Space Science: Colors of the Stars - The Big Bang Query Ep. 4

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Previously we learned that the color of the Sun is white
But in addition to white stars come in different colors such as blue orange and red.
So how do the stars get their colors?
Well the color of the stars depends on the temperature of its surface
The Sun has a surface temperature of about 6,000 Kelvins
Red Stars like Betelgeuse has a surface temperature of about 3,500 kelvins
And blue stars such as Rigel have a surface temperature of 10,000 kelvins
Cooler stars tend to be red and once you turn up the heat to make them hotter they tend to be white or blue
But now if all of the stars have different colors why is it that when we look at the night sky all of them appear to be white?
The reason for this is because of our eyes
Our eyes have two sensors that help us see
We have cone cells and rod cells
Cone cells detect color and rod cells detect shades of grey and motion.
Guess which one of these is most active at night
At night time our eyes rely on our rod cells because there isn't enough light to stimulate the cone cells.
So when we look at the stars we don't see their color. We can only see their brightness
And this is why all of the stars appear to be white in the night sky
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