Dhan Daulat

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Brother, I want to go to the city. Can I get a lif?
Why just my car, I'll give you a lif in my heart.
Why are you afraid? He will adopt the baby.
Come on. - Go away!
Driver, move.
Hurry up! I'm very hungry, and I'm also feeling very sleepy.
Sukdu, come.
This onion won't do. Get a whole onion.
Motu, I want to ask you a question.
Ask. I am not dumb that I will not be able to answer your question.
You are from Punjab. - Ludhiana.
You lef your city and came to my city.
You came to my city, but why did you meet me?
Why? - I mean, how are we connected?
What an answer I have thought of!
The milk I drank in childhood has come of use today.
How is that?
Shall I tell you the relationship between you and me?
Tell me. - Then listen. You are poor, so am I.
The relationship between us is of poverty.
That's a good reply.
Motu, you have spoken sensible for the first time today and floored me.
You are hungry, my baby?
Okay, you stay here, I'll be back.
What do I do?
Brother, I want it for my baby. Can I get milk of 25p.
Give her milk in a mud cup. - Here's the money.
Motu, the clock is still showing nine.
There's something wrong.
Sir, this clock is showing nine since the last nine months.
Motu, it is eleven ! - Hurry up!
Thank you.
No! Stop!
Brother, did you find my baby in this truck?
Baby? No. - My baby got lef behind in a truck.
I've been looking for him all night.
There are lots of trucks here. Where will you look for your baby?
Oh God, what do I do?
Motu, unloaded all the boxes? - Yes.
Then why aren't you getting off? - I will, give me your shoulder.
Sukdu, why are you crying? - I thought you delivered a baby.
I'm only in my seventh month yet.
Sukdu, there is really a baby here.
Help me up. - Look!
Oh my God ! How did this baby come in our truck?
I have understood ! It has come with the goods.
Then let's go and give it to who it belongs.
Let's go.
Sir. .sir. .wait! - What happened?
Check your delivery note. - I checked it.
I have received everything. There's nothing lef.
Take, your baby. - No baby is mentioned in this.
Maybe he forgot to mention. - We are honest people.
This doesn't belong to us, take your goods and give us a receipt.
Take him. And we don't even want a receipt.
Hey! what are you doing? Listen ! Take back your baby.
Sir, he is your baby. You visit that village quite ofen.
He even resembles you, look. - Yes, look.
What look? You dump someone else's sin on me?
Take your baby. Am I a fool? Now go away!
Go! Fools! Brazen men !
Motu, someone played a trick on us. - He lef his baby in our truck.
The question now is, what do we do about this baby now?
We'll hand him over to the police. - They'll send him to an orphanage.
He'll atleast have a roof over his head.
But just think, when he grows up, what will people call him?
What? - That he is an orphan.
You are right. - He'll grow up and commit crimes.
You are right. - What right? Don't you have brains?
What are brains? - Nut!
Look, don't bother me with small problems.
If it's something big, tell me, I'll set it right with a few punches.
Even I know that. But tell me, why did someone leave the baby in our truck?
The thinking department is yours, you think.
I think, this baby is illegitimate. - Maybe.
What maybe? Can a baby ever be illegitimate?
Then what can he be? - He is God's oblation.
You get oblation in a temple, he is a gif from God.
You guys haven't lef yet? - Does this road belong to you?
It's a municipal road, and we pay tax.
Sir, we have started thinking for the first time in life.
And you came and disturbed us.
You disturbed us! - Why are you getting angry?
I have brought good news for you. I just got a call from Punjab.
I have got a big order to supply mangoes.
The work will go on for one and a half month.
Begin the work. And take an advance of Rs. 500 from the accountant.
Sukdu, are you thinking what I am? - Yes.
What am I thinking? - That this baby is very lucky for us.
We will rear him. - Okay, but what will we name him?
He brought us money. So we'll name him Laxmi.
Wait. . . No, we cannot name him Laxmi.
Why? - He's a boy.
Then since he has brought us luck, we'll name him Lucky.
Bajirao, where is this child crying? - Child? Look.
He's ours. - Yours?
You have no one in the world. Whose baby is this?
His mother's. - Mother's? Where is his mother?
She's dead. - Yes, she's dead.
Okay. . .What! His mother is dead? Where is his father?
He ran away. - Mother is dead, father ran away.
And you two brought the baby home? Why?
What why? We will rear this baby.
It's not so easy to bring up a baby. You need a woman for that.
Lucky, stop crying. Drink milk.
Crying won't help, drink milk. We have to prove to Rahim we can rear you.
What do I do? ! Sukdu ! where are you?
I am here. - What have you done to yourself?
Why are you screaming? What did Rahim say?
He said you need a woman to rear a baby.
So I became a woman. Give the baby to me.
Take care of him. Give him milk.
Take baby, drink milk.
Caught you !
Even my Munna must be this big today.
Wonder where he must be, in what state he must be.
Take dear, eat.
Come. - Come.
Take, fill the form. - Fill it, Motu.
I didn't call you Motu( fat ), I told my friend.
You fill it. - Fill it.
Sir, they both are illiterate. - Shut-up!
Did you have to say it?
Sir, we cannot read and write. - Alright, I'll fill it for you.
What is the child's name? - Lucky.
Write it. - Full name?
Lucky Ram.
Father's name. - Write the name of both of us.
How is that possible? How can I write two names?
Not possible? Then write my name. Bajirao.
Yes, write it. No! Write Mangatram.
You two better decide whose name I should write.
Let's decide. - Motu, choose one finger.
Write Bajirao. - Yes, write it.
Cheating ! - What cheating?
If you two keep fighting, I won't admit the child to school.
No sir, don't do that. Motu, leave my hand.
Shall we put it as Baji Mangatram? - Okay.
Who is it?. . . Lucky! My eggs!
Stop! . . . My eggs! Now I know who steals my eggs.
Stop! Where are you going, you naughty fellow!
Stop! . .You broke my head.
Lucky, stop! Where are you going up there? I cannot climb up
Get down.
Get down ! . . . Lucky! God ! what a naughty boy he is.
As a child, he stole my eggs. Now he steals my hen.
You haven't improved even afer an education.
If you study further, you'll even steal my horse.
Get down ! . . .Just you wait!
I'll teach you a lesson !
Get down ! Return my hen.
Uncle, if you want the hen, come up and take it.
Is that so? Just you wait! You think you are very smart?
I'll teach you a lesson !
Uncle, what are you doing ! Don't remove the ladder! Hey!
Mind your own business! Go away!
Let's see how you get down now. You have stolen many of my hen.
Uncle I was just. . . - Get lost!
Uncle, these hens. . . I'll fall down !
Uncle, bring the ladder. - Sure. Let me feed the horse first.
Uncle, I'll die by then.
Bapu ! - What. . .what?
That's Lucky's voice. Where did he call from?
Bauji ! - He is standing up there.
He's been naughty since childhood.
Lucky, get down. Let's eat lunch.
Bauji. . . - What happened?
