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TRISTEN SIERRA: I went to college.
I never moved out because I went to school
about an hour away.
And I'm a Mama's girl.
I love my mom.
I still actually call her Mommy.
She's literally my best friend.
I'm Tristen Sierra.
I'm 24, and I live with my mom.

I went to John Jay College for Criminal Justice.
I didn't want to become a cop.
I actually wanted to become a lawyer, because I love to
argue and I love to win.
My mother is actually a Sergeant down in the Bronx.
She's rough and tough.
ROSALIE STARR: My name is Rosalie Starr.
I work for New York State with the
courts, and I'm a Sergeant.
Basically I do everything that police do, but I do very
little of it since I'm a boss.
Tristen is the middle child.
She's 24.
TRISTEN SIERRA: I'm the princess in the family,
because I'm the only girl.
ROSALIE STARR: And she lives with me.
And I love my children living with me.
If it was up to me, they would live with me
for ever and ever.
You know that commercial, do know where your children are?
Yeah, I do.
They're with me.

TRISTEN SIERRA: I am a woman.
I love to collect shoes, handbags, and sunglasses.
It is the most amazing thing.
I can go to Walmart and buy a $5 dress, and with the right
accessories, you can make that $5 dress into a $1,000 outfit.
My bedroom is all pink.
I love pink.
It is my favorite color.
So the walls are pink, the ceiling is pink.
And I have Barbies all over my bedroom.
ROSALIE STARR: The decor in Tristen's room is early five.
TRISTEN SIERRA: I have a sports wall.
And then I have a wall of masks and everything.

My shoe collection is the most amazing thing ever.
I literally have shoes in my closet from floor to ceiling.
I don't even have room for all my shoes anymore.
You can never have too many.
Why would I live anywhere else?
I love living at home.
I can't lie.
My mother has always been a cool mom.
She can be a little bit scary.
She does carry a gun and all.
So guys are a little leery to come over.
ROSALIE STARR: I would greet them and tell them right away,
listen, I carry a gun.
And I just want you to know that.
TRISTEN SIERRA: Guys also don't want to come over to my
house, because you really can't do anything when my
mother's home.
So you'll never guess who text me today.
TRISTEN SIERRA: I know that you love him.
ROSALIE STARR: Oh, he's such a loser!
What did he have to say?
Is he in jail again?
I would run the names of Tristen's boyfriends just to
make sure that they were OK.
TRISTEN SIERRA: You don't like any of my ex-boyfriends!
Name one of my exes that you like!
ROSALIE STARR: I never had to show anybody my weapon, only
because I guess I look so fierce.
And I am kind of nasty.
TRISTEN SIERRA: Boys tend not to see my bedroom.
Because I don't want them coming over and seeing this
pink Barbie doll room with my little twin size bed, which
people have made fun of me about.
And it's not really a turn on.
I've never had to grow up and be an adult.
And with a room that would be different and an adult room, I
would have to grow up and stop being this childish
person that I am.

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