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The Goguryeo King, Moohyool wants to see for himself if it is true that the Jamyunggo is a drum sent by Heaven.
We don't have the number of troops to defeat Goguryeo yet.
Can you sound the drum?
I am leaving my fate, as well as this nation's, in your hands.
I found out today that the kind of Naknang, as well as this drum is a myth.
Naknang is a sacred nation.
How will we invade Naknang where they have the Ja Myung Drum?
I'll tear Jamyunggo for you.
I can't see you die.
I was already told that the Heaven tear the Jamyunggo!
If the princess Nakrang fail to tear the Jamyunggo.
I'll let him kill himself.
Princess Lahee, I cannot allow Nak Rang to be destroyed in your hands.
Naknang will fall under Goguryeo's control anyways.
It won't matter if you destroy the Jamyung drum.
I am the Jamyung drum that protects Nak Rang.
Do you really want Ho-Dong to die?
Can you live even if he dies?
Hurry it up! Hurry! Go faster! Our Princess is dying!
Silly woman! Can you say something nicer!
Il Poom, let's hurry!
You must be strong! I will definitely save you.You must be strong!
Il Poom, faster! Go Faster. Faster. The Princess is throwing up blood.
Let's have a toast shall we?
I followed your instructions.
I tore up the drum and I killed Ja-Myung.
Even though...even though I hate her,
Even though I'm clouded by jealously,
even though she's just my stepsister...
How could I have the heart to kill her?
Why do you have to make me a sinner?
What right do you have?
Why am I not the person you love?
Why do I have to love such a man?
Hurry, there's no time, there's no time! Hurry!
Be careful.
Hurry up, why are you guys so slow?
Are we done? Yes, yes.
Il Poom! Il Poom!
Carry her here.
Be careful, please be careful.
Careful, careful.
We must let the poison flow out. Force the black poison out.
Oh no, what to do! The poison has spread to her eyelids...
you must with stand it.
Father, I failed to protect the drum.
What will Nangnang's future fate be?
I'm sorry.
The empire father had built from scratch..
Kill the Choson traitors..
Choi Ree From Old Joseon, Left-jungrangjang of Nakrang army
Wang Gueng From Gojoseon, Right-junrangjang of Kakrang army
It's been more than 120 years since emperor Wudi in Han dynasty destroyed the Gojoseon founded by Dangun and
established the Four Commanderies of Han in Nakrang, Indoon, Jinbun, and Hyundo.
Kill her!
Heh, Heh, Heh. Get over here.
Lord, please, no!
Nangnang's Chief administrator, You Han, was a brutal man.
Discontentment among the immigrants of Gojoseon grew.
Listen up you ignorant commoners!
The 15th generation descendant of Great Han's founder Liu Bang.
The uncle of emperor Ping Di
The one who fearlessly crossed the yellow river
The one who came to Nangnang is him! The incomparable great King You Han!
Regardless of time
lives are brought into the world
and close upon the world.
I, as a part of nature, was in the womb of my mother, Mo, Haso
and Lahee was in the womb of Wang, Jashil.
That woman right there is my mother.
Stop right here.
It is a beautiful woman. Have her sent to me right after her delivery.
She's the wife of Left-jungrangjang, Choi Ree.
Is that so?
His second wife is more beautiful and sexy.
Sexiness would be the criteria for girls in the street.
However elegance is first if she is a woman in a great family.
Moreover, lady's fascination depends on whom she meets in the bed.
Mrs. Wang is not that kind of woman whom Your Majesty tell like that.
Oh, now even Taesaryung! What kind of woman is she?
Comparing to the moon, she is the full moon that fills the sea.
You keep away from women and only observe the heavenly bodies. Even you are charmed by Wangjashil's beauty, huh!
Your Majesty.
I am honored, my king.
Your face is more beautiful
Choi Ree is lucky.
Let's go.
My lady, the water is cold.
Come out now.
My lady!!
Ew, cheesy! What kind of king is that?! Ew, disgusting wretch!