The ladder has fallen down. - Sukdu, let's go.
Bauji, Bapu, the ladder has fallen.
Lif it fast. - Put it up.
Wait Motu. - What happened?
Bapu, Bauji, what happened? - First think why he went up.
Why? - Let's ask him.
Remove the ladder. - Bapu, let the ladder stay.
First tell us why you went there.
Rahim uncle's hen flew up here. Someone had to bring it down.
Okay now I understand. - He is speaking the truth.
Wait, I'll tell you. He passed his school exams. . .
but he hasn't yet stopped being naughty.
When you are not here, he troubles the whole neighbourhood.
He stole my hen and took it up. - Bauji, he is lying.
You are lying, you thief! Come down !
Quick! - Then put the ladder.
Put the ladder. - Bapu, you'll have to put the ladder.
Oh yes, we will have to put the ladder.
Let him come down, we'll ask him!
Even I'll deal with him!
Uncle, catch your hen. - My hen !
Hold tight. - Come down soon.
I returned the hen to uncle. This is the reward you get to do good.
When we are not here, you act naughty?
Not at all. - You trouble people?
As soon as college begins, we will admit you to college.
Bless you. - Let's go, Motu.
What style! Some come by car, some by cycle. He's come by truck.
He is handsome, they must have offered him a lif.
That's my father's truck.
Even truck drivers sons have started coming to college these days.
Why not? They make lots of money in smuggling.
You abuse my father!
What's going on here? - Sir, he is a truck driver's son.
He used abusive language, and even got physical.
He was hitting us with this. - Sir, they are lying.
Sir. .I. . .
Bauji, what happened?
It's not good to be so angry. - Sukdu, ask him not to talk to me.
He has put our life's entire effort to waste.
Motu, I am not talking to him.
Who asked him to get into a fight? - That rascal abused you two.
Shut-up! - He abused you.
What language are you talking in? Speak Punjabi, Marathi, or Hindi.
If he abused, did we get humiliated by it?
If people won't call us truck driver, will they call us screw driver?
You have no brains. You lef college, what will you do now?
Tell me.
I'm a truck driver's son, I'll become a truck driver.
What did you say! If you say that again. . .
I'll knock out your teeth.
You'll become a truck driver? Saw how much we are respected?
You are always fighting, getting into trouble. Want to be a loafer?
Motu, we'll go to work and lock him behind.
Lock him up. Let's go. - Bauji, no!
If you don't come all night, what will become of me?
Hey Popat! . . . Popat uncle, please open the door.
Get lost!
If you don't open it, I'll loot your shop.
I'll open your dhoti.
You are better off locked inside. You thief!
You are a thief! Neighbours! Listen ! is everyone dead?
Oh lovely.
Hello madam. Can you open the door from outside for me?
Hey girl !
Rascal !
Rahim uncle! I'll have to woo him.
Rahim uncle, come here, I want to tell you something important.
What is it, son? - Hello uncle.
Hello son. - Where are you these days?
You don't even meet me.
What nonsense! I meet you all the time.
That's not a meeting. Come inside, let's have tea, eat.
They have locked me in. - How sad !
Yes uncle, and I am very hungry.
My son is hungry? - Very hungry, uncle.
Please open the door. - Look, go to sleep.
Uncle! - Sleep!
Hey old man ! - Brazen fellow!
Just let me come out, then see what I do!
Get lost! - Just you wait!
Let me see how you even come home.
Lucky. - What?
What? Don't you have any manners? Come here.
Get lost! - Come here.
Why are you chewing my brains? - I've brought food for you.
Food? - Eat food, and go to sleep.
Big favour you did me.
I gave him food, yet he is taunting me. Brazen fellow!
I am here. You were looking for me, weren't you?
Wait! Listen ! Why are you getting angry?
Listen to me. - Why do you tease me like that?
I won't ever again. I made a mistake. I'm sorry. But please open the door.
But why are you locked in? - Come here, I'll tell you.
My name is Lucky. I am very decent. But my two fathers. . .
What happened? - Two fathers?
Yes, two fathers. - And you say you are not mad?
I really am not mad. You can ask the neighbours if you don't believe me.
I'll explain everything to you, atleast open the door.
Don't open the door. You go. - He is really mad.
Motu, are we human, or animals? - Why, what happened?
Our son must be hungry since yesterday. We didn't keep food for him.
Hey, I forgot!
Hail Mother! - Hail the Lord !
Lucky. . . Lucky. . .
We made a mistake. We forgot to keep food for you.
We'll cook it now. - I won't eat food.
I will stay hungry. - Why vent your anger on food?
Whatever we do is in your interest.
Why did you quit college?
Just hear what the neighbours talk about you.
Damn the neighbours. Let's cook food for him.
I will die hungry but will not eat food.
How will you not? - If you don't eat, even we won't.
Sukdu, I'll boil potatoes, you make rotis.
Come. . . . Motu ! look.
I saw. - What is it?
Food. - But where did it come from?
Wherever it came from, but who ate it?
You didn't understand? - No.
You have no brains. Shall I tell you? - Yes.
One band stand. - Your ticket has been taken.
What do you want? - A promise.
What promise? - To meet.
What if I refuse?
If I thought of stealing eggs in childhood, I would steal eggs.
Eggs? - Yes.
And now it's time to steal a heart, I'll surely steal it.
Interesting history you have.
See carefully, even my geography is good.
Say yes now. - No!
Don't you get bored saying no? - I'm bored of you. Leave me alone.
Just make a small promise, please, for my sake!
Alright, Sunday evening 4 pm at Juhu beach, near the horse stand.
Okay? - Okay.
Lucky, what are you doing ! Have you gone mad?
What am I doing? What did you do with me?
You made me stand in the hot sun for three hours with horses.
I'm taking revenge. - Please don't do that, Lucky.
One condition. Coming now with me?
Come on, hurry up, tell me. - I'm coming !
I didn't hear it, say it louder.
Hey girl. . . hey girl !
''Fulfill the promise of that day''
''What say, my babe?
''Come on love, tell me. Where do you get such a chance?''
''Come on, don't feel shy''
''I lost my scarf, let me go home''
''Let me get dressed and come again''
''I am your love, where will I go?''
''Let me go, I'll come back again''
''You did what your heart told you''
''I plead with you, look at my state''
''I'm cold''
''Come cruel one, the heat of my sighs will make you warm''
''Whatever you say, I'll do it''
''I'll call day night if you so wish''
''If you wish, my love, even I'll show you stars during day''
''You are teasing me, but I may lose my life''
''Either let me go, or let me die''
Hey! Why did you let her go?
You again? - Me again.
Why are you afer me?
I want to hear the decision on my fate.
Don't trouble me, I am getting late.
How do I let you go without hearing the decision.
My brother! - Brother?
Yes, that army man. Look, run away, or I've had it!
Very good. Why worry? We'll talk to him right away.
You talk to him, I'm leaving.
Hello, army man. - What hello?
You don't know me, I am your to-be wife's brother.
What! - No! I'm your sister's to-be husband.
