(eng sub) Thanksgiving 感恩節

Uploaded by twinkieCee on 24.11.2011

Hi everyone~
Long time no see huh?
I finally have time to talk to you guys because I'm on Thanksgiving break now!
I plan to go out today and prepare!
Everyone knows I'm vegetarian right?
I'd heard of something called Tofurky a while ago
it's basically turkey made from tofu
and you can't get it in Singapore
now that I'm in the US I can finally go try it! ..no idea if it's actually any good!
Treating it as an experiment!
Thought it'd be interesting to take you guys along~
and I can show you a little bit of New York as well. I'm probably going to get my hair cut today too
So. Enough with the talking. Let's go!!
-喔 -真的啊? -恩 -對不起!!
這個比另外個好很多。 比較貴,然後可以給更多人吃。
Everyone, this is one of my best friends at school, his name is Teddy~~
I'm back!!
The problem is, are dorm--whoa.
It's frozen..
The problem is--I need to thaw this. The problem is we don't have an oven here. Just a microwave
How am I supposed to bake it...
So I've cut some slices off....and I'm not sure how to cook it.
I think I'll take it to the kitchen
Hope I don't fail!
So I didn't completely fail
Pretty successful
It's actually not Thanksgiving yet, it's tomorrow
When I got back I was too hungry and I wanted to get this video done
I think I have a lot of things... "I'm grateful for"
I don' know how to say that in Chinese..."to be grateful for" or "to be thankful for"
If you know it, tell me!
I want to thank my friends, my family
I think that I'm really lucky to be able to go to school here in New York
and I want to thank my parents for giving me this opportunity, and the school for accepting me!
Just hope I can fulfill my dream in the future:
Live in Taiwan and work as an illustrator, just like my idol Jimmy Liao!
I want to thank all my subscribers on Youtube
Thanks for your continuous support
I hope you guys can spend tomorrow with your families, and have a delicious Thanksgiving dinner
Everyone should stop for a second and think about what you're grateful for
Still don't know how to say it in Chinese..
Everyone likes to complain. I complain a lot!
I think we often forget how luck we are, and how much better our lives are compared to others
Thankful, thankful (?) (how do you translate ”感恩“???)