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Pottery Barn Holiday Traditions Sharing Memories
I'm Susana Salk and I'm a design editor and stylist
I think what you realize when you become a parent is that you are really passing on you're really
creating memories holiday memories for your children and it's really a responsibility,
almost like
the limbs of the family tree they kind of
you depend on them year after year and I think
as I said it's really a privilege to be able to
create that for your children and
it's just so much fun as as
as much as when October comes around I think uh, the holidays are coming I really have
to kind of it's like getting ready to run a marathon a little bit
and you have to learn to
relax and enjoy it with them
and celebrate it with them because as we all know you blink and it's over another year is gone
and you just want to be able to look back and say
I had fun
I shared it,
to me that's very much the spirit of the holiday being present and enjoying the beauty.
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