You are my to-be brother-in-law.
I want the whole report on this.
Sir, I love your sister. If you don't believe me. . .
She ran away fearing you.
Sir, we love each other very much.
We? - No, she and me.
We wish to get married.
Hope you will give us your blessings. - What blessings?
I am very happy to see your courage. A young man should be like a lion.
Don't be afraid. Come. - Where?
With me. . .to my house. - With you. . .to our house!
He's our dog.
Sit down. Feel at home.
You affectionately call her Lajo?
No, I call her Lajo even when angry.
Girl, do a quick march and come out and salute me
What is it, brother?
Look who I have brought home. - Who is he?
She. . .she. . - Sit down !
First you fool your brother, then you deceive him?
This young man has told me everything. - What did I say. . .
Sit down ! - I'll get you married with aplomb.
What aplomb? - Sit down !
Atleast listen to me, sir.
What do you want to say? You want to talk about dowry?
If you talk about dowry with an army man, he'll break your bones.
My greatest wealth is my sister. - What'll I do with such heavy wealth?
You should have thought of that earlier. Sit down !
Look, you are mistaken.
Do you have another sister?
Yes, I do. Why? - I love her.
Is it? Come with me. - Sure.
She is my second sister. She's the mother of three children.
No, not even her. Do you have a third sister?
I understand. Sit down.
Lajo, come here. Stand here, before him.
Ensure he doesn't run away. I'll get my gun.
Bye, see you again.
Brother, he ran away.
You are still roaming free? I thought you must be in hospital by now.
You thought wrong. You fooled me for which that man was going to kill me.
Why? Didn't like his sister?
Like his sister? She was a battle tank!
Look, I want to make you my life partner, not some elephant.
You fooled me once, I won't give you another chance.
My father is coming ! I'm leaving.
Yesterday, it was your brother. Today, it is your father.
He is really my father, please let me go.
I won't get fooled by you now. Who is your father, let me see.
That one. - That old hag?
He doesn't even look your servant's father.
I plead with you. Let me go, please! - Never! You are lying.
Come, I'll teach you a lesson. Come, we'll meet your father
What are you doing !
What is it? - Just a minute.
This beautiful girl says you are her father. Isn't she lying?
No, I am your father. Shanti, who is this brazen fellow?
He is my friend's brother. - Why is he holding your hand?
Forgive me father, I made a mistake.
Assume I'm an ass and forgive me. - You are an ass.
I know ruffians like you very well. Come to the police station.
Thief. . .thief! Catch him!
Who is it?. .Who. . .
Please drive away the old man.
Lady, did you see any ruffian here? - Yes, I did. He ran that way.
That way? Where can he escape? I'll catch him.
He's gone? - Gone.
Come here.
Why was this man searching you? - He simply came afer me.
I thought he was just any other man, but he turned out to be Shanti's dad.
Shanti's dad? Who Shanti? - That Shanti. . . .I'm leaving.
Hey! What are you doing !
I've told you, if you want to do business, you'll have to pay tax.
Go take it. - I love apples.
Don't be so cruel with a poor woman.
Poor? Then why are you wearing gold?
Give it to me. Give it to this decent man, or some thief will take it.
Don't take this.
You sure are brave.
Why do you trouble poor people? Want to eat oranges? Eat.
Eat, you bull !
Anyone around? Help!
Throw the orange. Hurry!
Leave him! Don't beat him!
Someone save him!
Leave him!
They ran away, Bapu. Where is Bauji?
Why were you fighting? - No Bauji. . .I. . .
No, it is not his fault. He staked his life to save mine.
Sister, your chain.
Bless you.
I sell fruits and make a living.
But those goons come to my shop and trouble me every day.
Where is your shop? - You destroyed it.
My son.
What is the matter? Your cart is outside, and you. . .
What do I say? I have been on bed since the last four days.
Why didn't you let us know? - What would I say?
One can manage one illness.
But when your destiny itself is bad, how much can you fight?
But what happened? - My horse. . .died.
Why do you feel dejected? If you die, whose hens will I steal?
Don't feel dejected. God willing, everything will be alright.
You take care of your health.
My name is Sudhir Chopra.
Sit down.
Tell me.
Someone stole my race horse, Wonder Boy. It's an expensive horse.
Do you suspect anyone?
Every rich man of the city coveted my horse.
How many names can I mention? - Okay,we'll try our best to find him.
Whoever finds my horse, I'll give him a reward of Rs. 1000.
Hello madam, where are you going? I was coming to you.
You? And what is all this?
I've started working. - But what have you done to yourself?
You mean my clothes?
Don't worry. Afer a wash, they'll shrink. Come.
Where? - I'll take you for a ride.
I don't have the time. I have to go to the bazaar and get a few things.
Then I'll take you to the bazaar. It will be a ride & you can even shop.
When did you start this? - Rahim uncle is sick.
I thought I'll take his horse cart out and make some money for him.
Look, I've made Rs. 5 since morning. - How much will you take from me?
Who will take money from you?
Here's your mall.
Come soon. - Yes.
Stop the jeep!
See that horse. - Yes, he's the same horse.
He is using a race horse for his cart.
Stay away from the horse, he kicks.
Hey coach, where did you get the horse from?
I purchased it, where else. - Purchased it?
Ofcourse. - Then come to the police station.
We'll know there whether you have bought it, or stolen it.
You think this is a stolen horse? - Ofcourse.
Okay, come to the police station. You are accusing a decent man.
Go afer him! He should not escape. Decent man indeed !
What's going on?
Sir, our horse. - Yes sir, it is your horse.
Catch it, sir. Yes sir, this horse is yours. Take him away.
Seeing the horse, I knew it was yours.
Goons were escaping with your horse, I saved him and brought him here.
Sir, they have come! The goons have come. They'll beat me, sir. Save me.
Sujit, give that money to him. - What money, sir?
I had declared a reward of Rs. 1000 for anyone who brings the horse to me.
Rs. 1000 ! - What is your name?
Rs. 1000. . .I mean, Lucky.
You seem to be smart. What do you do? - Do. . .I don't do anything, sir.
If ever you feel the need, do come and meet me.
Where do I meet you, sir? - We will meet somewhere, some time.
You? - Yes, me. You called, and I came.
Go back where you came from. - Why? What is the matter?
Atleast tell me what happened. Shanti, open the door!
I said leave, or you've had it! - But what. . .
You are removing me from your home, try removing me from your heart.
Alright, stay there. - Shanti, why don't. . .
Knock harder. - I said leave!
I won't open the door. - What happened, sister?
It's me, Pappu. Open the door.
Hold this, you little imp.
You are very shameless. - I know you are very angry with me.
I lef without telling you anything that day.
Forgive me. Look, I've bought a saree for you.
It must be stolen. - Stolen? I bought it with money
Then you must have stolen the money, like you stole the horse.
I didn't steal the horse. I returned it back to them.
Shanti, listen to me. - I don't believe anything you say.
Go away! And don't ever meet me afer today.