As you walk in the street, you see dogs, cows, poos...
The time is like that. Forget about it.
He is bearing with it. What could I not be able to do?
My lady.
Look what I found. It's a big abalone. I will eat it in soup.
Fry with sesame oil and boil it with two bowls of water and boil down into one bowl.
You are pregnant, what if the baby falls into the water.
Don't worry about me. I'm doing this for an easy delivery.
I've swimmed this Yulsoo River from my birth to marriage.
If you want an easy delivery, you should eat and sleep well. Take care of your health.
You ride a horse and swim...
You have to move your body enough to deliver a baby easily, stupid.
Although I'm the second wife of him,
My baby will be the eldest son of the general.
At any cost, I have to bear a baby before Mo, hasoo does.
I will do it my great lady.
Please take some rest.
My own hands, my own sincerity matters.
The winds are chilly. Why don't you go back home?
Be quiet. It is annoying.
The son of Heaven, our King Dangun,
the wife of Choi Ree supplicates.
I got married at seven years old and I have lived 25 years with him.
But still I haven't been able to give him a boy.
Please be with me and have me have a healthy baby for him.
Even if I give birth to a girl
A girl? What girl? For whose sake?!
If I have a girl, please give sister Jashil a boy and let him be pleased.
My lady.
I don't know why I'm so sleepy.
Is it because of the incense?
What are you doing now?
The sun fell on my garden.
It's too dark so I'm going to send it back to it's house.
If it has to be that way, I would help you.
It is too hard for a child.
You can't help it.
Child let me see. It must have been very hot.
Let me apply some whale oil.
Ahjumma, can I live inside of you?
My baby!
Did you have a dream?
My lady.
My lady?
Get up now. You must get up now.
You had a nightmare, didn't you?
You are scary, my lady.
I've always trusted my sense.
I've lived as I vividly feel.
I'm not supposed to be the second wife of a man. Then why did I marry him when he had Mo, haso?
Maybe because he was good looking.
I will give birth to a great baby.
Baby, you will be the King of Nangnang.
Just trust your mother.
Don't say anything that would cause trouble!
If the abalone is done, bring it. I'll drink it.
Mother, this.
Oh wow. It is a grasshopper.
Hodong, are you giving this to your mother?
Thank you.
You have a unique shape of face.
Princess, what are you saying?
Your lips are sweet but here is like an icicle.
Yeo Rang
My prince, if I did that, your mother is sorry.
In this world, everything needs learning.
I think I need to learn more to be a mother. Please understand me.
Well it is not easy raising another's baby without bearing your own baby.
Brother, regardless of noble and humble birth, a woman is a woman.
Only a woman who is cherished and loved can love other people.
Isn't that right older sister.
I'm being cherished by His Majesty enough.
By the way, why are you without a child even though you have someone by your side?
It must be one of two reasons.
He might be infertile.
This won't do, shut your mouth.
We should continue speaking what we were speaking about.
Since you take him all around the battle field, he doesn't have time to visit my chamber, am I not right?
My King, My King...that noble
I told you he is not fit to be a nobleman. (Speak of the devil.)
My King, my King.
What is the matter? tell him.
Our spy in Nangnang has sent a falcon.
A falcon?
So there is an internal strife in Nangnang...
Many people died of starvation due to an unseasonable flood in River Paesoo area in Nakrang.
However Yoohun squeezed the people in the name of his 30th inauguration anniversary.
and finally a rebellion broke out.
That is power.
That is why people want to be king.
Isn't the king supposed to feed the people well?
Giving only rice without a stick is not necessarily a good rule.
Whether a benevolent king or a tyrant, it's up to Yoohun.
Your Majesty.
Don't worry. I didn't mean that I'll become that kind of tyrant.
The rebellion is not the problem for now.
hope Yoohun takes this opportunity to kill the two...
By you mean Left-jungrangjang, Choi Ree and Right-jungrangjang, Wang Gweng?
