Gossip Girl Blair Bridal Makeup Tutorial

Uploaded by kutrendSIM on 24.02.2012

Hi, my name is Faye Smith
I'm a makeup artist base in Vancouver
Today I will join the celebration
of the 100th episode for Gossip Girl
I hope you are all Gossip Girl fans
and today I will show you how to do Blair Bridal makeup
So Blair's look is pretty natural
What I see most is glowing skin, glowing eyes
and even the lips got glowing moisted glossy look
To start I want to prepare my skin
with MAC luminous moisturizer
It's a great moisturizer that will soften my skin, get my skin in good condition
At the same time it has slight shimmer to it, so it will add a little bit of glow underneath the makeup
So I added the moisturizer, to give my skin a little bit of glow
I want to begin even out complexion of the skin, evening out the color
So I'm going to do this as natural as possible
A tinted moisturizer or very light foundation is good to use
So I've apply a light liquid foundation, because I have a lot of redness and blemishes on my skin
You can see the product works great
But the blemishes are still slightly visible
You can use a concealer to cover up the remaining blemishes
Now I have hidden all my imperfection, and even out the complexion of my skin
And I'm looking flawless
I want to keep the glow but I don't want to be too shinny
which I feel like what I'm doing right know
So I'm going to choose translucent powder
And use a kabuki brush or a powder brush
Just dust it all over the face, if you find the concealer comes off easily
Just use a press and roll motion, if anything comes off just reapply
Now I took away the shine as much as I need to
I still want to have nice heavy glow, like Blair does
I'm going to use a light shimmer powder, apply it mostly on top of the cheek bones
So it gives a nice glow to the face
And I will also dust it all over my face a little bit
So I've got a glowing healthy complexion right now, which is perfect
Now I want to add a little bit of blush
She has a tiny color blush with slight peach tone to it
So I will apply it under my cheek bone and a bit on my cheek using a contour brush
My skin is looking exactly how I want it to be
Next I want to neutralize the color of my lid, I like to do this with a cream color eyeshadow
It primes the eye to get ready for the other eyeshadow
Next I want to add contour to my eyes, add depth for interest to the eye
Blair has peachy browny smoky color inside here, I'm blending out a little bit
Now I got my eyeshadow on and I want to line the eye
This time I'm going to use brown pencil eyeliner, just line the top of the eye very thin
And blend it out with a brown eyeshadow to make it more natural
So the eye makeup is complete, the only thing need to do is eye lashes
So I will curl my lashes to give them nice backward curves
Make them appear fuller and bigger, and coat them with nice black mascara
I want to make sure it doesn't clump, because her looks very natural
There are two more steps to finish this look, lips and eye brows
So I'm going to start with lips
Her lip color is very glossy pink
So I will put a very thin base pink lipstick underneath
And then put a nice pink gloss on the top
It will give a perfect look
So to finish this makeup look off
I need to do the eye brows
Her brows are very light, very natural and just a slight fill which is what I need
Because my brows are so pale and sparse, so I will use a angle brush and a appropriate color eyeshadow
So this is my Blair from Gossip Girl Bridal Makeup look
You should try it at home, it's really beautiful
If you are a bride then tell your makeup artist this is the look for you