If you talk like that, I'll jump from here before the train and kill myself.
Then go quickly. The train is going to arrive now.
Alright, I'm going to die. You will cry, regret, but I will not come back.
You won't stop me? - No!
Okay, I am going to die. The police will arrest you.
Will you really die? - Has your sister sent you to ask me?
No, I came on my own. - Why have you come here?
Because I've not seen anyone die until now. Die.
Why are you taking so much time? Die.
I'm dying. I can die only when the train comes.
Damn ! . . .You are laughing again? He's always laughing.
The track is very hard.
Pappu, I'm going to die. Get me a pillow from your home.
Sister. . . - I won't give.
Your sister is very cruel.
It's so sunny. Ask her to atleast give an umbrella.
Sister. . . - I said I won't give.
What a stone heart she is! Pappu, get me a glass of water.
There's still time for the train to come.
If I die thirsty, my soul will not rest in peace.
I said I won't give, I won't!
''I have a complain. . .a complain ! Friends, listen to me''
''You also listen. Are you listening, my love! ''
''In your separation, I have not eaten or drank anything since yesterday''
''Not drank anything''
''Wonder how I have survived until now''
''How you survived?''
''Moreover, the sun has scorched me''
''I have no umbrella, nor shade''
''No shade''
''It's a question of one umbrella''
''They say, you have to lie on ash afer dying''
''You won't have any pillow, or mattress''
''And so, my friends. . . ''
''I have decided to commit suicide''
''I waited very long for my beloved''
''When the beloved is a betrayer, what is the point in living?''
''Look at my state. What did I get having given my heart?''
''Since then, I am sad, my heart is sad, my life is sad''
''I promised to embrace death''
''I waited very long for my beloved''
''Someone has said, love does not care for life''
''It has killed even the best of lovers''
''And afer them, this is my state today''
''Whoever has been in love, has been lef sighing''
''Bearing pain and sorrow. . . ''
''Bearing pain and sorrow, I have reduced to half''
''I waited very long for my beloved''
Lucky, get up, a train is coming.
I won't get up. I will die today.
Get up, please! - Then promise that you will love me.
I will, now get up soon.
Promise that you will not fight with me.
I won't, get up!
Leave me, the train has lef. - But my heart's train is running.
Lucky, what's going on? - I'm making love.
Aunt, you have come at the right time. I was hungry.
Aunt, she is Shanti. Shanti, she is my aunt.
Aunt, I love her and want to marry her. Ask her to marry me.
How can I marry him, aunt? He has no job, does not earn anything
He keeps roaming all day. How will my father give consent?
She is right, Lucky. First find yourself a job. . .
then watch how I get you two married.
What have you done! - Wait!
But I am speaking the truth, inspector. I know nothing about it.
Say what you have to in court. Constable.
But I am innocent, inspector. - I said say what you have to in court.
Take him away. - Yes sir. Come sir.
I'll take your leave now, inspector.
Mr. Saxena, I think if citizens like you help the police. . .
smuggling can be eliminated from the country.
Mr. Saxena, you are watching the fun now.
But I'll make a joke of you one day! - Get in !
What's happening? - Greetings.
Greetings. What is the matter? - Bauji, we want to start a business.
Business? What business?
Tell me, what does a man need the most?
Not just man, even a woman.
Shall I tell you? - Yes.
A man and woman need a child the most.
Bauji, you are. . . ! Can one do business of children?
Sorry. Mistake. - He has no brains.
I'll tell you. Whether man or woman, old or young, inside or outside. . .
whether in a plane or horse cart, a man needs a matchbox the most.
With which a woman can light the stove, a man can light a cigarette. . .
can even ignite his enemy's home. Which he can buy very cheap.
See how smart my son has become. - Bless your son.
It's a good business. Tell me, how much money do you want?
Rs. 100, 200, 300. . . - No Bauji, much more than that.
Motu, we'll arrange Rs. 1000 for him. - Yes.
No Bapu, we have calculated. For the factory & machinery, we need Rs. 25000.
What! Rs. 25000? - Yes Bapu.
They all can together arrange about Rs. 5000.
If you two can arrange Rs. 20000. . . - Rs. 20000?
Yes Bapu.
Lucky, are you joking? Embarrassing us in their presence?
You know we are poor. We have not even seen Rs. 20000 ever.
Lucky, you know we work hard day and night to make two ends meet.
To live, we have to die everyday.
You are right, Bapu. Bauji, I made a big mistake.
I have hurt you both with my insensitivity.
I will never see dreams now. I will never even try to grow big.
Even I will drive a truck like you from today.
Mangat, this was real bad.
Our Lucky is heart broken. He wants to drive a truck again.
The world is bad. One needs money even to be a good father.
Mangat, even we will be good fathers. - How?
We will have to do something. - Do what?
Let us go to our master. - Yes, let's go.
Lucky! Son, why are you sad?
Your job is done. Here's Rs. 10000.
Rs. 10000?
But Bauji, where did you get so much money from?
We stole the money, what have you got to do with it?
You take the money and start your business with it.
But Bapu, where did you get so much money from?
We mortgaged the truck.
You mortgaged the truck? Who asked you to mortgage it?
Once our business starts, we'll have many more trucks.
We'll have many more. . .
I don't want to do any business, get back your truck.
Why don't you understand? Neither is this money enough to start business. . .
nor do I want to mortgage your truck and do business.
Why not?
Lucky, not only them, the whole colony has come to help you today.
Come, take a look. Come with me.
Look Lucky, the whole neighbourhood is ready to help you today.
And you want to lose hope and back out?
Lucky, whatever we had, we have brought everything.
Yes Lucky. If need be, I will even sell my shop.
I will even sell my horse cart.
They are all your very own people.
Yes aunt, I had forgotten for some time that they are my very own.
Now we will start our factory, our own factory!
And we will name our match, Apna ( our) match.
''What is life without love?''
''Life is so short''
''You can survive without money''
''But not without love''
''With life, it is fun if you have a heart to love too''
''The dot shines, and the anklets ring''
''Our dreams have come true today, it doesn't take long for fate to change''
''Listen O beauty, not just you, the whole world belongs to me''
''With life, it is fun if you have a heart to love too''
''Of what use is that heart of gold that doesn't help others''
''I swear, my name is on the top of the list of those who love''
''With life, it is fun if you have a heart to love too''
So this is the match that colony is making.
Yes. They have priced it at 7 p and our match is 13p
That is the reason why the sales of Ripco matches have dropped.
Naturally. Apna match is cheaper. And the times are such now.
People want cheaper things. And when you think about it. . .
by doing that, they are serving people.
Mr. Sharma, even we must help them in this good effort.
What? - Yes.
But selling matches one by one will waste a lot of their time.
Do one thing. Buy the entire stock of Apna match from the market.
Greetings sir.
Careful, don't wet them too much that their packaging spoils.
Manager, sell them for 2p in the market afer two days.
Just do as you are told.
Looks like you have reared Lucky with lots of love.
