Jaindl Farms: The Making of the Wegmans Organic Grand Champion Turkey

Uploaded by wegmansfoodmarkets on 03.11.2010

Hi, my name's Scott Smith,
I'm meat manager at Wegmans Pittsford.
The folks at Jaindl Farm have bred a unique turkey
called the Grand Champion. This is all-natural turkey which
produces more white meat, perfect for your
Thanksgiving meal. This year, we're also offering
and organic and free range Grand Champion turkey.
Like the original Grand Champion,
this is all natural. Like the name suggests
it's also fed an organic diet. We took a trip
to Jaindl Farms to see their
family operations. I hope you enjoy,
and happy Thanksgiving. Hello, my name is
Dave Jaindl, I'm the owner
of Jaindl Turkey Farms here in the Lehigh Valley,
Pennsylvania. And ah, we are
the provider of the Wegmans organic
Grand Champion turkey. Well, my father and my
grandfather started ah, back nearly 70 years ago
with five turkeys. And of course,
my father took the turkeys and my dad
and my grandfather went into business together
and started raising turkeys in more of a commercial
fashion. The Grand Champion
was derived in the late 50s after
my father entered several of the National
Turkey Federation breeding contests and ah,
won the Grand Champion each and every year.
He entered with his breed of turkey.
All our turkeys grown on Jaindl Farms
are part of the Grand Champion breed.
This is a breed that's, that's been perfected
by my father over the years, over the past 60 years
and hopefully we continue
and will continue that breed going forward.
What makes the breed a little different than
the traditional turkey, it's a broad-breasted turkey,
it's a higher yielding, higher yielding white meat
than the traditional turkey. It's a consumer
friendly turkey. It is important to
our organization, and it has always
been important to be good stewards
of the land. We have about
seven miles of grass greenways that
help protect streams, for every tree we take out,
we like to plant five trees. That's important to us.
Treating the animals with respect,
and treating the animals in a humane fashion
and ah, wherever you can is extremely important.
They're alert, they come to you,
you can see how inquisitive they are.
And in addition to that,
you'll see how white the feathers are.
The white feathers is indicative of a very clean growing condition.
I think the philosophy is, um, is to be able to control
as many aspects within the operation as possible.
That's growing the grains, manufacturing the feed,
growing the proteins, manufacturing the proteins,
growing some soy beans, and manufacturing
the fuel for the operation. You know, we pride ourselves
with being a ah, being a totally
integrated operation where we do everything
from start to finish. And that ah, that again,
helps us on the control side. You know, we--
when you can control the quality of the feed
that goes in the turkeys, we feel that you're
also controlling the product that
you're growing. We are very proud to provide
Wegmans with their fresh, organic Grand Champion turkey
this year for the first time.