2012 Biennial: Michael Robinson

Uploaded by WhitneyFocus on 29.02.2012

Michael Robinson is a young artist
living in upstate New York.
He's created a body of films
and videos recently that bring together
these very disparate media artifacts
from the late 20th century
and molds them into experiences.
What Robinson's work is all about
is in a sense creating
these really unexpected correspondences
between these different things
he takes from media.
So just some of the things you might see
and hear in his work would be,
you know, images of Elizabeth Taylor
from the film "Cleopatra"
married to images of Michael Jackson
from the mid-'90s
during his Egyptomania phase,
along with, let's say, computer-generated
visual effects with these rich colors
and compelling shapes
as well as something like
footage from "Full House"
or "Little House on the Prairie."
And these things remain recognizable
as their sources--
we understand where they're from--
but they become transformed into something
where they really become
this rich kind of visual symphony.
So his works really embrace
this kind of intense emotionality,
but in this way that, in a sense,
dislodges them from their source.