But I'm sorry, since I have to send my daughter to your home. . .
so I have a right to know who the boy's real father is.
We won't lie where marriage is concerned.
We are not his real fathers.
You adopted Lucky?
No, we did not adopt him. - He must be someone's son.
Yes, but we don't know who. We found him in our truck.
Then why don't you say he is an illegitimate child?
But how is he at fault for that? He is our son, we have reared him.
And what's important is that the children love each other.
Damn the children and you ! Should I knowingly push my child into a ditch?
You cannot fight with your son's father-in-law.
Leave him. We have come with a proposal.
He's a butcher. - He's not a butcher.
I'll thrash him! - Brought a proposal indeed !
I tricked Pappu to leave. - You are very bad.
I'm bad? What could I do? I was helpless at the hands of my heart.
Wonder what all love has taught me.
Stop that noise! - Let me work.
You can do it later. Come into my arms. - Lucky! What are you doing? Leave me.
Lucky, someone will see. - I sent Pappu away.
Shanti ! What's going on? And you? Why have you come here?
How could you dare to come here?
Don't you know this is a colony of decent people?
Respectable people live here. - Father!
Shut-up, brazen girl !
Is this how you repay me for my love? You call such men home?
I'm sorry, I am not some loafer. My name is Lucky.
I love your daughter Shanti, and wish to marry her.
Marry? - Yes.
Shanti? - Yes.
Who are you? What status do you have? What is your family background?
Wonder the result of whose sin you are.
Hey mister! - Lucky, leave! What are you doing !
See! See how he is. If he was decent, he would know how to respect elders.
Why are you staring at me? Go and ask your two fathers. . .
who told me everything about you today morning.
Wonder which goon's blood runs in his veins.
No. . no, that's not true. That's not possible.
Mr. Motilal, I promise, that until I don't find out who my parents are. . .
until I don't bring proof of my being from a respectable family. . .
I'll never step into this house.
And won't even keep in touch with Shanti.
Father, it's okay if you don't want to get me married to Lucky.
But why did you have to tell him this?
Son, I've made Aloo parathas for you. - You only know to make. . .
Bapu, who am I?
What happened to you today? - What happened, Lucky?
Where are my parents?
What was their name? Do they even exist or not?
Lucky, what's wrong with you? Anyone told you anything?
Tell us, we'll break his head. - Breaking heads won't change facts.
What did you tell Shanti's father about me?
Tell me. Please say something, don't play with my life.
My heart is on fire, I may do something.
Bapu, you have my promise, tell me who I am.
Now since you have put me on oath, I'll have to tell you the truth.
We lied to you that your mother died.
Actually, 22 years ago, one night, we went to eat in an inn at Shyamgarh.
We found you in our truck.
Someone lef you in our truck, but how could we leave you in the street?
He's my son !
That means, you neither know who my mother is, nor my father.
That means, I'm illegitimate. - What nonsense are you talking !
How can you be illegitimate when you have us?
Look son, maybe your parents were helpless.
Maybe they were poor, so they lef you in our truck.
Poor parents will die hungry but not leave their baby in a truck to die.
The day I meet them, I'll kill them. I'll kill them!
Shut-up! Parents are like God.
Don't ever talk like that about them.
What do children know that even parents are helpless sometimes.
Has that rascal told you any nonsense? Don't worry. . .
there are so many beautiful girls in the world.
We'll get you married with aplomb to another girl.
Look Lucky, we really worked hard to bring you up, educate you.
You mean everything to us. We are your parents.
Damn my parents! Why did you have to rear me?
In childhood, in school, I was called a bastard.
In college, I was called a bastard.
And today, the girl's father called me a bastard and shunned me.
Did you rear me for this day? What relationship do I have with you?
Your and my relationship is false, it is a farce.
Ofcourse! You reared me for your own selfish reason.
You never thought what will become of me.
You feed yourself with difficulty.
Why did you rear me? To let me die, what else.
Brazen fellow! You are abusing them?
You didn't get a mother's affection, but they gave you a mother's affection.
You didn't get a father's love, they gave you even that.
They saved their food and shared it with you.
They looked afer you for so many years.
And this is how you repay them for their favour?
Tell me! - Forget it, sister.
He is young. He is very upset right now.
Munna, I found you afer so many years.
But I cannot tell you I am your mother.
Where do I give you your father's identity from?
Where were you, Lucky? We have been looking for you.
Do you know what has happened - We will be ruined.
Our stocks are not being picked. - What is the matter?
Our match business has been ruined. Shopkeepers are returning our stocks.
No one is ready to buy our stock.
This is your match box. It breaks the moment you take it in your hand.
Who will buy it?
See for yourself. If I rubbed stones for so long. . .
even they would ignite. But the match doesn't.
So this won't run in the market. Take it back.
Uncle, I always suspected someone is playing mischief.
Lucky! Listen !
What is the matter, uncle?
We have come to know who is sabotaging our stocks.
The owner of Ripco matches has done all this to ruin us.
What's his name? - Rajendra Saxena.
So you are Mr. Saxena. - Who are you?
I am that match stick which you blew off before it could light.
How did you dare to come here?
Do you know who you are talking to? - I know.
He is Mr. Rich Man, the capitalist.
His job is only to play. With these lifeless balls in the club. . .
and with the lives of poor people in the office.
What nonsense is this?
Manager, I have appointed you to use your brains, not power.
So you have come to take revenge? - Yes.
I appreciate your courage.
If instead of dousing your youthful passion, I wish to buy it. . .
what will be the price? - You are mistaken.
A poor man has his honour, his integrity, which no rich man can buy.
So you want to fight my money and power with your honour and integrity?
If I wish, I can crush you in minutes.
I can wipe out your existence.
Don't threaten a poor man with death, sir.
The rich are afraid of death, not the poor.
When a rich man dies, he leaves behind comforts and money.
But when a poor man dies, it's the end of his sorrow.
So neither can anyone stop us from living, nor threaten us with death.
Alright, if you want to play a lost game, play it.
Watch it, it may prove to be your nemesis.
You are forgetting, those times are gone. . .
When our death supported your life.
Now your defeat will be our life's mission.
Manager, a drop of water poses no danger.
But if that drop turns into a sea, there can be a deluge.
Find out where he lives.
I told you, you'll find me at some turning.
Looks like you are angry.
Look, I'm a little upset right now. . .
What is the matter? - It's got nothing to do with you.
It can be. I mean, you can do what you want.
How? - Come with me, I'll tell you.
Come on !
Come with me. Why are you so angry? Sit.
Consider me your brother from today.
Brother? - Not by blood, but by hatred.
Hatred boiling like lava, burning like an iron rod. . .
has brought us together.
Because your and my enemy is one, and that is, Saxena.
I can settle my own scores, I don't need anyone's help or support.
You are mistaken, brother. You don't just need a road to walk on.
You need legs too.
Just the sky is not enough to fly, you need wings too.
To kill someone, you don't just need the intention. . .
you need weapons too.
And I can give you that weapon. - What weapon?
Money. - Money. . . money.