Choi Ree is a resourceful general and Wang Gweng is a brave general.
If the head and the sword get together, our Goguryeo will only suffer.
Anyway, Yoohun is the problem for now.
It is not the setting sun but the rising sun that is hot.
It is only a matter of time for Yoohun to collapse.
For him to come, to ruin, and Goguryeo to rule over Nakrang,
We must rid of the both of them.
Hodong, do you understand what are we talking about?
Let your enemy rid your enemy.
then father, you will pick up Nakrang as one picks up shells.
My handsome boy is quite smart.
it's as my tutor has taught me.
You give me too much credit, my prince.
Who could make me more happy than you?
My handsome boy...
Your Highness.
Father. Hahahaha
You came well. Let's go inside.
Smells like home.
Of course this is my mother's cooking.
All kind of great dishes in palace must be better than home cooking.
Everything I eat in the palace tastes like sawdust.
Has it been hard for you, Your Highness.
...more than Father can imagine...
I wish to go home.
Yangdan, you can wait outside.
* Gochooga: A title that was conferred on a member of royalty in Goguryeo Yes, Gochooga.
Don't disappoint me like a whinning little girl!
The reason I sent you to Moohyool was not because you were my daughter.
I've never seen a woman in Biryoonabu as beautiful, strong and smart as you.
I thought I was.
I was assured that I could captivate any man and make anyone kneel down before me, if I wanted.
But that was not true. I was delusional.
If Moohyool doesn't prefer men,
how can he turn a blind eye to a beautiful woman like you?
It is not because of him. It is because of Hodong.
Whom I rival over his bedside are neither those royal concubines nor those beautiful court ladies in the backyard.
It is Hodong.
"I would become the queen to the King of Goguryeo and a wife to a great man, Moohyool,"
When I beautified myself and crossed the Majasoo (the Amnokgang, the Yalu River)
I never expected to compete against his son.
What a fate!
Bare him a son.
A late child is showered with affection by his parents. Moohyool can't be an exception.
The next King of Goguryeo will be my grandson.
Can I have a child by myself?
Even in my chambers,
I will be leaving now.
Ho-Dong is already seven.
Do you think I don't know his age?
it's not easy to take control if he grows older
if he becomes King Biryunaboo will be dead
I don't think I could bare a son
YOU have to!
I'm the head of four hundred of Biryunaboo people.
In order to protect Biryunaboo I should kill my own loving daughter if necessary!
I trust you.
tell mother I miss her greatly
I'm the head of 400 Biryunaboo people.
In order to protect Biyunaboo I should kill my own loving daughter if necessary!
I made my decision.
JeungJi, Tanyul, Jumje, Yulgoo, Doonyoo, Geemang,
I'll punish the six Hyuns (districts) that were involved in the rebellion.
Male virgins in the six Hyuns who took part in the rebellion, even if it was only once,
will be tied together and buried at the Yellow Sea.
And the rest will be sold as slaves to Liaodong and Hyundo.
Among the girls, pick out the good looking ones,
and send them to the Imperial House and high offices in Chang'an as waiting women.
The UGLY ones, SHAVE their head and work them as mill grain slaves UNTIL they DIE!
General Yoo Sungha is in Chang'an now.
So Choi Ree and Wang Gweng will be in charge of putting down the revolt.
Left-jungrangjang Choi Ree and Eight-jungrangjang Wang Gweng, follow my wishes.
I order
Right-jungrangjang, Wang Gweng, go to JeungJi and Tanyul leading 1500 soldiers and sweep up rebels in a pit.
In obedience to your order
I will put down the revolts and
prevent the possible provocation of Goguryeo.
I'm reassured by your saying so.
Left-jungrangjang, Choi Ree, leading 3000 soldiers, put down the revolts of the four
Hyuns, Jumje, Yulgoo, Doonyoo and Geeman.
And uncover the nest of the treacherous throne.
Load them into a rotten boat with holes in it and put it into the Yellow Sea!
