't win, and my mother finally put the video on Youtube
The idea was to show them to my family and my friends
Only there was more and more clicks so we post more videos
This is how all started
Your mom was single, she was 18 when she took you
and you said one day that you lived just above the poverty line so it's a very modest middle ?
Yes, it's true that i didn't grow up with a lot of money
But I wouldn't say we were poor
I wasn't also as focus than the majority of my friends
and there was effectively quite a few times where we had to put money aside
and we had to share the food in the restaurant
but ultimately that's what allowed me to be who I am today
And according to Forbe Magazine, you win the pass year $ 55 million
How, you who come from a modest middle live this amazing richness ?
For me money is just one more, I don't do music for it I do my job because I love singing
I love being on stage, I feel being here in the world for that
You were a teenager under the light
We may have a crisis of adolescent when the cameras of the whole world follow you everytime ?
It's hard to grow up under the spotlight, everyone watching you
Everybody scans your facts and your actions to the lookout for the smallest misstep
For me, it's hard beacause there is always a camera pointed at me and always I must be impeccable
Sometimes, when we see you pictures of you, go out of an hotel got into a bus, surrounded by bodyguards, protect
We say that your life isn't a dream, it's must bbe a hell
your childhood has been stolen, your adolescent has been stolen
No, no at all I haven't the impression that I lose my childhood or it's was stolen
I started music when I was 13. So this childhood belonged to me until then
I went to public primary school and then to the college
and when I was 14 years, things began to change
In fact it's was when I was 15 when my first single is out
When I was 15 ? - Yes
That's it , so I was 15
We'll talk about the biebermania, before will give some figures which give the turnstiles
Two billion seven clicks on YouTubeand I thinks you are follow on twitter by 22 millions people ?
Yeah ! It's crazy, it's a miracle
Sometimes the biiebermania is compared to the beatlemania
There is a form of madness, hysteria around you
the last week at Oslo, you had to sing, otherwisewe was provoke the state of emergency
I think also, you had to be canceled a concert in Australia
In Israel, it's complicated, how you live it ?
Obviously, it's complicated especially when I travel and I have to move from one place to another with all this fan who are behind me
But, it's also really comforting
And see girls like that vanish before you, to see these scenes of hysteriais that there is not a form of violence that assaults you ?
What could attacked me ? - hystéria ...
NO, no, my fans are not violent, it's the contrary there are really sweet
Ok... There are may be a lot of fan but there are never aggressive
Just to walk there are 40 ou 50 people around you
and to protect you with bodyguards and around you is that true ?
Yeah, it's true, when I'm on tour or promo like today there are a lot of people around me
But when I go out there are no as crowdedas this
We had an information lest week , to the effect that you hit a paparazzi Is it true ?
No, it's not true.
You know paparazzi who follow us can sometimes lose their coolness
so we must know stay cool
We said that the police want to hear you about it ?
That's crazy
is that sometimes you are not dreaming of anonymity ? is that sometimes you are not dreaming of eating a sandwich
in a terrace in Paris without creating a riot ?
No, no at all, how to tell you
I would never had an opportunity to be here
If I didn't have that career
I could never afford to come here in Paris
So, no I haven't regrets
In your opinion, how do you explain this fantasy planet that you provok ?
is that sometimes when you brush your teeth the night you say: " They became crazy on me"?
No, this doesn't come to me
Obviously, that's crazy the quantity of fans who follow me, that's crazy
But right now, just one thing worries me BE THE BEST
And I do everything I can to be the best
I practice everyday, I train everyday, I'm going on tour around the world
with one goal, be the best
It is the girls and especially the young girls who adore you
When you see that your haircut become a subject of conversation all over the world
You think the world is crazy or it's funny
No, I think it's very flattering that people want the same haircut as me and that they want to look like me
I'm flattered... Thank you !
One last question for your French fan, can you tell them few words in French
I think you speak a little bit of French ?
I speak French a little
I love you so much, all my fans... Correct ? - Yeah, all right
You are pretty ( beautiful) .... Right ? - Yeah - Beautiful
-You are pretty .... Miss
That's my French ! and I rhyme
Thank you !
And, the new Justin Bieber's album "Believe" is released on June 18.
It's the end of seven to eight, thank you for your loyalty