Can this money give me my family name, my parents names?
When you have money, no one will ask you your parents name.
Money is family name, money is relationships, money is everything.
Anyway, I am not in a hurry. Think carefully.
Here's my card. Whenever you need me, come over.
Who are you? What status do you have? What is your family background?
When you have money, no one will ask you your parents name. 1 1 : 23 :4 1 : 0 1 1 : 23 :43 : 00 Wonder the result of whose sin you are.
Money is family name, money is relationships, money is everything.
What are you doing !
Who is my own? The one who was, is also not mine anymore.
What's wrong with you? Have you gone mad?
Why are you ruining your life over a small matter?
The fire has just lit, it has not reached my heart yet.
The game will begin now. I'll go into the world where I can get everything.
What everything?
Money! The weapon with which I can fight this world.
I can fight that rascal who who put all our effort to dust.
Son, I think someone has instigated you.
Someone is leading you to the wrong path.
The day I have money, even the wrong path will become right.
What money? Can you buy truth with money, can you buy integrity?
Yes, I can buy it, I can buy everything !
When I have money in my pocket, I'll have power in my hands.
Then no one will ask me my parents name, my family background.
You will leave us for money? - Yes.
No, you cannot leave us.
If you leave us and go, we'll never see your face again.
I am going.
Lucky, you will get everything, but we will lose everything.
I am going.
Lucky, stop!
If you leave, we will never see your face again !
Betrayer. And why not? He shares the same blood.
You were great. - And afer that. . .
Come. I'm pleased to see you here. - Sir, that card.
I knew you would come one day.
Congratulations on your first step into this world.
Take, drink. - I have never had liquor before.
Begin from today.
I'm feeling a little uncomfortable.
You will gradually get used to this life.
What is the matter? You look upset.
It's nothing like that.
I am missing the world I have lef behind.
''Those who have a new world, a new destination''
''They never turn and look back''
''They make the path of their life beautiful''
''The colour you will see here, I'm telling you the truth. . . ''
''you must not have seen it even in your dreams, my love''
''That's how enchanting this magical world is''
''They never turn and look back . . . ''
''Those who have a new world, a new destination''
''They never turn and look back''
''They make the path of their life beautiful''
''There are lots of talks about honesty and integrity''
''But money is the most powerful ! ''
''Hear my heart, now this is your world''
''They never turn and look back . . . ''
Mangat, how long will you sit here and wait?
Let's go to work.
You take the truck, I am not feeling well.
If you are not feeling well, how can I leave you and go?
What we'll do is. . .
Residents of Bapu Nagar, you are being informed. . .
that my master has bought this land.
He has ordered you to pack your things and leave in an hour.
How can we leave just like that?
If you don't vacate it, we will run a bull dozer over it.
Stop. .stop!
If you want to run the bull dozer, run it over us. Come on.
Why did you stop? Move! - Move!
Sir, they are rioting. - Okay, give them a few days time.
Take it all back.
Move back. They have been given a few days time.
Sudha, let's tie our love in the holy bond of marriage. . .
and belong to each other forever.
With God as witness, I accept you as my wife.
Sister. . .sister.
Sir's driver has come, he wants to meet you.
Sir has sent the car to pick you up.
Wait here, I'll join you. - Yes.
I never thought that afer 20-22 years. . .
I'll see you in that dirty colony.
22 years ago, a poor boy had come to our village to build a road.
He had just one dream ; to have a small home.
But that road became so long. . .
that wonder where he lef by that same road.
No Sudha, my life's greatest mishap happened on that road.
My chances of survival were slim.
Yes Sudha, Mr. Gopaldas for whom I worked, saved my life.
He gave me new life. As soon as I recovered, I ran to meet you.
But I could not find you. I looked for you everywhere.
But wonder where you were lost in such a big world.
Mr. Gopaldas, who had done me so many favours. . .
while dying, when he put his daughter's hand in mine. . .
Second marriage?
That was my first marriage in the eyes of the world.
So have you called me here afer so many years. . .
to introduce your wife to me?
No Sudha, she is no more.
But even today, in the eyes of the world, I am Mr. Gopaldas' son-in-law. . .
and the heir to his property, his prestige.
I cannot congratulate you on your marriage. . .
but congratulations for your new life.
Don't misunderstand me, Sudha.
To survive, many times, one has to compromise with life.
Despite not wanting, one has to lose a lot.
What are you trying to say?
Fate has always played strange games with me.
Afer not finding you, I could not tell my boss I'm married.
And today, afer getting you, I cannot tell the world you are my wife.
But the unfairness you suffered, maybe I can compensate for it. . .
and reduce the burden on my conscience.
I want to give you every comfort.
I don't want you to live in that dirty colony.
I can buy a house, servants, car. . . .
You mean, you want to keep me as mistress for the rest of your life?
Sudha ! - Ofcourse.
You put on the pretense of a marriage one day and played with my honour.
And today, with the help of money. . .
you want to pay a price?
Don't misunderstand me Sudha, I want to give you a new life.
A comfortable and respectable life.
Sir, the talk of respect does not suit you.
One who does not respect God, what will he respect humans?
You have been blinded by money.
You can buy bodies with money, but not love.
And my love is not for sale, sir.
We will have to start a new drink company.
But Lucky, against Topsicola, your drink won't run even for a day.
Mr. Sujit, the world I used to live in, it's principle was, live and let live.
But the principle of Saxena's world is to live ; but to live, kill others.
We will fight him with his own principles.
But what are you planning to do?
Topsicola is in top demand, right?
Very simple! It's a matter of demand and supply.
We'll have to find out who supplies bottles to Topsicola.
Just know now that our drink will be called 1Up.
Yes, I'm calling from 1Up.
Can you tell me how many bottles you can supply to us in a month?
I can give about 200000 bottles in a month, but how many do you want?
That means, you can give us 800000 bottles in four months.
I'll send over the bottle design and advance tomorrow itself.
Mr. Mehta, here's the cheque, and this is the bottle design.
Now buy all the bottles of Topsicola from the bazaar.
Here, I bought all bottles of Topsicola from the bazaar.
What has to be done next? - Nothing.
Sir, all the trucks have come back, no bottles were collected.
Sir, I think it's someone's mischief.
Impossible. How is that possible?
Come with me.
Mr. Mehta, I want 200000 bottles, urgent, immediately.
I'm sorry Mr. Saxena, but that's difficult.
I have an order of 800000 bottles from 1Up.
I won't be able to give you anything for two months.
Who Lucky? - You forgot so soon?
You don't remember that small match stick?
I think you must be very upset.
You must be thinking where all Topsicola bottles disappeared
Look outside your window.
Yes, that I am. But whatever I am, is thanks to you.
Where business tricks are concerned, you are better than me.
Anyway, I won't waste your precious time.
The land our company bought in an auction, this Rs. 300000 is the deposit.
Deposit the money before 12 noon, or we will lose the property.
Sir, here's your bag. The goons. . .
Thank you very much. I will never forget this favour.