How imprudent! You have the indiscretion to not get the word.
Your Highness
they say skipping of the 3 meals make you climb over your neighbor's wall,
skipping of three days of meal make you rob a storehouse government office
and skipping of ten days of a meal make you eat up your own child.
The rebellion was caused by hunger.
If you abandon those six Hyuns, there would be no one left to serve you.
What are you saying?
Get the word right now.
I ask Choi Ree.
Humble Choi Ree is listening to Your Majesty's word.
Are your our Han race or Joseon race?
Your grandfather was already entitled Han by the Imperial Household.
Answer me.
Do you not hear what I am asking?
Are you Han race or Joseon race?
Your Majesty, what are you talking about? Of course he is a loyal servant of you and...
I'm asking him, how dare you speak when you're not spoken to.
I have wronged you,
Please take my life.
Talk now
Your life is at the answer.
Are you Han race or Joseon race?
Are you my subject or a spy for the rebellion?
Yes, my King.
I will accept your commands.
Are you being honest?
Yes, my King.
I will ask you again.
Are you Hanja or Chosun?
I didn't submit because I was afraid of death.
It's because if I die a dog's death, I can not rescue the people of Chosun
As for this body, down to the fiber of my being I am of Chosun.
This is why, whether 100 years pass or 200 years pass, one can not trust a person from Chosun.
What should we do, King?
Right now is not the time.
He already has amassed an army numbering 4500 men..
There is a saying, if your lips are missing your teeth will chatter,
can't sleep with a puss on my lips
Chae Lee, Chae Lee this bastard!!
I told you nobody is to come in.
Sir Tae Ha Lyung is asking for you
and bring back Chosun once before
therefore I sacrifice my blood
I too would like to sacrifice my blood with you
You are my only sister's husband and
twenty years of friendship
and we share the same Chosun blood
to there, I will add my blood
Chae Ree's daughter will ruin the Nang lang?
Enough with the headache nonsense and say it straight forward!
So is it for sure that Chae Lee's daughter will put me in danger?
I bet my life on it
tomorrow before sunrise, those two daughters will be born
Listen Sung San and Tae Goon
Yes my King
Since we can't kill Chae Lee right now, we will kill his two daughters instead
Go and tell him
Your orders will be fullfilled my King.
(Chung Hae Hun, Chae lee's village)
leave it there
What is the matter?
You stayed in the water too long.
Lay down for awhile.
My lady.
It is time for your baby to come out.
Go and tell the General.
There's a sign that she is in labor?
Nothing for you to be happy about.
You might lose your place.
Don't say useless words.
I should go to her chambers.
Your water broke, you might have the baby first.
Hold on a while, I'll get the doctor.
Is there anyone there? The Great Lady's water just broke.
Baby, I will see you soon.
You'll hit, while I take them the wrong way
It should be done that way.
We'll leave after the labor.
Please eat this. It is pig's meat.
Take it away. This is not the time to eat that.
You must eat something for strength.
You must eat this for your baby to come out nice and smooth, because this is overflowing with oil.
Does it make sense to eat pig's meat before giving birth?
The baby is not coming out of my throat.
Please drink this, it will help.
I don't want it.
No matter what, you must have something for strength for delivering the baby.
That is right my lady. Just take one gulp, just one.
Do not enter, labor in process.
What the...
Open the door! King's order!
What's going on?
I, Chae Lee, am ready to listen to the King's order.
King said it's fate that came out of your blood.
The King will listen to the Heavens and decided to kill your daughters.
How can you say this!
It's the King's order! Why are you talking back?
Today, if your two daughters are born
It is your sin having such daughters so you will kill with your own hands.
I still don't know if my baby will be a boy or a girl...
What kind of saying is this!
There is no son for you.
With your own hands, cut off their lives!
Why aren't you speaking?
King said if Chae Lee doesn't accept King's order
No one in your family will survive.
I Chae Lee promise to kill the King and take over Nang Lang
and bring back Chosun.
King, I will accept your order.
If my babies are indeed girls, I will kill my own blood.
What crazy talk?
You must have a baby boy.
Please, it must be a boy. If not the baby will die.
Come on, it must be a boy!
Is it a boy or a girl?
It is of course a boy, right?
Why aren't you saying anything?
Isn't the baby my son?
Hurry up. Why aren't you saying anything? Is the baby a son or a daughter?
The door will not open.
Kick it down with your foot. Can you not even do that?
Say it is a boy.
How can we say that when he will soon find out?
Do as I say.
The Mystic came along?
Yes, he's in the garden looking at the stars.
Bring my prettiest clothes and brightest makeup.
Bring my flower perfume.
What about taking them now?
they number 30,
It's possible for the 2 of us.
In place of my children, I will choose to save 30, 000 of our people.
What kind of a woman, who just had a baby, looks sexy?
I will take that as a compliment.
What did you say?
Ok, so it is a boy.
Yes sir.
Can I come inside and look?
The mid-wife is still here.
We must clean the room and then I will show you my son. Please wait a moment.
It is ill manner not to show the father first.
Ok, well congratulations for having a son.
I will wait for you a little.
Go inside and guard the baby. Do not let anyone come in.
I'll guard the baby with my life.
I heard that you gave birth to a son.
I know why you are here, but it is useless.
You said my husband does not and will not have a son?
There's nobody who can surpass the fate of the two legged animal.
There is no son for Chae Lee.
My daughter's fate is not death.
Do not be so stubborn.
Give me your daughter.
This child was born with the red sun.
If this child was supposed to die,
it wouldn't of have come out of me.
How can a child of the sun die so hopelessly?
I don't believe it.
No one is supposed to be born with the sun other than the King.
You said no one can change the fate.
I pity the fact that you have to lose your child..
I will consider I didn't hear that.
By the name of the Sun of Heaven, let my daughter live.
There's only one sun in Nang Lang and that is the King.
I will give all the fortune that my husband has.
Those are thankful words.
I'll even give you the land that my father has given.
My age 50.
My death measurement has reached halfway.
Considered dead from my waist down.
Half dead, half breathing, it's like that when you are 50.
I have no greed, that age has passed.
The night winds are cold.
It's not good for those who just had a baby.
Please go back now.
Is your libido half dead too?
I'm sure as man that you are still breathing.
Don't you want to hold me?
My Lady.
Why aren't you using any strength? Before I could see the baby as clear as day.
I don't want that.
Do you plan on killing your baby?
Anyway or whatever I can do, I still want this child to live.
But then my lady will die.
If I must die then the baby will die with me.
My lady, really.
How can you know if it's a son or daughter?
Ahjumma, can I live inside you?
I know this baby is my daughter.
This baby will die by her own father.
Then this baby must want to come out.
Where are you going?
I will go.
Just make sure it's sterile, so we can cut the cords.
Aren't you a mother too?
Why can't you understand?
My breast is leaking and swollen.
I know I'll be breast feeding the precious child. For the last couple of months, I made sure I ate healthy and slept well.
Of course I understand.
Just leave me alone.
You're not the only one who is having it hard.
Your precious child is suffering 10 times more.
No matter how much you don't want to, I'm just going to take the baby out.
Here's the honey.
Please check if it's salty.
Put one more fish and no more salt.
If it's too salty, her swellness won't go away easily.
Yes, Miss.
Is it true? If they bore a daughter, they will kill it?
Shut up!
Second lady had a son.
Will there be 2 sons in one night?
I thought I told you to shut up!
If she has a daughter,
Is it indeed a daughter?
then save my daughter.
You don't have to kill both.
I don't have that kind of power.
I still remember the way you used to look at me.
That is, it has to be a boy.
Save my daughter.
Please let go, can't breathe.
My lady, please don't tease this old man.
Please ssstop
I would have given all of me if I just didn't have a baby.
But this is all I can give.
Mom, Mom.
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