If one man doesn't help another, who else will.
Thanks a lot. - It's okay, please leave.
Don't bring your master from such roads.
Are you hurt?
Sir, that matchbox guy. I thought he was helping us, but. . .
And then, you don't even have any children.
So that you earn a good deed, I have donated your Rs. 300000 to charity.
You will get the receipt by post.
What do you think? - It's lovely.You brought a new house?
Yes, for you. - Me?
Sir, for me? - Don't think I did you any favour.
The way you have helped me, not only this house. . .
but also the car we came in is yours.
That too?
I have thrown a party to celebrate your prosperity. . .
for which, all the big shots of the city have been invited.
Wow sir! This is. . . - Take this.
Now what is this?
Your share of money, and a few gifs from me.
Hereafer, no one will ask you your parents name.
Motu, hurry up.
Yes Bapu.
Motu, come out quick. Look who has come to our house.
Lucky, you have become a rich man.
Right Baji? - Sir's car is lovely.
Bapu, I have even bought a bungalow, and the house warming is today.
I have come to take you two.
Leave this hut and come with me. You will live with me now.
So you have come to remove us from this hut and take us to your bungalow.
Yes Bapu.
You have come to buy us with corrupt money?
If you are talking of honesty and hard work, what did you gain from it?
Baji, see how smart our son has become.
The son has come to teach the father the ways of the world.
He is asking what have we gained.
We had gained a lot, but we lost it all. Let's go.
Bapu, listen to me. Don't be stubborn, come with me.
And take this money and get your truck released.
And return the money the neighbours had given. Here's the money.
You rascal, what do you think? We don't want your money, take it back.
Did you hear that, people? Mr. Lucky has come to repay your debt.
We don't want it ; if you do, take it.
Come Motu.
Bapu, atleast listen. . . .
Aunt. . . listen aunt!
Atleast you come with me, aunt. - Why? How are you related to me?
You have loved me like your own son. I will treat you like my mother.
Very good ! One tried to buy my honour. . .
and the other wants to buy a mother?
You go away from here. Go away!
You ! - Surprised to see me, aren't you?
I never expected you to come.
I didn't have the courage to come. My heart fears calling anyone my own.
Only your love is my life's support now.
What nonsense are you talking today?
I am feeling very lonely today. Will you come with me?
Where? - Don't ask that.
But, father. . . ?
I had forgotten. Anyway. . . - Lucky, I'll come with you.
Stay here I'll change and come.
Take this.
What is this? - I've bought a small gif for you.
Wonder if you will like it or not. - If you have bought it, I'll love it.
There comes our blue eyed boy.
Where have you been?
Everyone is asking where the owner of the bungalow is. Where were you?
Mr. Sudhir, she is Shanti. Shanti, Sudhir.
Lucky, go and change quickly, the party is on.
Oh yes. Shanti, take care of the guests, I'll be back in two minutes.
I'll change and come. Has my new suit come? - Yes.
Look dear, you are going to be Lucky's life partner now.
So you will have to change yourself according to his status.
I don't drink all that.
Mr. Sudhir, she's from the street. It will take her some time to change.
Lucky, I want to go home. - But the party has just begun.
If you leave now, what will people think?
I feel suffocated here. - Suffocated?
In such a place? - You may like this place.
And even you along with these people. . .
If you have complains with me, I'll hear them later.
For now, do this for me. Come with me.
Friends. . .friends. Stop the music please. . .Thank you.
All of you take your chairs.
Friends, on today's happy occasion, Shanti will sing for you.
I won't sing. - For my sake?
She will sing. . . .she surely will !
''I have no complains against you, nor will I pressurize you''
''I thought you were my very own''
''You turned out to be someone else''
''They say it is darkness that loots a traveler''
''But my love was looted in light''
''Listen, if you can listen, the noise of crying desires''
''I thought you were my very own''
Where are you leaving your guests and going?
Shanti. . .
Lucky, you have everything today. You'll get whatever you want.
You'll get many such girls. - But I won't get Shanti.
You are Lucky, right? - Yes.
Whose car is this? - Mine.
Yours? This is an imported car! It must be very expensive. You bought it?
How much? - Two lakhs.
Two what? - Two lakhs.
Two lakhs! You have brought a car of two lakhs and are standing outside?
If the neighbours see, what will they say? Come inside.
Shanti, look who I have brought. - She didn't tell me. Come inside.
Why did you stop?
I told you that day. . .I'm sorry. . .
I don't know who my parents are even today.
What is the need? However pure gold is. . .
but to make ornaments, you have to add impurities to it. . .
or how will they shine?
I don't care about such minor things. Come.
Sit down. . .wait. . .your suit will get dirty.
Whatever the reason, but whatever you are today is because of me.
Had I not humiliated you that day and thrown you out of the house. . .
would you be such a big man today?
You must have found my words to be bitter that day.
But they were in your interest.
But today, you have everything. A car worth Rs. 200000.
When you have an expensive car, you must also be having money.
Isn't it?. . .Yes! - I only have money now.
Nothing else. - I'm with you.What more do you want?
You mean, you have no objection to Shanti and my marriage?
Objection? Not at all. - I do. I object.
What nonsense are you talking? - I'm right, father.
You loved him, you wanted to marry him.
But he is not the same man. He has changed.
He has become a rich man. - So is it a crime to make money?
No, making money is not a crime, but making it through wrong means surely is
You have gone mad !
Seeing his money, you may change your opinion father, not me.
The man I loved was someone else. He was innocent, honest.
Yes Mr. Lucky, you have become a very rich man now.
Take back your expensive gif. Try buying someone else, not me.
Even he has lef? Damn !
Yes Bajirao?
Master did not come to take the truck.
So what if he didn't come? We are honest people.
The truck is his. Let us go and give it to him.
Yes. Let us remove the truck first.
When we have lost our son, what will we keep the truck and do?
If we didn't have this truck, we would not find him,nor would we see this day
You are right. And anyway, seeing this truck will remind us of him.
Let's go. - Come.
Come on. - Come.
Master. - Oh. Come.
Take the keys. - What keys?
We promised to return your money, but we cannot return it.
Take the keys of our truck. - You are very naive.
Take back the keys, and your truck. - Why are you joking, master?
Don't show us so much love. Keep the truck.
You don't have to give me any money. Your son repaid the entire loan amount.
What nonsense are you talking? - What did you say!
Who asked you to take the money from him?
We mortgaged the truck, we have to repay the money.
Do you have any shame, or is only money important to you?
You drool on seeing money?
Why yell at me? He is your son. If a son repays his father's loan. . .
what's the big deal?
Shut-up! - You think we are beggars?
You insulted us. - Return the money, or I'll kill you !
I can give you money only if you leave me.
Hurry up!
Leave us! - Go check who it is.
Get out!
Bapu, Bauji, you !
Shut-up! No one is your Bapu or Bauji here.
We know you have lots of money.
But why are you humiliating us in others presence?
We make an honest living today, & were honest when you were not even born.
Here's your money, and send the papers to master.
Please let us live in peace.
And listen, we consider you dead from today.
You don't mean anything to us. Let us go, Mangat.
So they are your Bapu and Bauji for whom you are always worried.
It's good, the jinx got eliminated on its own.
Sujit, this is my personal matter.
Don't ever try to interfere in it again.
I am fine. - What nonsense.
Baji, take medicine. - I said I don't want medicine.
What will I take medicine and do?
Is it necessary to live? And then, who do I live for?
Baji, you want to see Lucky?
I told you, don't mention him.
I don't want to see him. How is he related to us anyway?
Have you forgotten? We promised not to even mention his name.
Promise indeed ! You were taking his name all night in your delirious state.
Don't I know why you have taken ill?
Brother, I'll go and bring Lucky. - No sister, you have my promise.
Don't go to Lucky, or you'll see me dead.
Okay, I won't go, but atleast take medicine.
I said I don't want medicine.
He is sitting over there.
I knew you would come. - I have not come for you.
I have come to remind you of your duty.
Baji Bapu is sick. - Bapu is sick?
Yes. Whatever he may say, but I know he is dying to see you once.
If you have any humanity lef in you, do come and see him.
Wait Shanti, I'm coming along.
What happened to you, Bapu? - Nothing.
Bauji, what happened to Bapu?
What happened? Baji, Mr. Lucky is asking what happened.
He has forgotten the way to his bungalow and come to our hut.
Don't talk like that, Bauji. I know you two are angry with me.
Forgive me, Bauji.
Forgive me, Bapu, I made a mistake.
I set out to find myself, and lost myself.
Honestly Bapu, I've realized that the greatest wealth in the world is love.
And I have got love in this world only from you two.
Bapu, if you two turn away from me today, how will I live?
Don't say that, Lucky!
Don't say that, Lucky! You always live in our hearts.
Go if you wish to, but remember. . .
it is easy to enter this maze. . .
but it is very difficult to get out of it.
Mr. Sudhir, I have made the decision.
Alright, if you want to reject my friendship & leave, I won't stop you.
But remember Lucky, you came here for a reason.
To finish your enemy.
Yes. But I didn't know the fire of hatred was so terrible. . .
that not just the enemy, one himself gets scorched by it.
You said that one gets everything afer one gets money.
No. I realized that afer getting money, I even lost what I had.
I want to return to my old world now.
That world may be poor, but there are feelings, emotions, love in it.
And an injured snake is even more dangerous.
You will spare him, but he will never spare you.
Lucky, I just got news that your colony has caught fire.
What! !
The people have even caught the man who set it afire.
I am leaving. - Wait, even I'll come with you.
Bapu, how did this happen? What happened?
It's nothing, I hurt myself.
He came to save me and got hurt himself.
Thank God no one lost their lives.
What is sad is that everyone atleast had a roof over their heads.
But some rascal set them afire.
Where's the man who torched our homes? - There he is.
Leave me!
You torched this colony? - No, I didn't.
What enmity did you have with these poor people?Tell me, or I'll kill you !
Tell us, whose hired man are you?
Tell us, whose hired man are you?
Who sent you?
Where have you come from? - I'll tell you. Raj Saxena sent me.
Did you hear that Lucky?
Who is it? - Your death !
Guard !
Leave me! - Take him away!
Keep him locked downstairs. I'll call up the police.
You didn't torch the colony, you have torched my heart.
And this fire will douse only afer I have killed you.
I am not a ruffian like you to burn down someone's home.
Take him away. - You tried to kill my father.
I will not spare you ! I will take revenge!
Your boss survived today, but let me see for how long.
That loafer, that petty youth is making enemies with me?
Don't say that, sir. He is young, immature.
Consider him a fool and forgive him.
Yes sir, we promise you. He will never trouble you again.
He is our only support. Forgive him, have mercy on us, sir.
Never! I will never forgive such a loafer. Go away!
It's a question of our son's life, we plead with you.
What are you doing ! Go away!
Wow! What a joke fate is playing !
These two fathers are pleading with a man to save their son's life.
And who is shunning them? The boy's own father.
Yes brother. . Lucky. . . is my son.
Vasudha, what are you saying?
Sister, you didn't even tell us Lucky is your son.
You never asked for your son from us.
How cruel you have been with your heart.
Brother, if Lucky had asked me who his father was. . .
what reply would I give him?
Tell me. - Sudha, Lucky is my son.
You have been very unfair to me in keeping this secret from me.
So what if he is your son?
Just siring a baby doesn't make you a child's father.
They are Lucky's fathers, who have actually reared Lucky with their blood.
You are right, Vasudha, I deserve the punishment.
Forgive me if you can.
Good you have come. Get me bailed out soon.
Hello inspector. We have come to give bail of the man in the lock up.
Whose? - Raju.
Raju? - Yes.
Raju's bail?
I. . .I. . . - Tell me, you rascal !
Tell me, whose man are you. - Sudhir Chopra.
Sudhir Chopra? Who ordered the blaze? - He did.
What are you doing ! Leave him!
Catch him!
Ensure he doesn't escape.
Mr. Saxena, you?
I've come to bail out the boy against who I lodged a complain yesterday.
He ran away. - Ran away? Where? How?
Inspector, he is my son.
Your son is in my custody,
Who is this? - Your old friend, Sudhir Chopra.
What do you want?
My stocks that are rotting since the last few months. . .
will go out of the country by your ship.
Get the papers ready and come alone to the old fort.
And remember, if you inform the police or try to act smart. . .
you won't get your son, but his dead body.
Where are you going, sir? - To bring Lucky.
We'll also come with you. - No, no one will come with me.
I will go alone.
Come Mr. Saxena.
Where is Lucky?
Lucky, you were looking for your father.
He is your father. - What nonsense are you talking?
No son, it is true. I am your father.
No Mr. Saxena, the file first.
What's the hurry?
What is this?
So decide among yourselves whether the father will like to see his son die. . .
or the son would like to see the father die.
You cheat! . . . No, you cannot do that.
If you want to kill, kill me.
Let my son go. - Nice scene this is.
Go bring his girlfriend here too.
Even she will see the scene.
Leave me. . . leave me!
No. . . no!
Beware! One wrong move and the girl will lose her life.
Beware! Throw the stone.
Wait! Do kill him, but very lovingly.
Slowly. . .slowly. - No!
Sudhir, your enmity is with me. If you want to take a life, take mine.
Let my Lucky go.
It is said, one must fulfill the last wish of a dying man.
Take him away and throw him in the water.
Now watch your father die.
Oh, Mr. Saxena knows to swim.
Bless you, son. Look, your mother has come.
My son, Lucky!
Mangat come, our job is done.
Where are you going? - We are not required here now.
Son, you found your father, your mother.
We are leaving. - You cannot leave me and go.
Brother, you have more right on Lucky than me.
From today, Lucky doesn't have two, but three fathers.
Wrong ! Even the boy's father-in-law is his father.
Go dear. Now Lucky doesn't have three, but four fathers.